Shoot the Living and Pray for the Dead

Shoot the Living and Pray for the Dead

Dan Hogan and his gang have held up a bank for $100,000 in gold bars. They meet up at Jackal's Ranch, a weigh station for stage coaches. While waiting for the gold to arrive they encounter a stranger, John Webb, who wants half the gold in exchange for guiding them safely to Mexico. Reluctantly, Dan agrees and they set across the brutal desert for a race to the border with the Rangers hot on their tail. Is John who he says he is? Is he really after the gold or does he have an ulterior motive?

Dan Hogan and his gang have held up a bank for $100,000 in gold bars. They meet up at Jackal's Ranch, a weigh station for stage coaches. While waiting for the gold to arrive they encounter ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luis R (nl) wrote: I really enjoyed it, but don't know exactly why. the story is not as tight as Brazil or 12 monkeys, but immersion in Gillian's universe is a lot of fun, even, or maybe especially, when dealing with tragedy.

Alexander Z (us) wrote: Totally bad, yet strangely watchable.

Alejandro M (us) wrote: Parecia buena, pero resulto regularzona.

Joetaeb D (it) wrote: The Orphanage succeeds at being scary and thoughtful, light on the blood and replacing it with tension and plot development relying on scenes with real drama and impending fear.

Hayley K (jp) wrote: A disappointing follow-up to Bride of Chucky. Not as funny as it thinks it is. Would have given it fewer stars, but I just can't stay mad at Chucky. The worst of an otherwise awesome series.

Damien F (ag) wrote: Don't expect an easy ride the whole way through, it has very dark moments,but it is more than worth it. Having seen a Gurland short- it appears race is a preoccupation and here he and Botko pan out to bring gender roles into the picture. The result is laugh out loud funny. The cast are all excellent & it is truly a fantastic example of Indie Cinema, yYu wade through a lot of crap to find films like this, but what a reward when you do.

Russell S (es) wrote: Sure the story is pure fantasy and a little contrived but this movie has so much going for it. The perfect actress in the lead role, some excellent and exciting action sequences, truly fun characters and cool cinematography. Pure fun - even if I still don't quite understand some of the time related elements to the plot.

dude m (fr) wrote: someBODY once told me that this movie rocks and it do-oes so i give it 3 and a half stars mhmmmmhmhmhm!!

Matt H (us) wrote: Although the movie is definitely a cash grab, it is still an OK movie.

Keenan S (au) wrote: Though this entry isn't as good as the previous two, I still really liked this film (Sue me). While the story is a little on the shallow end, and there are some unintentionally goofy moments, I still had a lot of fun watching this film as an adventure film. I think it's very underrated and that it doesn't deserve the hate it's gotten.

Michael T (gb) wrote: The scariest thing about this violent "Gremlins" rip-off is that it inspired several sequels.

Gabriel G (ru) wrote: My favorite movie of all time, I love it so much i could cry

Alex R (ru) wrote: A little different from Norris's other movies, being more of a horror movie than an action movie. One of his best movies right behind Lone Wolf Mcquade!

Steve G (gb) wrote: I wish this movie wasn't endless... I had to. I actually like this more than many others. The story is a somewhat interesting one, even if it's not told in the best way. A lot of what I hate about humanity is found here. The setting exemplifies the early 80s. So many unlikable people. Great song, though. There is a reality about the emotions of love. So much awkward & melodrama, but there's a lesson in here, somewhere.

Owen D (nl) wrote: This is surely one of the creepiest, darkest, sleaziest, and disturbing horror films I have ever seen, and is definitely one that will stick with you after viewing. Amazing soundtrack and genuinely eerie/shocking cinematography/direction, this movie will surely make you feel like you have to take a shower after watching it.

Lindsay R (ag) wrote: An amazingly fun horror flick that will make you chuckle and squirm all at the same time.

Sonia G (nl) wrote: Un cas avr de bovarysme au masculin.

