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Ethan H (es) wrote: Now knowing anything about the group, I found it enjoyable for what it is.

Naoya K (de) wrote: Nothing special. A childish ghost story. Comical performance by Raymond Wong, who later becomes one of the biggest film producers in Hong Kong, is good, but that's all. Don't know why a film can be this bad with Yun-Fat and Sally Yeh.

KC T (ca) wrote: Cliched to the bone and with more tropes than one can count, Facing The Giants is seldom inspiring and more often delusional.

Profsrikanth P (nl) wrote: populer mooviee of prabhas

Crystal W (us) wrote: This has the greatest music and the acting was the best I have seen in a while.

Gabriel R (ca) wrote: flesh eating aliens that come out of your ass and of course duditz.

RJohn X (gb) wrote: white people suck. Depressing western which is not completely nihilistic probably because of Paul Newman's big baby blues.

Christian C (us) wrote: "Kidnapping Mr. Heineken" is better than the critics' score suggests. The critics are right -- this film has a few issues. Kwanten's "English accent" sounds like Eliza Doolittle's closing night performance from the Rappahannock Community Theater troupe, but then again, how appropriate is an English accent on a blue collar Dutch criminal character in the first place? There's not enough action for a heist picture, but then again, this is a kidnapping picture -- not a heist picture, and by nature a hunker-down-and-hide kidnapping story will always be more static. Hopkins is a bit lackluster in his role, but as ceaselessly fascinating as it would have been to have him reprise his role as the imprisoned Hannibal Lector, it would have been inappropriate for the role of an aging, kidnapped Dutch beer mogul. All in all, "Kidnapping Mr. Heineken" is a perfectly good kidnapping tale with thoughtful costumes, good sets and locations, and decent writing.

Wes T (ru) wrote: While it could be considered a guilty pleasure, Plush could've been better by bringing more original ideas to the table.

Peter B (fr) wrote: The music is excellent but alas the story is rather weak.