Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes

Eccentric consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor John Watson battle to bring down a new nemesis and unravel a deadly plot that could destroy England.

Detective Sherlock Holmes and his stalwart partner Watson engage in a battle of wits and brawn with a nemesis whose plot is a threat to all of England. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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TheSecond P (nl) wrote: now this is good stand-up

Diego F V (gb) wrote: En lengua rom, Libertad!. Korkoro es una pelcula simple, llena de humor y de momentos que hacen al espectador enamorarse de a poco con la historia acerca del cotidiano de una familia de gitanos durante la segunda guerra mientras deambulan por Francia, errantes, sin destino fijo. El cine de Gatlif es as, te va envolviendo hasta que de manera certera da en el punto dramtico logrando conmover a cualquiera. Este bioepic acerca de la familia Lavil muestra las costumbres de los gitanos durante esta poca, su forma de vida, su folclor, sus oficios y sus creencias. La discriminacin (todava latente hoy en da) aparece evidenciada permanentemente dentro del filme, aguzada adems por el protagonismo de los nazis en esa poca, que apenas es insinuado en la pelcula, pero con una figuracin importante dentro de la misma para generar tensin. Me quedo con el personaje del 'Gitano Loco' Taloche, porque es el que se encarga de darle un respiro a la historia y un toque de malicia. Esta es una excelente pelcula de gitanos!!!

Ken S (de) wrote: I was somewhat excited about this picture. I'm a fan of the Universal Monster movies, and I like a good homage or parody. I was thinking this would be a loving tribute with goodhearted jabs at the genre, style, and particularly the weak monster mash movies like "House of Frankenstein". I was thinking something like Larry Blamire's work. I even thought maybe people were missing the joke when I read reviews about the bad acting...but they are right. In Blamire's work, the acting is intentionally over the top and bad, in the vein of the acting it is parodying. This just has stiff acting, people read the lines like they've never acted before...and not at all in the real style of the Universal movies. They may have a real Chaney in the cast, but he isn't making it feel authentic (he is awful, by the way). The monsters aren't even on the horizon 45 minutes takes too long for them to show up. A real shame, because the idea of making a new "House of" movie in loving tribute/parody of Universal Horror was a good one. Especially since the look, feel, style, and monster make up effects (even if the monsters don't show until the bitter end) are pretty solid. Too bad.

Mohammed A (de) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Justin O (fr) wrote: "Capote" is the superior version of the same biographical story that's been done to death in Hollywood.

Frances Ann A (ca) wrote: Fun, different sort of romantic comedy based on true story. Low security prisoners are set to gardening. They decide to enter the Queen's Garden Show. You should just HEAR the different ideas each con comes up with---pretty funny.

Kylie P (gb) wrote: The cast of this video version of Joseph was clearly gleaned from past Broadway and touring company productions as well as available B talent. The film was essentially shot like a stage-version of the musical, with cameras placed at the audience's point of view. It feels very oriented toward children, which is understandable given that the Narrator tells her story to a children's choir, even though the Potiphar scene is meant not to be children-friendly, but, as a result, this video version feels like Sesame Street or Barney with a biblical undercurrent.As a stage version, though, it would also feel uninteresting. The sets were boring; a school assembly in an auditorium or gymnasium sets the stage for the Narrator to tell her story to the children, and the stage opens up to colorfully lit vignettes according to the song. Fog and other theatrical tricks are used, and the sets seem made of cardboard or plywood, at least until Egypt, which was the most stunning scene of the film. As a result, the film feels like an archival type of a lackluster stage performance, even if Donny Osmond makes a good Joseph, and the Egypt scenes with Pharaoh and his Egyptian hangers-on have a very cool, new age visual style.Joseph... works well for research for any would-be director or performer of this piece but is otherwise avoidable. It's a kitschy show of its own accord and is best seen on stage, where the the antics of the largely comedic brothers, their wives, Joseph, Jacob, and the Narrator, as well as Mr. Pharaoh Man, the King (who sings in the style of Elvis Presley) become more relatable and electrifying.

Megan L (de) wrote: love Johnny and the clock

Anna N (us) wrote: Not interested. I generally avoid horror movies.

Rasheed T (nl) wrote: [Review coming soon]

Burton (mx) wrote: The most politically incorrect "shockumentary"... A disgusting, perverted, hysterical look at the slave trade in the mid 1800's.

Nick D (fr) wrote: To see Renoir and Gabin teamed up again, is great. This is a delightful little movie.

Grant S (br) wrote: Was there anything James Cagney could not do? Well known as a crime-drama actor, here he sings, dances and delivers some incredibly funny lines, to great effect.I had never heard of George M Cohan before, though after watching the movie I find it hard to believe that I hadn't. Thus, I watched this with low initial interest, thinking it is just another musical (and I generally dislike musicals). The interest for me was to see how James Cagney fares in a musical.Turns out it is much more than a musical. It is a great biopic, with the story of the life of George M Cohan very well told. Most biopics some across as dry History Channel documentaries - this was nothing like that. The scene sequence is innovative, the dialogue very fresh, snappy and often funny, the music entertaining. I even liked the dancing (very rare for me!). Despite being over two hours long, the movie moves at a very fast pace. Not a dull moment at all.As mentioned, James Cagney is superb in the lead role, and well deserved his 1943 Best Actor Oscar (his only Oscar, it would turn out). Well supported by Walter Huston and Joan Leslie, and the remainder of the cast.Only negative is that it is a tad jingoistic. Then again, it was produced in 1942, thus was made as a US war propaganda movie, as the US had just entered World War II.

Taylor W (mx) wrote: I am a huge Superman fan, but even I have to say this was horible, such a jumble of storylines that seemed smashed together with no real sense. Horrible, especially given the stellar cast.