Sherlock Holmes Faces Death

Sherlock Holmes Faces Death

During WWII several murders occur at a convalescent home where Dr. Watson has volunteered his services. He summons Holmes for help and the master detective proceeds to solve the crime from a long list of suspects including the owners of the home, the staff and the patients recovering there.

During WWII several murders occur at a convalescent home where Dr. Watson has volunteered his services. He summons Holmes for help and the master detective proceeds to solve the crime from ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alyssa J (nl) wrote: This movie was not worth the ratings it got AT ALL! I am very disappointed with this movie. It had like 2 "boo" moments in the beginning and that was it for the thrill part of this movie. Total snore fest movie!!!

PixieRealm C (kr) wrote: really liked it! Eerie, leaves you with that yucky feeling in the pit of your stomach after watching. I thought the storyline was interesting and unusual and quite good. You must have the ability to really focus on this movie with no distractions to fully absorb it.Little slow beginning wait for it

Sanmi O (us) wrote: Unbelievable action sequences.

Carlos A (br) wrote: boa tentativa, mas no conseguiram atingir o auge :p

Ryan S (ru) wrote: 2/5. Better than the first, but still not great.

Raj D (au) wrote: When I saw the poster of this movie, I did not think twice before skipping it because it sounded like a typical lot of Hinglish movies that come out of the Bollywood stable. But when I started hearing good reviews of the movie, I stood up to take notice and another look at the what this movie is about.The story is of four friends ? Aditya (Farhan Akhtar ? producer and debutant), Joe (Arjun Rampal ? dashingly good looking), KD (Purab Kohli) and Rob (Luke Kenny) - who have formed a rock band called MAGIC. Their dream is to make it BIG. They do by winning a competition, but while getting the contract for an album ? differences arise between Aditya and Joe; and the band breaks up. Ten years later ? Aditya is an investment banker, Joe ? an unemployed guitarist seeking for a decent job, KD ? helping his Dad?s business and Rob ? doing small odd jobs with Bollywood musicians, waiting for a good break. Aditya?s wife Sakshi (Prachi Desai) discovers Aditya?s band photographs and decides to bring the group together. After several attempts, the group comes together ? this time stronger and committed to play on stage. But they realize that Joe?s wife Debbie (Shahana Goswami) is against Joe joining the band and Rob is suffering from terminal head tumor. With all odds against the group to make it BIG on stage, will the MAGIC group really ROCK? I won?t tell the ending to play spoil sports.The movie is very well scripted. The direction by Abhisheek Kapoor is top class (much better than his first movie Aryan). Each character of the movie gets scope and chance to project and build its persona. Even though urban ? Hinglish, the characters are not at all annoying (like 5 friends in JTYJN). All actors and actresss are top class. Farhan Akhtar is the surprise package ? he can really act and has a well tuned muscular body too ? wow ? tips from Hritik, may be! But the show is stolen by Arjun Rampal ? by this emotionally engaging portrayal of genius and devoted guitar player Joe. He wins the heart all over with his blend of raw emotions and good looks. Between Prachi and Shahana ? both have meaty roles and perform them well. Purab and Luke bring the naughty and sad side in the movie.Shankar, Ehsaan & Roy music is peppy and well upto the current trend. Javed Akhtar does bring lyrics that are trendy to current life-style. The production values are impressively brought in by the presence of Farhan Akhtar being a producer too. There are comparisons with Dil Chahta Hai ? but this movie leaves Dil Chahta Hai much behind in its content and originality ? except the star cast.I will give two thumbs up for this surprise pack of a movie. (Stars 7.75 out of 10)

Lauren F (br) wrote: If you take it at face value, a chick-flick romantic comedy, then you're getting a cute film. It'll be airing on Saturday afternoons on TBS by next year.

Roy S (es) wrote: It was funny at times, and the politics weren't too bad. I do have a soft spot for disillusioned liberals whose dreams get crushed.

Melinda F (nl) wrote: "One Last Dance," was genius. The choreography and passion behind the dance conveyed the heart of what dancing really is, what ballet is. It is perfectly clear what Lisa Niemi and Patrick Swayze were trying to convey in the movie, it wasn't getting his Dirty Dancing thunder back, it was showing the heart of ballet, of dance, and how people see if for so little of what it truely is and that to see the true thing you have to find the heart in it. It's a movie about love and find one's self. And if any of you who are downing this movie were dancers, then you would understand, and im sure that your not so I wouldn't speak lowly of this movie unless you know the true meaning behind it and you've felt the true passion from within. This movie actually inspired me after 15 years of ballet to keep dancing. Excellent film, only dance film that has truely captured the meaning of dance and showed it with complete utter passion.

