Shoot the DJ

Shoot the DJ

2 Djs, 2 Hit Records and 2 many problems.

2 Djs, 2 Hit Records and 2 many problems. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gabriela P (mx) wrote: Tiene momentos interesantes

John W (nl) wrote: Locked room thriller that asks 'how far would you go' for The Employer, but it's been done better and with more clarity and purpose.

Ronnie S (ru) wrote: Frste halvdel af filmen = NICE gyser! Anden halvdel af filmen = kedelig uden der skete det helt vilde. Hvorfor ku de ikke have holdt tempoet fra frste halvdel og fortsat der ? Ey alts ...

Ruthie R (fr) wrote: Really interesting idea but really frustrating at the same time.Like once the girl figured out how to leave, WHY DID SHE NOT GRAB THAT MUTE GIRLS HAND AND GTFO? Then the shitty ending that brings it full circle and all I can think is, "BITCH YOU STILL KNOW HOW TO GET OUT, WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?"Just, annoying. And if it wasn't for all that, I would have really liked it.EDIT: (spoilers too) All the characters that are stuck at this house ruined the original owners lives (running over the mom and evicting the father and son, causing the murder suicide) so what the fuck did the mute girls family do? Or the family that came with hers? AND WHAT DID THE NEXT TWO FAMILIES DO? I seriously doubt they did anything worse than causing the original owners fucking deaths. So fucking dumb I hate this movie.

Dion D (de) wrote: Very, very ordinary. It tries to be the new Princess Bride but instead comes off as obnoxious and self-conscious. Nice to look at, however.

Barry L (au) wrote: Genuinely good movie with twists and turns throughout . Is she mad? Is she seeing the future or is it something else? Im not going to tell you so watch it and see.

Jacob T (ru) wrote: i have seen it its awesome

Melanie F (de) wrote: Average thriller, not terribly boring but not exciting either.

Paul C (us) wrote: overall just a pretty boring movie. You would expect more from Bruce Campbell, but I think they didn't let him show his true talent. The movie seemed short and didn't make much sense at all. Over a period of time you start to understand it, yet you don't want to. I just really wish there was more of a story line here and more entertainment than what it had.

Alex B (br) wrote: This must be one of the least suspenseful and least erotic spy films ever. And it's a case of two villainous sides (after all, England sold out Czechoslovakia to Nazi Germany) conspiring to steal (defensive, naturally) munitions, obscured/symbolized by an entirely unconvincing love triangle (the subtle/repressed homoeroticism is more compelling). But all the phony English folksiness and dry humor depicted here is almost enough to make me root for the Nazis. And (spoiler alert!) regret not seeing Rex Harrison end up in a concentration camp (invented by England in the Boer War, by the way). Fritz Lang's Man Hunt is much better.

Leonard D (de) wrote: A truly terrifying action thriller! Peter Stormare is brilliant as Lucifer, probably the best performance in this title! The scene where Mammon swallows Angela always makes me jump in fear! The only thing that is flawed in this film is Shia Lebouf, always being the obnoxious sidekick, but thankfully, he wasn't in the way that much. Keanu Reeves isn't the best actor, but he gives a good performance. A great horror thriller you can't miss!

Lisa S (mx) wrote: A so-so movie, I found it hard to watch because of the stupid digital TV, it kept loosing the signal. Other than that, I didn't see anything special about this movie at all. It's just another mystery movie, and I'm not even sure I understood the ending.