Ricardo O (ru) wrote: Jean-Pierre Melville's noir Bob le Flambeur (Bob the Gambler) is a tribute to classic American Gangster films and was one of the main inspirations for the French New Wave filmmakers. It is about a middle-aged compulsive gambler, as well as an ex-bank robber, named Bob, played by Roger Duchesne, living in the Montmartre district, where the narrator describes it as the "hell" section of Paris as opposed to the "heaven". He experiences a run of bad luck that leaves him just about broke but Bob is a gentlemen with morals and is well-liked and respected through out the community. He's spent some time in prison for unsuccessfully trying to rob a bank. Through a croupier friend, he hears that the Deauville Casino holds large quantities of cash in its safe is very vulnerable in the early morning hours. Bringing in a young protege and an ace safe cracker, he develops a complicated plan to steal the loot, with the help of a few other people involved throughout the underworld. He also becomes involved a younger woman named Anne, who doesn't have her own place and stays at just about any mans place just so she can be taken off the streets. Later on she begins spending time with Bob's friend Paolo, his protege. Paolo trusts Anne and tells her the whole plot of the robbery soon to be taking place involving Bob. On the evening of the planned heist she betrays them by telling a two-bit pimp who then goes on to inform Inspector Ledru, a friend Bob once saved from being killed. Ledru searches Bob and warns him off the plan. Later the snitch is gunned down by Paolo as he is about to confirm the specifics. With the killing of the snitch, Bob gives the go ahead. At the casino, Bob starts to gamble, against the promise to his friend that he wouldn't gamble until after the job was pulled off successfully. He starts to have a phenomenal winning streak which goes on for hours. He has finally gotten the luck he had always hoped for but as he keeps on gambling he forgets all about the plan. He realizes that it is now 5:00 sharp and the rest of the gang is supposed to be here soon so he cashes the winnings in a hurry and exits the casino floor. Just as the whole gang arrives, Ledru and the police show up and a shooting commences. Bob rushes out of the casino in time to hold in his arms his dying protege Paolo just for a moment before being handcuffed and arrested as the casino employees are bringing out Bob's winnings and are loaded into the trunk of Inspector Ledru's car. The film ends with Bob in the backseat where it is implied that his lucky streak will hold and he will possibly get off with little or no jail time, perhaps even suing the polices for damages, as well as probably getting the beautiful Anne as she is no longer off-limits and continues waiting at his apartment.Bob le Flambeur is the film that led many French critics, such as Franois Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard, to make films themselves that are highly influenced by not only this classic noir, but also the gangster pictures and other film noir from America in the 1940s and early 1950s. The film was also released the same year as another classic French heist/noir, Jules Dassin's Rififi, also written by screenwriter Auguste Le Breton. Like Rififi, it centers on a middle-aged man who wants to do one more big job and recruits other people around him but it all somehow goes wrong. Roger Duchesne does a great job of playing his character who is tough, respectable and easy to relate to. Jean-Pierre Melville's direction is also in top form. The on location shooting, use of improvisation, reliance on character actors and actors with little experience, as well as the use of natural light and beautiful look of the b&w cinematography by Henri Deca all had a profound impact on the films that would come out of the French New Wave. Jean-Luc Godard would later acknowledge the influence it had him and in turn had Jean-Pierre Melville in an extended cameo in his film Breathless (? Bout de Souffle). This is a must see for people interested in the French New Wave as well as the films that influenced it, and especially fans of film noir. Great film from the great Jean-Pierre Melville. 9/10

Chris P (fr) wrote: This movie makes me happy. Claude Rains is perfect.

David L (de) wrote: Nice to see a horror offering something a little different to the norm. There's not a hillbilly, masked killer, or a dozen sequels in sight with this movie, which is why it offers a nice alternative to the slasher type genre that captivated our attention in the 90's. Ok, so the film does start with a lethal wire ripping through the bodies of several hundred humans, but it's all in a good cause haha! After that, we are treated to some good character development and familiarisation as we learn a little about each of the crew members that go hunting down the whereabouts of a stranded cruise liner. Once there, they soon learn that they are not alone and are taunted by the spirits of the boats former passengers, resulting in several losses of lives as we approach the traditional twist. The fresh concept does keep one entertained throughout and despite the possibility that this doesn't conclude in being the film of the year, it brings a new dimension to horror which we have to applaud. There's occasional suspense, and mild gore, which was a bit tacky on the odd occasion that it decided to do a close up, so credit the production team for not littering the film full of this. There's also some recognisable faces from other household horrors, hence a little experience in this field has potentially added a little more value. Don't get me wrong, it's nothing I'd go crazy to recommend, but at 1, it was an absolute bargain to buy!