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Shevri torrent reviews

Jin H (ag) wrote: Generally speaking I like Suzuki Seijun works, but this musical simply did not go with my mind. The imagination and picture are good though.

Victor I (it) wrote: Critics were certainly being kind with the nearly certified fresh rating on RT. Although it's a spectacle that periodically dabbles with some impressive moments, the movie is lacking as a whole. Moreover, an abrupt ending will have you scratching your head as to what the big fuss was in the first place.

Joelle L (br) wrote: Weird movie... I am still trying to figure out if I like it or not.

Mark S (gb) wrote: i gave it a try. my response, ho-hum, really ho-hum.

Lady D (ca) wrote: Recommended by Dracken

Vincent G (jp) wrote: I was 13 when I saw it. damn!

Brian S (au) wrote: Powerfiul piece of film, well worth the effort if you can get your hands on it... Be careful of the slapping and peculiar soundtrack though!! :)

Scott M (ca) wrote: Generically plotted thriller from the era of the Cold War. Clint Eastwood did his best to make this film work, but his later directorial efforts, such as A Perfect World, are much better films than this one.

Ryan K (nl) wrote: One of the better nasties

Thomas P (mx) wrote: It's surprising how terrifying this film is, mainly because it's just still shots. Nevertheless, my wife had to walk away.

Nate W (mx) wrote: "One-Eyed Jacks" is a typical revenge story, but by no means a typical Western, elevated by a slew of strong performances, no doubt influenced by Marlon Brando's direction, this being his directorial debut. Obviously, he's the star, but the real standout is Karl Malden. Cast against type as a two-faced sheriff who abuses his power to satisfy a personal vendetta against Brando's character, he commands the screen without ever becoming a caricature villain. He even seems to be taking cues from Brando's own style of method acting, and it's one of his best performances. The film retains the mythology of classic Westerns, but relishes in moral ambiguities and touches on themes seen more often in the revisionist Westerns that would proliferate later, and is a good early example of the transition of the genre.

Dave J (gb) wrote: Tuesday, June 7, 2011 (1954) Green Fire DRAMA Stewart Granger stars as Rian seeking wealth somwhere on the South American jungle after hearing something about a legend regarding the conquisiters! Okay film but unintersting chemistry between Gracy Kelly and Stewart Granger. Also some of the deaths are avoidable! 2.5 out of 4

Mark S (ca) wrote: Lol, found this movie by accident. They say it's a cult classic. Remember the guy from "The Hogan's" tv series, and "Teen Win, Lose, or Draw? Well he's the main character in this funny comedy horror. Lol if you like 80's Metal this is a good one. Ozzy and Gene play funny roles in this one also. But it was rather b rated.