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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1974
  • Language:Hindi
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Shikwa torrent reviews

Andy N (nl) wrote: I've never seen the show, but the movie was actually kind of fun. Lots of funny references to movies including Red Dawn. It drags on in spots and some of the voices are kind of grating, but overall it's an enjoyable waste of time.

Sarah (kr) wrote: I spent the majority of this movie trying to decide if the actors were horrible or if the script was horrible. After seeing the end, I've moreorless decided that it's definitely the writers that made this movie so bad. Honestly, the characters were just terrible. The protagonist made no sense! One minute he was fine, then next he was screaming his head off, then he was making sense and saying something smart, then he was going nuts again. His words and actions just didn't seem to go together. Then there were the parents! Don't even get me started on them! If there are real parents in the world like that....I'll simply say that they should never be parents. Seriously, the characters were awful. I think the writers tried to make them dynamic, but just ended up making them so contradictory, selfish and irritating. Since it's mostly the script that I think is at fault, I suppose that the actors were pretty good....or at least....they don't deserve as much of my criticism. Other negatives: soundtrack was hit and miss. Sometimes it had beautiful opera or instrumental pieces (I liked those) and other times it used Billy Talent (which I thought was so cliche and just a bad choice). The storyline was very exaggerated and though it is arguably based off of true situations, they took things too far. They tried to have some artistic and potentially 'deep' moments, but I just wasn't able to make the connection. The end made me really mad, by the way. I genuinely threw my hands up in the air out of frustration. Only good note: the visuals for the 'alternate universe' were kinda cool. Not the best I've seen by any means, but they were interesting - in a good way.There's a reason no one on flixster seems to have seen this, it's just not worth seeing. What did this movie teach me? It's totally okay to prescribe a suicidal person medication...and give them total access to the pills at all times...yea...that makes sense...

Emma T (kr) wrote: Good film but it's a film you'd only watch once.

Tamatai N (de) wrote: It kills me to say it, but for me, this film turned out to be somewhat of a disappointment. There are a many fascinating and engaging interviews with a range of artists, academics and writers concerning human consciousness, spirituality and transhumanism (all extremely important and exciting subjects), yet I felt the film slipped too much into cheese overload with its over-the-top visuals and silly editing effects which became far too much of a distraction rather than adding anything to the already enthralling source material. Don't get me wrong, a little bit of artistic flair with editing and animation is always welcome, but this just felt like overkill to me. That aside, it's definitely worth a watch for those interested in the aforementioned subjects, but once is probably enough.

Mark H (au) wrote: relaxing, calming, charming and a little sad

Ruby D (au) wrote: I didn't believe it when my fianc said this movie was one of the best skateboarding movies out there, but after seeing it and how great the story telling and skateboarding moves I was convinced this is by far one of the best!!! DOGTOWN!!!

Jamie C (mx) wrote: A slasher crossover between two heavyweights in horror and it works well, It's a typical story with horny teenagers but for once they're not the main focus and it's set up for a gory and action packed fight, Ok none of them can die so they're just fighting for the hell of it, Great film if you like their films, Plus it's not as corny or silly as you think it would be.

Ak M (ru) wrote: i like it....these are olsen twins ,,

Niels S (ag) wrote: Okay tidsrejsehistorie.

Rob W (gb) wrote: Excellent film that stays largely true to the book.

Erin D (mx) wrote: i liked this film, it was beautifully animated. Miyazaki's films are like bits of nostalgia for me for films i've seen long ago but cannot quite remember. there's a quietness to them and the soft music usually sends my brain to some happier, more carefree time i've forgotten about. it's a nice film, not his best, but i still got that nostalgia from here.

Peter P (br) wrote: Talk hard! One of the films that I completely resonating with during my teenage years. Christian Slater does a great job as a teen that is having a hard time believing in anything, and then voices it on a pirate radio station, only to find he is feeling that what everyone his age is. This is also the first time I ever remember hearing Leonard Cohen, who I have loved ever since, so it has that going for it too. I think what is really interesting is watching this now almost 22 years later, what "Harry" was doing then is what lots of people do on Youtube, but now it is quite legal and can actually make you money, and that is pretty funny to think when looking back at this.

