An English navigator becomes both pawn and player in the deadly political games in feudal Japan.

An English navigator becomes both pawn and player in the deadly political games in feudal Japan. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Shogun torrent reviews

ArYa DarMa D (us) wrote: 4/5 Ratings for The Fatal EncounterF :60%R :40%Drama 25% Action 50% Adventure 25%

Jacob A (nl) wrote: A funny, entertaining comedy from beginning to end. The characters are memorable and well - written, but some jokes do fall flat on their faces. The film also relies too heavily on sci - fi references at times, but not enough to interfere with the enjoyment of the picture.

NeCrO (us) wrote: Typical but watchable

Railton B (ru) wrote: if your an english comedy fan you'll love this

Ryan W (nl) wrote: At anacondas core is is a terrible movie bad acting and stupid dialogue taboot but I gotta say the scenes where the anaconda is wreaking havoc is very fun to watch.

Deadly V (mx) wrote: Robin's touching performance!

Linus M (de) wrote: Uncannily funny and equally violent as the "critics consensus" says. Fans of the Coen Brothers should most definitely not pass this one up.

Paul D (nl) wrote: Bland part-biopic that is very ordinary in production with the usual sporting prowess running alongside personal issues.

Mikael S (us) wrote: Perfect progression. What this one lacks in innocence, it compensates for with teen angst, hormones, fear & action. Who doesn't love time travel?

Valentin G (gb) wrote: Diane Lane and Richard Gere always gives a good performance but the plot is just another unfaithfulness in the cinema stories, of course this movie have good recourses like the music and a beautiful, tragic but mediocre script. 6/10

Tre Bluey O (es) wrote: Where the creatures aren't actually the monsters.

Raji K (ca) wrote: Romani Polanski directs the tragedy Tess. Tess is a poor British girl who realizes shes actually of an old rich family. She seeks out her heritage only to find it bought out by a wealthier family. Her beauty attracts her would be cousin who eventually rapes her. The rest of the film bears tragedy on Tess as she carries this burden among many other things along with her. Tess is the ultimate tragic film and is one depressing moment after another. It is not enough to make one cry, but it is as dreary as a film can get. The film is excessively long, and quite a burden, but certainly hits the spot in a dull moment. Nastassja Kinski is beautiful and carries the film extremely well as her innocent look make all the tragedy that falls upon all the more tragic.