Sherlock Holmes in Washington

Sherlock Holmes in Washington

In World War II, a British secret agent carrying a vitally important document is kidnapped en route to Washington. The British government calls on Sherlock Holmes to recover it.

Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson travel to Washington D.C. in order to prevent a secret document from falling into enemy hands. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ercides R (ag) wrote: Emocionante relato de vida e como ter algo no que se apoiar pode fazer toda diferena.

Facebook U (ru) wrote: If you can overlook a screenplay that seems to play fast and loose with the facts, as well as some occasionally pedestrian directing, then this fictionalized biopic might be right up your alley. The film's dance sequences are well-handled, and the performances are all capable. It's just a shame that so much of the narrative had to be inflated to make the film work (or maybe there wasn't enough there to work with at the outset).

John R (es) wrote: This movie made me want to throw a brick through the screen. Save your money. Boy solves murder and wipes out some drug dealers. Good preview but don't spend any more time than that.

Liam C (au) wrote: Crowe does Rocky and this film proves that Ron Howard and Russell Crowe are a dream team. 'Cinderella Man' really demonstrates that it is all about the execution. The outcome of the film may be apparent right from the start, however, it is based off of a real life story so it's not like it has been Hollwoodized, but it doesn't take away any of the power and life that this film has and actually does have some surprises in store. An excellent Russell Crowe, who, with his haircut, reminds me of a young Cliff Robertson, once again shows his ability for versatility and mastery of accents. He just has this aurora about him that really brings these characters to life and really makes them likeable. Paul Giamatti was a lot of fun, seeing him be so lively on the side of the ring like a little jumping bean was a lot of fun to watch, he was quite funny too. I'm surprised this is what got him an Oscar nod, he certainly wasn't bad, clearly, but I thought it would have been 'Sideways' or something but maybe it's because of how different he was here is the reason why he got it. Rene Zellweger did a good job but she felt like wasn't in the film enough, as well as Paddy Constantine, who was a surprising but great choice for the role; they're not poorly developed or anything, they just didn't seem to be on screen much or have all that much to do and have little point. The main focus here is Braddock and Gould.The look of this film is outstanding and very authentic, the cinematography is gorgeous and vividly brings the era to life; the script develops its characters well and doesn't rely on any clichs to get its story across. That is besides one, whilst everyone else has some depth Max Baer doesn't really have anything to him at all, besides being the antagonist to our story. It works because he really annoyed me and I couldn't wait for the fight to happen but the tiniest bit of depth wouldn't have gone a miss, and from the sounds of it, the actual Baer did have quite a lot to him, saying that, he did respect his opponent, but when the fight started? Well, all bets were off, still, Craig Bierko did a very good job. Speaking of, the boxing matches are excellently filmed and very involving; they are just dazzling to watch, gritty, powerful and really grab onto you. The final fight, that could have easily lasted about 20 minutes, I'm not all that sure, I lost track of time because of how involved I was, featured some masterful directing. I found the overall film very involving because before the final fight I was actually starting to get a little nervous for Braddock, now that's great filmmaking. I also never felt like Braddock was 'washed up' he just had a bit of bad luck, it happens to everyone, but then again I guess that's why they say he's only 'supposedly' washed up, but even so.Like most successful boxing films, the story follows a familiar arc but this film succeeds because it is written really well, absolutely nails the setting and has good, likeable characters. It doesn't manipulate emotions out of the viewer, it actually earns them very well and it is ultimately a very feel good film but it's the best kind. However, it would have been interesting to see it break convention and show us what happened in his next fight, but, hey, who am I to kill the mood? It tells us what happens in Braddock's future right after he wins and I found that a little disheartening, it actually ends the same way 'A Beautiful Mind' did, only in terms of the text it shows on screen; the film also starts the same way as well, actually, with the music playing over the opening titles of the same companies that worked on both films. I also like the way the film handled flashback scenes and the way that it shows what characters are thinking, it's just really creative and smart. With excellent acting from a powerful cast, solid writing, excellent cinematography and all around well crafted by Ron Howard, 'Cinderella Man', is a fantastic example of classic filmmaking and it's another film off of the list.

Sandy S (gb) wrote: Good movie but rather slow.

Eri K (nl) wrote: realistic and poetic. accomplishes delivering ambiance only certain film could.

Josh B (mx) wrote: One of my favorite movies. Coburn and Nolte give some pretty chilling performances. I think it's Nolte's best work and he was nominated for best actor by the MPAA. Coburn won the Academy Award for best supporting actor - well deserved. You should check this one out.

Oj H (br) wrote: This is a truly horrible film... and my nomination for worst costume in a superhero/monster movie of all time. It has its moments... but only moments.

Karla R (mx) wrote: very surreal film. the images are fantastic and there's soooo many of them! the more you watch, the more you discover things you haven't seen or missed. this movie was an attempt to understand the mystery of women and he did a great job with it. his dedication, research and relationships with women paid off. he dug deep into the male pysche and showed us where men stand in the realm of women.

Weul S (nl) wrote: When a lonely widow and a younger horticulturist fall in love, their romance seems idyllic. Only when the societal pressures from her posh friends & selfish children become too great, does the romance falter. This is definitely a high mark for melodrama that punches the viewer right in the feels.

Jessi t (jp) wrote: As I'm sure any semi-coherant human being could figure, this isn't exactly cinema gold. It is however supremely enjoyable given that it's Peter Graves hanging out with pseudo aliens with ping-pong balls for eyes and that the HEIGHT of the thrilling action in this film has to do with some blown-up stock footage of lizards moving around a little bit in the background. I was fortunate enough to watch this movie with three long-time friends Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett (aka The Film Crew), and the commentary made the whole run a lot smoother -- really. Not to switch gears here, but if you're afraid that the boys have lost their touch, don't worry -- still very funny. It's certainly not the worst movie I've ever seen, as most of the films from this era are pretty schlocky as it is, but it's definately something that could (possibly) be fun to watch for laughs with some friends. Maybe if your friends were really dumb and nerdy like myself, though. Meh.

Marco S (fr) wrote: Pretty much it's similar to Fantasia, like all musical-themed. But it isn't as good as it, but it's fun to look at and can be humourous at times.

Tyler J (ca) wrote: First One Was Better This MOVIE was Okay But I Really loved the first movie I should watch it maybe on Next Halloween That would be good Like The first movie is more like a Halloween Film Then This Movie HALLOWEEN 2 But This Movie Was Good. GOOD JOB JOHN CARPENTER HAVE A COOKIE WAIT ACTUALLY Did John Carpenter Even Direct This Film CRAP!

Geoff J (us) wrote: Atmospheric Indie horror, filled with tension rather than bloodshed.

Richard B (ca) wrote: Touching story, great cast.