Shim's Family

Shim's Family

The movie is about a dysfunctional family, each and every member with mental problems of his own. On top of that some old skeletons from the closet come back to haunt them.

An ordinary but eccentric family keep their emotions in check, and live their individual hum-drum lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shajie K (jp) wrote: 2012 January - Bollypod (Shar, mom)

Jorge M (de) wrote: It's a really good romantic movie for both genders. Funny & cute.

Mark S (us) wrote: Cute mistaken identity movie. The characters are nerdy to gorgeous and there's something about a man in a cowboy hat and boots!

Mani K (fr) wrote: Had high hopes frm this film..But, was not upto expectations...Movie is half clear, on who is true, good and honest...

Tyson P (ag) wrote: the alligator is completly computer animated and looks rediculous. I turned it off less than half way through

Baptiste D (gb) wrote: Lords of Dogtown was directed by Catherine Hardwicke in 2004. This film is not blockbuster movie because the actors are not know. It's a great drama and adventure about the life. In this movie we can see Emile Hirsch, Nikki Reed, Micheal Angarano and Johnny Knoxville. The film takes place at Venice in California. The story is based on the lives of several teenagers who spend their days to surfing. When summer comes Z-Boys decide it to go skate in empty pools to remplace the surf. They create a team of skateboarders and shortly time after they became famous. Problems of money broke their friendly relations and the team disappeared. I love so much this movie because it is a masterpiece cinematographic and I have chills every time I see it. I really enjoyed it because of the acting is beautiful and I would have liked so much to live in this period.I recommend much to see this film because is a classical in street culture and it is very nice to see the lives of young skateboarders and surfers.

Fred M (ag) wrote: Apuesta por ser la obra de Lynch con el lenguaje visual ms barato y grosero, desagradable El factor conmocin no se materializa en un crneo atravesado por el borde de una mesa de vidrio, un cuerpo pudrindose en la penumbra de un dormitorio o una oreja lvida botada en el suelo, sino en un charco de vmito fresco. Las brujas que aportan al imaginario no son el elemento ms, eh, agudo en el inventario de ideas de Lynch. Con todo, no deja de ser un autntico trabajo de Lynch, fiel a su estilo. Una narracin acerca de la pasin carnal, pasin como una llama que se enciende furiosa para pronto moderarse.Se mantiene atenta y enfocada, entretejiendo con habilidad los motivos temticos con los motivos musicales y visuales, hasta que llega el flojo desenlace con la hada madrina ex machina. Lo que la aparta de las otras de Lynch es que mientras esas por lo general no permiten ser asimiladas sin interpretaciones subjetivas, esta puede ser vista de manera "normal" al mismo tiempo que la puerta se queda abierta para buscar metforas: el repelente Bobby Per bien podra ser el mismo protagonista, Sailor Ripley, una cara pervertida de su personalidad que surge cuando llegan a Big Tuna, un pueblo con un letrero de bienvenida que dice Fuck You, el lugar donde el fuego de la relacin empieza a consumirse. 7/10: Muy Buena.

Chris L (br) wrote: One of the most beautiful films I have ever seen (sudden craving to see it again).

Thomas B (it) wrote: The sequel to "our man Flint". Once again Flint proved he is the coolest of cool (and a lady's man)

James W (kr) wrote: Good Cold War thriller from the mid-60's. Different from other Cold War thrillers. In this one several military men led by a general (Burt Lancaster) are planning a coup to overthrow the the President (Fredric March) who's a signed a peace treaty with the Soviet Union. A colonel (Kirk Douglas) who works for the general begins to realize something is not right. It was directed John Frankenheimer and the screenplay was written by Rod Serling (of Twlilight Zone fame). The acting, directing, and the script are really good. It has nice black and white cinematography. A little dated, but still worthwhile.

Kevin O (jp) wrote: A decent film about Christian Bale being an asshole and being unable to cope with it. A running trend I find in David Ayer's writing is his lack of theming, and his skill in writing characters that feel raw, gritty, and real. Just like in "End of Watch", Ayer creates intense and real characters (maybe not even their characters, but the way their relationship builds). The only real problems are that there is no real point outside of creating shock and drama, and that Christian Bale may be a little too overbearing sometimes. This is such a problem because Bale simply doesn't sell the character most times with his half-baked face. And the film doesn't leave you much outside of, "The character can't cope with his problems." There is no real solution outside of shooting him in the fucking face. There are definitely "things" in the movie, but it's all set-up with no pay-off. I haven't seen Training Day yet, it'd be great to see Ayer step-up his game and create something compelling. He's definitely got the talent.Now this may be a bit controversial, but I honestly think that a large part of the problem comes from the fact that these characters aren't Woody Allen beta-male bullshit characters. You know the ones I'm talking about, the guys who's unsure of himself and is super awkward and is constantly being picked on by some bully-jock character, yeah. I know. Guess what, this movie is a look into that Jock asshole's life. Look, that complicated, pansy Woody Allen type of male protagonist is OK, but dear God does it plague so many Hollywood movies nowadays. There NEEDS to be movies about the guy who's confident in his ideals, whose challenges aren't birthed from him being awkward or unappealing. It adds so much more interest and complexity than the guy from "Play it Again, Sam". But hey, just my two cents. Not every meathead you meet is simple.

Benji G (us) wrote: The runtime flies by due to phenomenal acting, and great pacing by the director.