Shinobi: Heart Under Blade

Shinobi: Heart Under Blade

Even though Gennosuke and Oboro are from rival ninja villages, they are secretly in love. At an annual conference with the Lord, it is dictated that a competition--a fight to the death--will take place between the five best shinobi from each village. Gennosuke and Oboro's love is made even more impossible when they each got picked as the leader of the five to represent their respective villages.

After more than four hundred years of war between the Shinobi warriors of the Manjidani Koga and Tsubagakure Iga clans, the Lord Hattori Hanzou decrees that they must live in peace. Both ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Shinobi: Heart Under Blade torrent reviews

Robert B (kr) wrote: I really liked this film.

Norman F (it) wrote: The movie starts off brilliantly but makes many promises it ultimately won't fulfill. I feel like I've been robbed of my time. This wasn't all great, but it wasn't so bad either.

Aman A (ag) wrote: me(*copied your line for my first line*)Must say, a movie for the festivals. Low budget, heart(hard) hitting,quirky, no regard for censors and laws, no regard for society.A movie meant to be seen with a purpose to learn and not enjoy, towatch sympthatically, not empthatically. To get fucked.the ending of closing eyes in a taxi shunning away a desperate loving husband (the one thing she needs in his liife) is symbolic of just getting AWAY FROM ALL.. like, I wanna just leave. just get away.

Kevin F (ag) wrote: The scenery/artwork is pretty and you're compelled in the beginning to feel poorly for the main character (you could tell even here that Josh Hutcherson was going places, for his acting is good, though the script is not) but it physically pains me to see the plot pan out. The leaps in logic are tremendous. I'm talking volatile acts of violence glossed over one scene later CONTINUOUSLY (there must be something in the water making everyone so forgiving), occurrences in the movie that never affect the plot or come to light again, and awful/non-realistic conversations between characters. I felt compelled at one point to pause the movie and start a screenplay of my own for this movie made it look extremely easy to sell a movie. I only continued to watch for the laughable content (and not surprisingly the resolution was unsatisfying).

Deadly V (ca) wrote: Lolita goes middle eastern.

Adam R (de) wrote: (First and only viewing - In my early twenties)

Nigel K (fr) wrote: Hated it, not helped by first seeing on a very long and bumpy flight from San Fransisco to Washington.

Bradley H (gb) wrote: You have to be a hardcore Babs fan to make it all the way through this monotonous adaptation of the equally boring stage play.

Rebekah H (ru) wrote: Unique aliens, in that they're very simple to portray in CGI without looking like a completely cheap disaster. An ingenious measure for just working around budget limitation. The characters aren't immediately likable, but they're not supposed to be. A gang of street urchins goes from blithely robbing a woman with a knife to loyally defending their turf from invading aliens. If you don't want to see such a turn around movie, where thugs are portrayed as full people who can be both villainous and heroic depending on their situation, then my recommendation is that you find something else. It hurts to see such a stand out movie's rating suffer from reviewers who sound like they could have spared themselves some time if they'd just read the description. These are kids with too much time and little in the way of prospects behaving as hoodlums, but that does not stop them from rising to meet the challenge. I was very excited to see John Boyega's success in the movie rewarded with a part in the new star wars.

Ahmed K (jp) wrote: I loooooooooooooooooove it

Zachary Y (fr) wrote: very original, but no reason or real depth. I believe that the idea didnt quite make the transition to film from the script. i feel it lacks any real scariness, its just gore and weirdness. but very creative

Allison M (es) wrote: 2 stars for james marsden, 1/2 a star for the movie.