Dj W (nl) wrote: No where nearly as good as Chinatown but still relatively underrated; still a better sequel than the Matrix Reloaded...

Dave H (gb) wrote: Like some of Ron Howard's work, too sitcom-safe to really be a total home run. Very middle of the road movie, but it's a nice road to travel down the middle of - with an exceptional cast.As much a drama as a comedy, despite the presence of Martin and Moranis. Both get a couple of broad moments to satisfy their comedy fans (eg Cowboy Gil, the baseball pitch happy dance) but both play more nuanced characters than their earlier screwball stuff. This film is more about dealing with the lows of parenthood (kids with learning/emotional issues, kids getting married or pregnant too young, kids discovering monkeys to be spanked) than it is about celebrating the highs. But the film deals with these challenges in a way that has such affection and empathy for the characters, that the film earns the humour in is comedic moments, and the joy in the uplifting ones. The final scene - especially the wonderful slow pan across (almost) the entire ensemble is beautifully conceived and executed...and an exquisite, wordless evocation of "what it's all about" - as my neighbour said to me after my son was born. Life, really.But mostly, this film lives up to its title. And yet it's really more about "fatherhood" than "parenthood", with the focus more on Martin, Moranis and Robards than on their respective spouses. The exception to this is Dianne Wiest - who delivers the standout perf in the film (and not for the first time). But the entire ensemble is great. Robards is typically proficient, although his arc from a dad worse than Darth Vader to merely a grumpy old (but loveable) man is a little too Hollywoodised, especially considering his wife is wallpaper here. Hulce is too much a cardboard douche to resonate - perhaps he had some more sympathetic stuff cut. Otherwise, all the subplots and characters work to one degree or another.Martin does neurotic winner (as opposed to loser) better than anyone, and he certainly portrays a devoted father here, but as a husband...well he comes across as a bit of a bastard, to be honest - spitting out invective at a world-weary (and generally lovely) Steenburgen with an uncomfortable savagery at times. But oddly, I bought their relationship...I accepted that the wife was well used to shrugging off the husband's incensed rants as mere steam-release venting. And the actors sell the softer moments of the marriage nicely too.Speaking of which, I screened this for Hue recently as we have just become parents ourselves. I never thought she had seen the film before, and I don't think she really HAD ever watched it, with much attention, anyway. But halfway through the movie, she turns to me and says: "I've seen this. She gives him a blowjob in the car while he's driving. And they crash". It's funny what you remember.I also remember some of the funny dialogue of Parenthood. Some samples:Keanu: "You know, Mrs. Buckman, you need a license to buy a dog, or drive a car. Hell, you need a license to catch a fish! But they'll let any butt-reaming asshole be a father."Plimpton: "He said that he loved me."Wiest: "Men say that. They all say that. Then they cum."But the quote I've always recalled most from Parenthood is Steve Martin's bitter, resigned Gil spitting out a phrase that he makes sound pretty bad, but isn't, necessarily...something that perfectly encapsulates the experience that this movie gets its title from:"My whole life is "HAVE TO""Yep.

Felipe F (au) wrote: Steven Soderbergh's masterful grip combined with a sharp script and magnetic performances from Andie MacDowell and James Spader results in a piercing, humane and inteligente film about sex.

Allan C (it) wrote: Well made very sappy coming of age story. You can forgive the soft focus and drippy romantic score because they are all done so well. Director Robert Mulligan does nostalgia pieces better than almost anyone, having directed the similarly nostalgic "To Kill a Mocking Bird" and "Man in the Moon". For not having a lot of screen time, Jennifer O'Neil delivers a very memorable performance, but for me the real star of the film is the Michel Legrand score. I could listen to that film score forever.

Heather M (br) wrote: Burt Reynolds - Enough said!

Declan L (au) wrote: If you like movies that are disjointed and going nowhere, you'll love this one! The plot is completely under developed. Characters are unlikable at best. The script is dull.

Timm S (ag) wrote: A Little Slow In Parts..The Soundtrack & Scenery-DP Shots Are However Fantastic. I Enjoyed It & Could See There Was Potential Here For A Deeper, More In-Depth Story, But Alas, Not To Be. Still Good, But Coulda Been Betterer.

Ioana (ag) wrote: Yeah, no. Sorry, Gerard.