Shikonmado - Dai tatsumaki

Shikonmado - Dai tatsumaki

After defeat at the Siege of Osaka several survivors attempt to deliver a young prince to safety.

Set at the end of the Siege of Osaka this film follows the exploits of several members of the defeated Toyotomi clan as they cope with the post battle chaos and the persecution of the Shogun's army. Five samurai decide on different fates when it becomes clear that their side is being destroyed. One wants to attack the enemy head on in a final honorable death. Another decides to commit hari-kiri but wants to find a glorious view to do it. His close friend, the "coward", just wants to run and give up the life of a samurai. The final two set their own castle on fire to garner favors from the enemy and therefore avert their own death during the massacre of all defeated soldiers as . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Draco F (gb) wrote: If this movie was truly "written" by Kishimoto... then this movie could be the nail into the coffin of the franchise.

Tiffany R (mx) wrote: I thought this movie was awesome and I loved every second of it. It kind if reminded me of I Spit on Your Grave.

Delina Jenkins C (ca) wrote: As usual the professional critics are out of touch with what the audiences really like. This movie was a very enjoyable look at a difficult summer for three girls whose parents are splitting, made magical by a unique neighbor. The performance by Emma Fuhrmann was fantastic and as she goes on to be a star she can be proud of this early one. Fans of Madsen and Freeman will enjoy this one as we did.

Alexander Z (mx) wrote: Patton Oswalt has long been a favorite of mine, not just for his nerdiness, but for his unabashed willingness to mix the highbrow with the dick joke, and pull out references of all kinds for his circuitous joke structures. Kind of like a more accessible Dennis Miller, who I like, but is cerebral for the sake of being cerebral. Patton works it into his flow, and this makes him great instead of good. My Weakness Is Strong, while perhaps not as rapid-fire as his previous special, is more thought out and grows on you with each repeated viewing. And it is worth repeated viewings. I'm always excited to see a new special from him, and this one does not disappoint.

Erik O (fr) wrote: As a diehard MISFITS fan, I really only watched this because I knew Michale Graves was in it (if the singing gig doesn't pan out, he could definitely have a career in acting, by the way). But the movie is actually not bad, especially for being a low-budget Horror film. The acting was better than expected and the storyline was decent. I didn't care too much for the gore, but that's an unfortunate staple of modern Horror that I'm just going to have to get used to, apparently.

Al M (nl) wrote: Frayed starts powerfully and brutally and ends with a twist you won't see coming. Unfortunately, the bulk of the film gets a bit tedious. It is overly long for a horror film. A leaner, 90-minute or less version would have perhaps been much better.

Oi Ying C (es) wrote: I knew this is a trash movie, but i watched it because of Jean.

cli o (kr) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

Niamh E (mx) wrote: To begin with,i thought this was a tad boring and tv-movish, but as it progresssed it became better.The rom-com pros took a new spin on the rom-com, making it not all lovely dovey positivity, but included real issues of commitiment and the important difficulties to overcome in the first year. It rang through for me. But why is Selma Blair always a ho?

Luke A (fr) wrote: Takes away more than it puts in.

Private U (de) wrote: I wish I were Suzzane Douglass cause Greg's the MAN

Zoran S (fr) wrote: Chatty and imperfect but it's a fine anti-McCathry comedy.

Kyle M (ca) wrote: George Miller, the wonderful Australian director, struck gold with his comeback movie Mad Max: Fury Road. The marvelous choice of actors, with Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, and the wonderful camerawork, that seemed to cover every necessary angle for every battle, help explain how this movie left me on the edge on my seat. Mad Max gets things rolling by having Max crawl out from under his badass vehicle. The entire movie you get to see these amazing sand vehicles coming at you from every direction, trying to capture Max. When he escapes with ease from his first set of enemies, you start to realize that he's never going to be alone with a sense of safety (Literally, I don't think that there was ever a scene without an intense, high-speed chase). George Miller does a wonderful job of never letting you take your eyes off the movie. I think the production is what makes this movie fantastic. The camerawork, the terrain, and the backgrounds all provide nice, jaw-dropping scenes that give this movie life. I caught myself many times taking a step back and saying "Damn, that's a nice shot there". The first three Max Movies were all filmed in Melbourne, Australia and Mad Max: Fury Road was moved to the southern African country of Namibia. The lengthy scenes were filled with roaring trucks flying through the desert so you never wanted to look away. Shots are always filled with chaos and many antagonists that are just waiting to make their move. George Miller keeps the images and backgrounds coming at you like a meteor shower. One second you're looking at a huge sandstorm and the next you're looking at a battle filled with over 50 vehicles. The stunk work and tracking shots are unreal as it shows people flying off their vehicles left and right the whole movie. Max goes through the movie having constant flashbacks that hurt his ability to focus. These flashbacks consist of rapid, unsteady close-ups of his lost daughter. This aids to create a story that will also keep the non-action lovers craving more. Mad Max however has its fair share of funky, unnecessary scenes but the film doesn't seem to suffer from it at the slightest. Does every movie make sense the whole time? No, so just go with it and strap back in your seat and continue to watch the action-packed film. Before watching this movie, I didn't know what to expect... And even after watching it, I still couldn't tell you what was going on, but I weirdly was fond of that and how George Miller left me feeling a different type of way. This movie has its own personality and I think it might be years until a similar action film comes out. This movie won an Oscar, was nominated for numerous other ones, and after watching it, you can easily see why. Mad Max will leave you craving more so get ready for a new standard of action movies because you won't know what hit you. If you think that a scene is breathtaking in Mad Max, just wait about 5 minutes until the next one and I bet you'll be saying the same words.

Brian H (nl) wrote: I like the sizzle, but there really wasn't much steak.

Matthew J (us) wrote: Rock Hudson, Doris Day and Tony Randall make a beautiful pair in this well-written cliche-free feel-good film.

David G (gb) wrote: It is artistic and it is imaginative, but that also requires the audience to understand the deep oddities of an imaginative mind such as this. So, for the most part this is a silly story about a bed eater.