1979 Indian Film

Vijay Gupta lives a wealthy lifestyle in Bombay along with his businessman dad, Dwarkadas, and housewife mom, Laxmi. He is used to a comfortable, irresponsible and extravagant lifestyle ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brandon B (ca) wrote: very bad acting, bad script, bad directing, but the film although had a good idea, it could have been much better!

Nicky N (ag) wrote: Pretty Good.I Didn't Expect It To Be That Funny.B

Stephen S (us) wrote: I know that this film has been really well-received in retrospect because it's a Chris Nolan film, but I just didn't like it. And I love most of Nolan's movies. Nothing really happened the whole time until the ending, and that was really stupid. The neo-noir style is cool, but like I said, this film in general just didn't appeal to me.

Kit T (es) wrote: "My ring is outside."

Thom S (ag) wrote: I laughed at this film back in highschool. Judd was pretty cool in this movie and Dana Olsen was funny with his part as the real Palmer Woodrow. Judd is good in St.Elmos Fire and the Breakfast Club. It's too bad he only gets offered bad b-movies, now.

Scott S (fr) wrote: My Bodyguard (1980) -- [8.0] -- Writer Alan Ormsby and director Tony Bill create a compelling coming-of-age story that avoids two of the greatest pitfalls of the genre: it doesn't talk down to its subjects and it doesn't wallow in sentimentality. Chris Makepeace and Adam Baldwin give fine performances as the 'new kid' and the 'mysterious loaner,' respectively. Their unlikely friendship develops believably and becomes the heart of the movie. The film is about bullying and standing up for yourself. Most films geared toward young people swing 'politically correct,' but "My Bodyguard" offers a more realistic conclusion where the kids DO resort to fighting, and DO win their self-respect with violence. I applaud the audacity and the truthfulness. Matt Dillon plays the main bully, one of his earliest film roles. You'll also see a young Joan Cusack as one of the students. Martin Mull, Ruth Gordon, and John Houseman give endearing supporting turns.

Andrew T (kr) wrote: Quite impressive, innovative use of optical effects for a low-budget 1955 trash film. And the most hilariously poor science of any science fiction film. Yes, even dumber than ARMAGEDDON.

Jackson S (it) wrote: This movie is bad. It's really bad. But it's so bad it's good. I found enjoyment out of this movie because it made me laugh at how stupid it was. So if you're looking for something really stupid to watch, watch this.

Garrett H (us) wrote: My favorite Pirates of the Caribbean movie! It was very interesting and funny and had a great introduction of Davy Jones. I love this movie!