A young Norwegian boy in 1850s England goes to work as a cabin boy and discovers some of his shipmates are actually pirates.

A young Norwegian boy in 1850s England goes to work as a cabin boy and discovers some of his shipmates are actually pirates. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Shipwrecked torrent reviews

Mike M (mx) wrote: HORRIBLE FILM! Kate Beckinsale so delightful in last year Love and Friendship gives a horrible performance

Iain G (it) wrote: Fascinating and effective movie making!...all this in one take!

Brad R (gb) wrote: Had to lob that 70s classic in at the end.

Laurent P (it) wrote: Jean Becker s'y connait en fuite a la campagne vers le salut de la nature. Il nous en livre une nouvelle version particulierement dramatique, etonnament ramassee au niveau duree.Ca fonctionne bien, le twist est imparable, Croze et Dupontel irreprochables comme souvent. Avec une realisation un peu moins conventionnelle, plus electrique, plus de nuance dans le relationnel entre les personnages, tout cela aurait pu atteindre des cimes.Il en reste un bon moment.

Private U (it) wrote: Top notch documentary. Very relevant.

Epiphany (mx) wrote: Great low budget documentary!

Danielle D (au) wrote: Meg Ryan plays her usual harried working mom type of role, Diane Keaton plays her usual classy power woman type of role, and Lisa Kudrow plays her usual ditzy airhead type of role. All very typical and unoriginal. The plot is rather meaningless, although parts of it did tug at the heartstrings of the emotional. Give this a miss; it's totally not worth the time at all.

Ben F (de) wrote: Though it had an interesting premise, and the acting was pretty well done, the one major problem with "No Good Deed" was that for a lot of the film it was like....boring. I don't know how else to put had a lot of dull moments. But some ways the film was executed saved it from being ABSOLUTELY horrible. So basically when SLJ goes to look for his neighbor's daughter, he has no idea what he's getting himself into. He's taken hostage by a whole group of robbers, and he has to find a way out. Most of the film is dialogue going on between the criminals, and their plans about getting out of the country. Other scenes are of Jackson pretending to escape, or him playing music. And that's basically your film. The acting was split in half. A few actors did good jobs with their rolls, and some didn't Jackson, Jovovich, and Starsgard all did well, and yes Milla did act well, and I was pretty surprised. The acting that the old couple did was a little silly, and the crazy dude (I don't know his name), was just ridiculous throughout the whole thing. So I don't know....Something that was really annoying, was that in the first half off the film, some of the continuity shots really frustrated me. Jackson says he doesn't wanna do something, but the next shot is of him doing it! And that happens like literally 4 times in the movie. If it's gonna happen, tell me that he agrees! What...are we just supposed to presume that he gives in? What the hell? Anyway....that pissed me off. There were a lot of tight close ups on the actors eyes, didn't really think that was necessary, but whatever. Some of the shots of the music playing were done well though. I guess it was a pretty entertaining flick. It got really dull at certain points, the acting was good, but got kind of ridiculous at points, and the cinematography was pretty well handled. The only problem with "No Good Deed", was that those dull points made the film REALLY dull, and that's how this movie suffered, and that's why it wasn't as good as it should have been.

Michael W (ru) wrote: It is a zombie horror action movie, so don't expect it to be anything else. That having been said, this really is a good zombie horror action movie.

Price H (ru) wrote: Good mid ninties thriller/drama.

Ben W (ca) wrote: The Maze Runner is a film with spectacular special effects and good acting, but strays too far from the book for my liking. The suspense and thriller scenes are fantastic, but the slower scenes could be dull and uninteresting. Aside from that however, it was quite a fun movie to watch.

Andy F (kr) wrote: While many considered this a return to form from Woody Allen, without it being much of a thriller, this humourless tale of mixed relationships is for me at least one of Allen's poorest efforts. (spoiler) It is basically a rehash of Crimes & Misdemeanours and I much prefer the underrated Cassandra's Dream.