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Terry B (es) wrote: Hmm. It's alright but not as clever as I expected. No Isla Fisher in the next one so probably won't bother

Brian D (jp) wrote: It's absolutely disgraceful that this movie received such a low rating. The nuances of Romanticism and the uplifted Spiritual Man as he battles with himself only to overcome with the help of his spiritual guru, is a tale of the ages for the Millenial. I can not give this film more praise for it's uplifting, if not frightfully real, message about what it means to be a man and to act like one.

Irish E (it) wrote: A cute and completely unrealistic film. Sometimes you just got to let reality go once in a while in order to enjoy a movie made for kids.

Paul V (au) wrote: i want to watch this only because it is the most lowest rated movie i have ever seen on rotten tomatoes

Ashley P (us) wrote: I loved this movie. I really did. It's great.

Leo L (ag) wrote: A cheap Alien knock-off with cheesy acting and the stupidest plot twist ever. Do not touch.


Private U (ru) wrote: A good old fashion lyical western with a good story and unbeatable Cast

Michael L (nl) wrote: Brilliant. Wild. Crazy. Decadent. Divine. DAISIES is so full of ideas it is ready to explode. Can't believe TCM is showing this masterpiece of New Czech Cinema. Decadent and anti-bourgeois, DAISIES perfectly captures the spirit and promise of mid-communism before the Russian tanks came rolling in. Extraordinary, profound and influential. Are there any more superlatives I can lay on DAISIES?

Blaine P (de) wrote: This film had the right idea, but was spoiled by the most positively unlikeable and frustrating characters (with the exception of Grenier) to ever stampede across the silver screen.

Jarna S (es) wrote: Drugs, murder, priest... but hey, where's the sex part?