Shock Treatment

Shock Treatment

Janet and Brad Majors, unhappily married, are separated after appearing on a game show. Janet becomes a superstar while Brad is thrown into a mental hospital. But what does fast food magnate Farley Flavors have up his sleeve?

Janet and Brad become contestants on a game show... but wind up as captives instead. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel S (fr) wrote: An Amazing documentary. You'll definitely learn a few things about how the law is screwing you over with this film.

Bruno L (us) wrote: Great documentary! A lot of people thought it focused too much just on LeBron James, but not. I think the story about the five guys in the St. Vincent's team and the story about the coach who didn't believe in himself was great. If you like basketball, is a good movie to see some great moves from a young LeBron.

Aaron R (au) wrote: Blah. It's "Scary Movie" riffing on the dance movie craze, with some seriously dumb jokes.

Lawrence D (gb) wrote: Dumb, but funny in a kind of Three-Stooges way.

Yvette W (nl) wrote: Interesting arty film that highlights the communication is the most important cornerstone of a good relationship. The conclusion is a bit predictable but the acting is believable enough that it doesn't feel forced.

Stevens L (jp) wrote: Wow, I was not expecting this movie to be that brilliant. The weird and disturbing dark story of Matsuko is a clever mix of drama, violence, colorful musical... The "Love is Bubble" song of Bonnie Pink remains in my mind even after the movie.

Renatita C (mx) wrote: Lovely and fun! Worth watching over and over and over and over again... "Old but gold." Oh, what about the handsome Simon Baker!?

Eddie G (br) wrote: good french thriller, but it could be better im sure in that, end wasn't good enough

Matthew F (us) wrote: Wasn't really a movie. It was actually just 3 episodes tied together. Way to cut corners, Seth MacFarlane.

Ashley H (de) wrote: Godsend is a disappointing film. It is about a couple who agree to have their deceased son cloned. Greg Kinnear and Robert De Niro give terrible performances. The script is boring and predictable. Nick Hamm did a horrible job directing this movie. I was not impressed with this motion picture.

Jeffrey R (it) wrote: This movie is sooooooo great. Makes me feel like a kid again. I say "Fuck" and you say "Yeah!"

David S (jp) wrote: The film may be a series of broad brush strokes of Chaplin's life but as an introduction to the man and his work this is a great place to start. The whole thing is held together by a brilliant performance from Downey Jnr, playing Chaplin convincingly at different stages of his life. I don't think this was recognised enough at the time and although he was nominated for an Oscar I feel there's a strong case for him winning it. As Chaplin gets older more make-up is applied to Downey Jnr but even under all that he still convinces as the character. You only have to look at a film like 'J Edgar' to see how difficult it is to maintain a realistic performance under a lot of make-up (they didn't achieve it) and all I can think of is that Downey Jnr suffered from the poor plotting of the film. However that shouldn't have taken away from his achievement in the role.Downey Jnr is supported by a starry cast and the period feel is brilliantly recreated by Attenborough. Top that off with a moving score by John Barry and you have a film I will enjoy returning to again and again.

Forlondra H (gb) wrote: I loved the first 2 Chipmunk movies but Chipwrecked wasn't too good so I thought the Chipmunks lost their flair; not true for this movie. Alvin and his brothers are still up to their same fun mischievous ways. The comedy, good music,and warm fuzzy feelings is classic Alvin and the Chipmunks and this movie doesn't miss it. And Dave's AAAAAAALVIIIIN screams are hilarious in this too.

Trinity (mx) wrote: Terrible, disappointment,

Paul D (ca) wrote: The alien invasion is really a back story to what is a psychological battle of 'survival of the fittest' in a low-budget scenario.