Jenna N (ru) wrote: I'm gonna make hate to you

Hollywood H (mx) wrote: Always be a classic.

Carlos G (es) wrote: Fairly interesting but the main character is just awful and boring. One that could of been a classic but falls short.

Angela P (au) wrote: Not a particularly great movie, but it had some pretty funny moments.

Blake P (de) wrote: One of the best Hep/Tracy pairings! Reporter Steve O'Malley (Tracy) is sent to the wife (Hepburn) of a accidentally killed war hero. Once there, she gives him some information about her husband that is very shocking to everyone. I have been waiting forever for this movie to come on this website. I have owned it for many years and have been dying to write a review for it. Luckily, I'm the first here, and luckily, this is a positive review. This was made right after the very successful pair up of Hepburn and Tracy "Woman of the Year". Though this isn't as good as the other, this one is definitely worth watching. This is a beautiful gothic tale that is very different from any movies I have ever seen from these two. George Cukor does a great job directing. I was surprised, because he is usually known as being the women's director because he was a) gay and b) the guy who gave Joan Crawford, Greta Garbo, and yes, Katharine Hepburn huge roles. However, Spencer has the bigger, better part that I was glad to see-- he is one of my favorite actors and though he is not too memorable in this role, he makes the most of it. This movie really does fall under the genre of film noir, which is something that any fan of the genre would love to hear. Hepburn made very few crime movies, so I found it very exciting to see her here. A fact for the other people interested in this movie-- this is not by any means a romantic movie, so don't expect a lot of spice coming from Hepburn and Tracy-- just look forward to terrific acting. "Keeper of the Flame" might not be the best movie coming from these two together ("Adam's Rib" is still the gold), but is a great watch that has finally come to DVD.

Sam R (br) wrote: wish I could rate RT's summary... alternative take on the Hendrix myth? The only myth is this movie, which is mostly devoid of facts and is a fictionalized portrayal. "Alternative take"? try outright fabrication, which is what this movie mostly is. everyone interviewed, who was in his life at the time, says this is a complete fictional smear of the actual guy

Russ B (gb) wrote: 9/14/2016: A very good revenge action flick with a great cast.

Thomas W (nl) wrote: McCanick now has the distinction of being the last/final film of actor Cory Monteith ('Glee', Monte Carlo), who died in a Vancouver hotel room shortly after production wrapped on the small film. Spanning the course of one day, the film is about a narcotics detective named Eugene "Mack" McCanick (David Morse - Contact, The Hurt Locker) whose retirement dinner is already planned for this evening! McCanick becomes (highly) distracted -- jeopardizing his retirement dinner -- when he learns that a young man (Monteith) has been released from prison and he makes it his day's mission to find him ... no matter what. McCanick enlists aid from his partner (Mike Vogel - The Help, Cloverfield), some of his closest friends on the force and also requests assistance from officers unknown to conduct a manhunt on the streets that is being kept secret from the Chief (Ciaran Hinds - 'Rome', Munich). Monteith's character, Simon Weeks, is a head-scratcher for most of the film as the audience is given nothing to go by other than McCanick's obsession and plea to bring this man down which really begins wearing thin as we are not given any kind of a reason to wish this young man -- who appears to be wanting to clean up his act -- ill. As time begins to wrap up, McCanick's desperation becomes more palpable as he and his men begin skirting the law ... making everything more dangerous. Monteith is mostly required to run in McCanick but he is given a couple of scenes late in the movie that allows him to show the audience he was capable of holding his own.

Austin G (us) wrote: Robin Williams alone saves this film from a 2/5, but just barely.

Jake A (au) wrote: I think this movie was beyond perfect i loved it but i must add for my personal taste. Over all if you're a deep person i felt the movie was intensely upsetting and i don't mean only in the raw sad way. Very realistic in my eyes and perfectly made in that sense it was gut wrenching to me. I give it a ten i think the average person would give it an 8. Warning if you're sensitive to some suicidal scenes it may bother you.