After being sent to the electric chair, a serial killer uses electricity to come back from the dead and carry out his vengeance on the football player who turned him in to the police.

After being sent to the electric chair, a serial killer, having murdered over 30 people, uses electricity to come back from the dead and carry out his vengeance on Jonathan Parker, a high school athlete who turned him in to the police. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mique W (ru) wrote: A clear example of pretentious french filmmaking that neglects it's interesting premise, distinguished cast, and instead, relies on blatant metaphors and a weak romance which is all foreplay and no climax.

Olivia D (ru) wrote: The only thing that I thought would be different about this film would be that it would be more about the actors and how they make glee. I was quite sad when it started showing about the impact glee had had on some peoples lives, and asking people outside concerts what they liked about glee. If I needed to find out that I could quite easily ask a question on a glee forum. If it wasn't just that element it was also the length of these clips it was how many times they came up. Don't get me wrong, I love glee, I just was very disappointed with this film.

Damon R (ca) wrote: Beyonce Knowles really steals the show by portraying singer Etta James, who just passed away this past January. She really emodies the heart and soul of the now late musician. Even Mos Def portrayed Chuck Berry perfectly. This movie should have been made years ago, but I'm glad it was made because it showed the truth about who the real king of rock and roll is (not Elvis Presley). This biopic has so many terrific performances, but Beyonce's performance really stood out. So, this review is dedicated to the now late, legendary Etta James. At last.

Michael S (it) wrote: Good, solid zombie movie. Nice to see a movie that doesn't look like a really low budget film. Plot isn't very deep, but then again, it's a zombie movie.

Jason A (ag) wrote: Unless a JCVD movie is REALLY shitty, I give it two stars by default just by virtue of the fact that it's my favorite kickboxing, split-doing belgian- just letting you know that, my reviews may be a little biased. However, this offering from da man and Sheldon Lettich (writer of Bloodsport, and director of Lionheart, Only the Strong, and Double Impact) is just tired and mediocre. Van Damme is out of place here, and you can sense he's just not comfortable in the role. I guess this was their attempt @ putting Van Damme in an urban Steven Seagal setting. The problem is, those movies only really work when the lead actor is a sweaty, out-of-shape, dubbed guy from michigan wearing long leather trench-coats to cover up his gut, and with two hundred stunt doubles doing his fighting for him. It doesn't work for JCVD. The gangster rapper baddie is funny- he's obviously based on Suge Knight and DMX, with all the pit bulls and stuff, but he's not enough to elevate this to "so-bad-it's good," as it is, it's just mostly boring. Vivica A. Fox does well with her role, but it's not like she's a Glenn Close acting-wise to begin with. There is one stand-out fight scene, between Van Damme and the boxer he's protecting; it comes off as very Lionheart-esque (if I may coin a phrase), but it's not like it's the brightest spot in JCVD's DTV career in years. Overall, unless you're a Van Damme completist like me (this is the only movie of his I hadn't seen), skip it and rent 'Universal Soldier' or 'Sudden Death' instead.

aaron s (gb) wrote: After two awesome films the third film in the Blade Franchise kind of sucked. Poor I really hope that Marvel does more movies for this character because he ended on a bad note with a bad movie and a trash series.

Beto C (kr) wrote: One of my favorite movies. It literally broke me.

John W (es) wrote: Terrible acting, awful dialogue, ridiculous plot, backyard special effects and yet somehow, an absolute classic. I mean come on who can resist a tag line like "she's Leroy's Mama and as long as she's alive - the SURF NAZIS MUST DIE!"

Trevor C (it) wrote: It's your basic "Clue" murder mystery thriller with masterful suspense, which is to be expected from most films like this, and is pretty common, but unlike most other thrillers from this era of film, the truth behind the mystery is most unexpected. Up until the end there are only three characters that really seem built up to be the murderer, and yet, with excellent writing, the story's twist is surprising. The acting is fantastic and the camerawork at times succeeds in creating an uneasy feeling. For fans of Hitchcock's films (this is a lot like something from Hitchcock, himself) or murder mysteries in general. It really succeeds in remaining intriguing, instead of degrading into something we've all seen before.

Christa N (jp) wrote: Confusing ending. Maybe unbelievable. What made it the best was the random Dennis Miller casting.

Pavan R (br) wrote: Fairly entertaining movie with a young cast who get famous int he figure..story is decent to start off with but the ending lets it down

Michael R (kr) wrote: James Wan is on the top of his game with this well made ghost story. He continues to create better and better films, and bring some respect to studio horror. It's well acted, well paced and has some genuine scares that have been lacking in modern horror movies.