In this musical melodrama from 1972, optimistic and determined truck driver Shehzada (Rajesh Khanna) sets out to prove that his mother deserves to be accepted back into the wealthy family that drove her away decades ago. With help from his soon-to-be wife, Chanda (Rakhee Gulzar), Shehzada embarks on a mission to reverse his maternal grandmother's cruel decision to disown her own daughter. Karan Dewan, Madan Puri and Pandharibai co-star.

Circa British rule in India, wealthy DIG of Police is approached by Devdutt, a poor freedom fighter, who would like his daughter, Janki, to get married to the DIG's son, Ratan. The DIG and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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TTT C (es) wrote: (***): Thumbs Up A bit tough to watch at times but I thought Huppert gave a great performance here.

Amanda Y (fr) wrote: Am I seriously watching this right now with my 6 year old?

Corey n (us) wrote: This is a Canadian film about two young Newfoundlanders angry at the world. This young man and girl fall in love and leave their small home and move to the city of St. John's. Everything is fine at first but they grow apart. The girl then moves to Halifax, NS and the young man follows shortly after to try and get her back. Of course his life is crashing around him because or drugs and alcohol. This is a very odd film at times. I could never seem to relate or like the young man. He was angry with life but they never really got into why he was. Not a bad ending to the film. But overall I found this to be a odd and at times boring movie.

S S (gb) wrote: ONce again Amitabh is here.....

Brian M (br) wrote: BONGWATER might be funny if you've ever been high or if you watch it while high. So, for me, it wasn't. The part where Luke Wilson's character is tripping and sees his dead mother is the best. I didn't find any of the characters sympathetic since they're all stupid, although I did think Jeremy Sisto and Andy Dick (as a gay couple) provided a chuckle or two. Jack Black and Brittany Murphy are annoying to the point you want to turn the movie off, but that's really how I see any of their work.

Bengel W (fr) wrote: Passionately acted, giving the full mystery and exhilaration of being the explorer and adventurer. Artfully filmed, allowing the imagination to be right there at that time in history. Vangelis music adds majesty to the proceedings ensuring that you never forget that it is conquering that is going on. Nibbles:

Mark H (ag) wrote: Urban drama about teen runaways on the streets of Hollywood features a dream cast of young actors (Will Smith makes his feature film debut here). Gritty juvenile delinquency film wants to be hard-hitting, but whenever something meaningful happens, the audience is subjected to tedious rock music by Melissa Etheridge and it becomes a music video. (She's credited with 5 songs on the soundtrack, but I defy anyone to tell them apart). Some nice performances, but ultimately a minor film.

Inga H (es) wrote: Cusack makes this average movie good. It's slow paced and you know exactly where it's going from scene one but it's great to watch in play out.

Aleks C (nl) wrote: Beautiful covers means the movie is going to suck, it's the same mistake over and over again.

Cooper H (jp) wrote: Kong and Ann's chemistry helps salvage parts of the film, but it's three different films with a wasted first hour. Jack Black's and unlikeable lead for good reason, but hurts the film when he's involved. Overly boring, but CGI holds up for the most part.