Eight people have to find their way out of a New York subway after being trapped following an earthquake.

Shankar (Manoj Kumar), his lovely wife Geeta (Nanda) and Deepak (Master Satyajeet) are a poor but happy family. Tragedy strikes one day, when Deepak wonders over to the railway tracks. When... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Seth L (nl) wrote: fucking awesome! this guy, via his sheer talent and vision, found hollywood success with pee-wee's playhouse and the 'tonight tonight' smashing pumpkins video and loads of other cool eccentric designs. after getting fed up with all the nonsense and political bullshit that comes with working within a business construct (with all the sharks and vampires), he threw it all away to start over, following nothing but his creative muse. and that's when he found his most satisfying successes and joys ever. if you are any kind of artist, creator, or anxious ball of neuroses who is desperate to communicate and connect with the world via expression .. by hurtling yourself all up in and on and around the canvas of life, well, my god, welcome to paradise .. wayne's got the golden key and he's delighted to share. screw you f scott fitzgerald! whew baby!

Roger P (de) wrote: So funny. This is a romantic comedy even the average dude can laugh at. I'll watch anything Taylor Labine is in. Costars Damon Wayans Jr and that girl from Dinner For Schmucks & Hot Fuzz.

Joe A (ag) wrote: Yes, the script wasn't that great, but the English character alone is fun and reason enough to watch.

Sylvester K (gb) wrote: There's pretty much nothing to see other than some satisfaction for Tatum lovers. The story was thin as ice and contrived and the fight sequenced were dull as hell.

Bonnie D (nl) wrote: Not quite satisfied with the ending but the story is compelling throughout. Believable characters and lots of teen drama French style. Floriane looks like a young Kate Winslet.

Alex r (gb) wrote: Now, I'll be honest, I find Jack Black to be a so-so actor. At time she can be pretty funny, other times he can be annoying. With Be Kind Rewind, he is very enjoyable, and gives one of his better performances. This is a very good film that is highly entertaining from start to finish, and in many ways, this is a tribute to the love of cinema. The film boasts a fun storyline, and this film is a lot of fun and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. With a good blend of comedy and feel good charm, this is a must see that boasts several film references. In terms of sheer originality, Be Kind Rewind is a standout feature that will satisfy any film lover. Jack Black is very good here, and the chemistry between him and Mos Def is terrific. The rest of the cast are great too, and each actor being something to really make this a must see comedy. I loved this film, and the script was well thought out, original and above all refreshing. There is plenty to enjoy here, and director Michel Gondry has made a film that is well worth your time. This film has plenty of heart, and memorable scenes to really make it a unique film experience. The film has a few weak moments, but overall, there are plenty of strengths here that overshadows the few weak aspects. Be Kind Rewind is a good comedy with plenty of good performances, a great story, and plenty of humor to make it a film that can exceed your expectations. I was surprised with this film, and I think I would enjoy it as much as I did, but I walked away from it, not only enjoying it, but feeling that this among Jack Black's best performances.

dfw f (ag) wrote: Secuestro Express (2004) "Kidnapping Express," the title refers to a thriving but deadly abduction business to which many poverty-stricken Latin Americans have turned as a means to secure quick cash. . Set over a period of about 10 hours in Venezuela's capital, Caracas, the movie is relentlessly sweaty, menacing and violent. In a night pregnant with a strange mix of tension and dizzy abandon, lovers Carla and Martin prowl clubs before drunkenly wandering back to his car. While he comes across as crass nouveau riche, she appears more liberal. Their conspicuous affluence, however, makes them ideal targets for kidnappers, and the trio of Trece, Budu and Niga gets a bead on them and promptly sweeps them up at gunpoint. The kidnappers then demand $20,000 to be delivered in two hours. Carla phones her rich father Sergio to procure the money, but chaos soon ensues. A botched ATM robbery is followed by a stopover at the palatial estate of a gay drug dealer. For these ghetto residents, this is a class war in which the rich must pay for their selfishness and lack of charity. The film, written and directed by Jonathan Jakubowicz and shot on digital video, uses a variety of horribly non effective cinematic gimmicks. extreme close-ups, superfast zooms. jarring speeded-up and slow-motion scenes. Drug usage constantly. Split-screen segments, here cleverly horribly bore us with the simultaneous actions of people located in setting of the car. More exploitation than expose, Secuestro Express is a crass kidnap thriller that turns a social problem into an excuse for sleazy spectacle. The film seems less interested in dramatizing the inequities of that Venezuela but rather giving us up hefty doses of sadism and titillation. The film is the worst advert ever for the Venezuelan tourist board. This terrible film depicts a nation up to its neck in drugs, violence and corruption. Secuestro Express doesn't go much further than spitting out character types (poor little rich girl, thief with heart of gold) and reminding us of Caracas's class differences. The late-night abduction by three scumbags becomes an 88-minute ordeal for the audience. It?s a great critique about the divide between rich and poor in Latin America. In other words, capitalism's to blame for these everyday kidnappings. Secuesto Express is not an easy film to watch with its eruptions of violence and venom. This grim tone means Secuestro Express won't appeal many, but this film isn't supposed to make anyone comfortable - it works as much as an expos of these shocking everyday kidnappings and the socio-political reasons why they happen as it does a piece of standalone storytelling. That, in itself, does not a good movie make. This film fails on almost every level. The jumpy hand-held photography only caused me a headache. Secuestro Express is just as disturbing as its producers' past films - Sin City and Once Upon a Time in Mexico. But while these films inundate viewers with elaborate gun battles and excessive gore, Secuestro Express is intense in its suggested violence . Boring clichd movie 2 stars or less not recommended

Audun K (es) wrote: Pretty good martial arts-spoof, actually. If you have seen dubbed Hong Kong-action before, it is funny. If you haven't, it might seem crappy:) And don't expect Flight of the Conchords-like stuff... (maybe a bit) - this is something else;)

Leigh R (au) wrote: HA HA HA!!! Loved it.

Joy Y (kr) wrote: Wow Pamela Anderson was actually quite pretty before all her surgical work. Anyway basically just a step above porn LOL. Classic "B" movie

Rory Fyfe S (br) wrote: Great light comedy. Great scene involving the Scottish family.

Dane P (au) wrote: Tough as nails film with an engrossing story, stellar acting and quailty filmmaking making it an unforgettable film

Jake Z (gb) wrote: A magnificent tapestry. Filled to bursting with bold filmmaking, incredible acting, an amazing soundtrack-- both by Jon Brion and Aimee Mann-- and an engrossing, compelling, story that keeps you so emotionally and intellectually invested over its 3 plus hours running time, that when it's over you won't know what hit you. Perhaps a raining frog or two. Also, you may not even realize it has been 3 hours, as the saddest moment of Magnolia is when you realize it's about to end. This is still my favorite Paul Thomas Anderson film, maybe tied with There Will Be Blood.