The past catches up with a ruthlessly ambitious boxing promoter.

The past catches up with a ruthlessly ambitious boxing promoter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Shiner torrent reviews

Arseniy V (gb) wrote: Well handled material. Usher's Sugar Ray was my favorite part however. Should be it's own movie. Almost makes forgivable the way that last song sounded.

Optimistic A (kr) wrote: worst movie that i ever seen

Wassim S (ru) wrote: Although it is based on some true WWII events, the ploy remains stupid, predictable and the cgi are not so well done. Not really recommended

Anna B (ca) wrote: I hate that feeling, where you get why all the components of a movie are great, and everyone else seems to feel the confluence of those components, but for you it just never comes together, and it makes you feel nothing.

Kelly P (es) wrote: Basically all your seeing through out the movie are breats and horny college students, and booze. Pretty much have the stereotype set up. Has afew places for laughs... The firing scene between stifler & the geek (jake?) was alittle over the top but you kind of expect it from the American Pie series and the reputation of the Stifler family.

Alex T (us) wrote: A difficult subject well told, and a useful, and shocking guide to the true events of the Rwandan Genocide, and how some failed to act appropriately.

Sterling B (jp) wrote: Passable action adventure fare, punctuated by a few great moments and excellent underwater cinematography.

jose p (mx) wrote: estoy interesado en esta pelicula como hago para comprarla.

Derrick M (de) wrote: Good story, well acted with some worthwhile but not over the top effects. We watched the directors cut edition which has an extended finish with a bit of moralistic anti war drum beating. Still on the list, though!

Jenn M (de) wrote: Definately a cute movie. Everything Bergman is in, is spectacular, and although this was a bit silly at times (Perkins plays his character very well but I have to admit, it was irritating), it was still a well done movie. Instead of focusing on whirlwind romances, this shows the sadness of a relationship going wrong and the rebound that also goes wrong, although it doesn't go wrong because of cheating or anything particularly bad. Anyways, this is something I could watch again

Ken C (ca) wrote: I hated this movie. The entire time you had no idea what was going on, and when the ending finally came we were told a bunch of stuff about our lead that was never even touched upon earlier in the film. There was no build up to the twist whatsoever, and yet the movie still expects you to be surprised by it. It's a slow movie that doesn't reward the audience for having sat through the whole thing.