Businesswoman Sia Malhotra lives a wealthy lifestyle in Bangkok, along with her twin, Ria, who is deaf and dumb due to a neurological disorder. She meets with Raj Oberoi, and both fall in love. Their endeavors to cure Ria are all in vain. Sia plans to travel to the United States to improve her business, and has no one to look after Ria. So she decides to get married to Raj so that he could move in with Ria and look after her. Raj agrees, and both obtain a marriage certificate from Pattaya City Hall, and Sia departs for America. Sia does not know that after her return she will be a suspect in the brutal killing of a female Caucasian, Diana, and will not be permitted to leave Bangkok; and she will face further trauma and shock when she finds that her husband has been sexually molesting her handicapped sister.

Businesswoman Sia Malhotra lives a wealthy lifestyle in Bangkok, along with her twin, Ria, who is deaf and dumb due to a neurological disorder. She meets with Raj Oberoi, and both fall in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fernando C (de) wrote: this movie is odd! just like its title says, but theres a lot of sweetness and cuteness to care about it

Karen H (ru) wrote: 2013-04-05 watched for 2nd time, on Netflix on xbox

Diane T (jp) wrote: Five star - Jones portrayal is incredibly realistic. Great script

Ron S (us) wrote: Here's one that I missed when it came out in 2007 and I'm sorry I did. Breach is based on the story of Robert Hannsen, the FBI agent who spied for the Soviet Union (and after its fall, Russia). Chris Cooper plays Hanseen and Ryan Phillippe plays his assistant Eric O'Neill who is placed in the position to gather evidence on Hanssen. Laura Linney is also in the cast as the leader of the FBI task force assigned to mole hunt.

Ugo F (nl) wrote: Dark violent vitriolic humor, very Ozon-like and probably one of his best films. A trash version of the cheesy sitcoms of the 90s, sort of 90210 written and directed by Marquis de Sade, Kubrick and Stephen King.If "Nowhere" by Greg Arakki has probably one of the best ending ever, Sitcom has such as good an opening sequence !!! 2nd degree humor is needed otherwise this movie may be considered pure sadistic and deviant perversion !!Best quote : "Elle a vraiment pas de chance cette pauvre Francoise !"

Lesley N (us) wrote: Finnish film by Aki Kaurismki, and the first in a loose trilogy with THE MAN WITHOUT A PAST and LIGHTS IN THE DUSK. Filmed in a strangely timeless manner and funny in a very underplayed way, this is about a couple trying to make the best of a bad job when they both lose theirs. Glum.

Kate A (us) wrote: Wow. I can't believe anyone actually agreed to make a tv show considering just how awful this movie is (of course I'm happy they did) but just so so terrible...

Bill B (au) wrote: Gave this a re-watch recently, just to revel in the crazy world that Cronenberg spins from the William S. Burroughs source material. The special effects hold up amazingly well, as the strange typewriter creatures look great even today, upscaled on a Blu-ray player.The sense of alienation and foreign sexuality is very well drawn and the film stands up to repeated viewings rather well.Recommended.

Reilly F (gb) wrote: I wish I could create a time paradox and stop myself from watching past the first 15 minutes of this movie. Once Cheryl Ladd shows up in her punk hairstyle and suped-up mechanic's overalls, the movie takes a quantum leap towards garish sentimentality, wrapped in time-travel tackiness which concludes with one of the cheesiest endings I have ever seen!

Denise A (it) wrote: It was a good movie in it's time but now w/ all the effects it's kinda cheesie but I still enjoy watching this movie. 2nd Rock Roll movie I had ever seen! Love the music score. Awsome MOVIE! A must see!

Brian B (jp) wrote: Excellent! Four stars hands down! Terrific plot with unexpected twists. An all star cast with the beautiful Aisha Tyler and Kevin Bacon. Refreshingly original. Go see it!

Samantha S (jp) wrote: Beautiful, seamless, emotionally authentic performances with such subtlety and honesty. Small, personal story with HUGE feminist-political agenda. Wonderfully directed. Such skill at recreating this period both visually and in performance.