Shipwrecked on Route D 17

Shipwrecked on Route D 17


During the Gulf War, the paths of several groups of characters cross in France’s most desert-like region. The cast is as follows: An astrophysician who works alone with Geraldine in an observatory high in the mountains. He’d like to seduce Geraldine, but she seems to prefer the shepherd who’s been relegated to a shabby hut nearby. A group of filmmakers stuck in the middle of the countryside after their crew went on strike because lunch never turned up. A squadron of stupid soldiers who consider even the most minor incident to be proof of Saddam Hussein’s invasion of France. A maniacal geologist, oblivious of everything, who continues to search for the traces of a tectonic Big Bang in the most inaccessible places. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy C (ag) wrote: An underground society believes that if you inflict enough pain and suffering on a young female woman she will experience true ecstasy and travel to the other side; if it exists. Repellent and oddly engrossing largely due to the superb acting.

Sandra V (ca) wrote: Not as awful as most reviews suggest, this is mildly diverting and generally amusing. Anne Hathaway is the best thing in the film and it skips along at a screwball pace from one set piece to the next as the frenemies' attempts to thwart each other escalate. Lighthearted and breezy fluff.

Nate H (de) wrote: "Want to come watch me eat?"

Tim D (it) wrote: It's so stupid it's funny. It's so stupid it's about humans landing on a planet inhabited by stupid people. Jon Lovitz steals the movie but Jeffrey Jones really shines in this unlike any other movie he's been in.

Michael C (jp) wrote: Nostalgia at its finest. Candy is a master.

Tanner B (gb) wrote: The French Connection II (1975) ?? 1/2Hackman goes to Marseille in search of the drug smuggler who eluded him in New York. Exciting opening and riveting final chase are separated by long, agonizing drug addiction sequences that bring the whole film down.

Mahmood K (ag) wrote: ????? ????? ??????? ?? ????? ?????.

Abdulrahman H (us) wrote: This movie has a great soundtrack. But I guess that's it.American Hustle also has a great choice of actors, but none of them really live up to the excitement. I first thought I should check it out because the critics LOVED it (Maybe they're right this time?). But no, I was absolutely tricked yet again by the hype for this movie. The movie spends too much time on unnecessary dialogue. It's also focused too much on the romance. I couldn't stand it! This guy likes this women...Oh wait, this guy is now yelling at his wife...and a whole bunch of other sex content is present in the movie. But the thing that bothered me most was how it's being praised for its humor. WTF? No humor at all. So so so forced and out of place. That being said, I found the scene with De-Niro entertaining. Also Jeremy Renner was the only character that I cared about and found him interesting. To be honest, I also found the story interesting but it wasn't great as some of the critics suggested it to be. In the end It's just not as good as most people said it was.Score: 5/10 (Mediocre).

Brandon W (es) wrote: This film used to scare me as a kid. Raiders of the Lost Ark also had some spooky bits with the mysterious ark's deadly powers, but Temple of Doom ups the fear factor and it also ups the violence. This adventure takes Indiana Jones to India in one of my favourite settings of the series. Sure it's awesome to see Indiana Jones find treasure in the desert and fighting Nazis, but I love seeing Indy in the jungle. Many people have grievances with Willie Scott (the obnoxiously loud love interest) Short-Round (The Jar-Jar of the film according to some) and some other cheesy moments like the out of place opening dance number and the impossible escape from a pilotless plane with a river raft. But honestly, those don't bother me because the rest of the film is an epic adventure. I still give the notch to Raiders but I can still say that I love Temple of Doom.

Jacob G (it) wrote: Interminably long. Frustratingly lacking in plot. 2.5 hours I won't get back.

josh k (it) wrote: Totally compelling. Val Kilmer does an amazing job.