Set in Uttar Pradesh, this political drama brings light to incidents that rocked headlines across India.

Based on the innocent friendship between a Hindu boy Raghu and a Muslim girl which rapidly escalates into a political minefield, causing unrest and chaos in Uttar Pradesh. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Shorgul torrent reviews

Rodrigo F (mx) wrote: when the French try to make a film based on american humor ...

Diego F V (mx) wrote: Es una buena pelicula, trata sobre la venganza que quiere cobrar Katalin Varga (Hilda Peter) luego de haber pasado por una situacion desafortunada al ser violada por un par de hombres. Once aos despues Katalin sale en busca de sus violadores para ajustar cuentas; del mismo modo, es perseguida por la policia local porque se le acusa de ser la autora de un asesinato. La pelicula tiene momentos muy interesantes fotograficamente hablando, pues la belleza de los paisajes transilvanos en pleno corazon de Rumania hacen juego perfecto con la historia que el realizador esta contando. En algunos momentos la pelicula se vuelve estatica, no avanza, se frena en situaciones que le hacen perder cierto ritmo, inclusive hay partes en donde no se sabe que esta pasando porque o no se ve, o simplemente no se hace mucho enfasis en algo que despues va a ser clave en la pelicula. Sin embargo, no deja de ser una buena pelicula.

Sir C (gb) wrote: Look, this was a well thought out world movie okay?! The kind of movie you wanna watch while you're on an international flight. Although, you should actually watch it in high definition with lossless audio nomsayin?...It's definitely a collector's movie because back in 2004, this movie was all the rage in India, I lived there. John Abraham later appears to be on the fence about everything, not even cherishing his Kerala Christian heritage. That's a little off topic but the good things about this movie is that it re-ignites the "something" that's been put off in India for a long retrospect. The desire for freedom and taking on the big banks, if you will. They get away with it as if it were no big deal. And no, the cheesy parts are only the few songs that are in the movie, except the one during the last robbery scene. There's that special something about this movie that sums up the essence of the 2000s...much better than many hollywood counterparts. Sure, the F&F series were cool but that's all about cars and a broken system...which goes on an on an on but this one is something special.

Jeff H (ru) wrote: Can't get enough of these tow surfing docs. Seems a little more dated and would recomend "Riding Giants" over this. Once you see that.... this movie gets more into the preparation and training going into how tow surfing got started.

Toby E (de) wrote: Pretty rubbish.... occasional chuckle but barly worth it.

Jacqueline M (jp) wrote: Everyone's got that movie. You know, the one that makes you cry every damn time without fail. This shit right here...this is the holy grail of tearjerkers for me. I don't remember when I first watched this movie. I had to be incredibly young, because it shook me to my core, and the aftershocks still resonate within me to this day. I mean, sometimes, if I think about it too long, I cry. It's just that real for me. But then, one time, I thought about why I was crying. What had really upset me about this movie? Why does it unfailingly bring tears to my eyes? In this movie, based off a book I can't bring myself to finish, a family is devastated by death. It haunts them. A couple destined to be together lose their children in a car accident. The wife loses herself for a while, then her husband in another car crash. She's left alone on earth. She commits suicide shortly after. All of them, wiped off the earth. The main character is the husband, Chris, who wakes up after death in heaven. Or rather, his heaven. Everyone gets their own piece of the pie, in this universe. There's a little separate heaven for each soul, then there's a gathering place. All souls can get together and make merry in the center of heaven. Everyone can appear as they wish. Construction and perception of their personal heaven is left up to the souls themselves. For example, his daughter Marie, chose to wear the appearance of a Hawaiian flight attendant in heaven. Everything is malleable, it seems. The movie then follows Chris on his quest to rescue his wife from the place that suicides go and bring her with him to heaven. In the end, he succeeds and they are born again. All is beautiful. I cry because it's sad, it's tragic, it's heroic and soul mates are my weakness. Yet when it's over, I continue to feel this strange despair. I feel helpless in the face of this version of heaven. There's been so many takes on what heaven really is that it's hard to form an opinion for yourself on what it truly is. I am so afraid that somehow, by the weirdest twist of fate and the craziest odds in the world, this movie got it right. I'm scared of this heaven. You do get to see your loved ones again, you have complete control over yourself and your heaven, you can frolic around in bliss for the rest of eternity. But there's just something about the way no one really stays the same, the way people are admonished for suicide, the way a life can be blank slated and restarted by being born again that makes me endlessly sad. I do not want this to be my heaven. From all the options I've been given, I don't want to pick this one to be the one true take on the afterlife. I've dismissed interpretation after interpretation of heaven, and this one has made the list of discarded afterlifes. This movie turned me away from yet another possible way to believe in heaven. There's too many versions in this world for a young, impressionable, wondering mind to take. This one didn't stick with me. Still one hell of a movie, though.

Danny H (br) wrote: A very well done mini-series/movie adaptation to the "12 Labors of Hercules" Lots of action and very interesting situations. While the CG is 9 times out of 10 very cheap looking the movie is enjoyable. The children in the movie were also fairly poorly written but their screen time and lines in the movie are short which means the worst acting and worst written characters are barely in the movie at all. Good move, if you absolutely must have a child character make their roles small. for the few faults it has I was able to enjoy the mini-series. I recommend it to anybody who is a fan of greek mythology

Dylan W (it) wrote: Fresh idea to a romantic comedy. Good film making all the way around.

Anna B (br) wrote: The first part is easily the best, with some very nice hard sci-fi elements (zero-G ohhhhhhhhhhhh). The following two are less impressive, with part two seeming incongruous and utterly unbelievable (though fun) and part three being rather ugly and difficult to relate to, even though it's nicely satirical. Overall good, but part one probably would have worked better as a stand-alone feature, if the plot arc was tweaked a bit.

Geoff J (ca) wrote: Sweet, light rom com nonsense

Brandon W (jp) wrote: Demolition Man is an awesome movie that I did not expect it to be better than I thought. The plot may be your typical action movie, but it does have a futuristic twist to it that leads to a lot of hilarious moments. The script is great, and Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, and Sandra Bullock are absolutely terrific. It gets into the future really quick, and the future is really different from the other future films I seen. The future looks cool, and it really does lead in to a lot of fish out of water jokes which are really funny. The chemistry between John and Huxley is really good, and the villain is really memorable. The action scenes are really good, and it's cool to see what's different in the future. Like I said, the plot may seem like an average action movie, but Demolition Man is an exciting, and fun, movie that seems to be a bit underrated in my opinion.

AlphabetsAndNumerals (au) wrote: great lead, i loved the fact that the movie concentrated on the life of van gogh as opposed to exalting his fame and glory, reminds one that even the greats are human after all

neil L (nl) wrote: I was disappointed by the reanimator sequels but this was almost as good as reanimator

Jacob L (ru) wrote: I guess I'll have to be the voice of dissent on this one. Although I love Cronenberg's work and went into this film wanting to appreciate it, it just asked too much of me. This movie travels at a snail's pace, and felt like a three hour film rather than the actual one hour it lasted. The plot was all but impossible for me to follow (perhaps because I was spending all of my energy simply trying to stay awake). The use of sound (or rather the lack of use) was a big problem for me as well.Though some of the elements of Cronenberg genius are there to be seen, this is very much a learning exercise for him. While it's interesting to see and compare to his later work, I don't really feel the film is worth watching for its own sake.

Joetaeb D (us) wrote: It seems like a wacky idea of a possessed killer car (a lot of Stephen King stories have unusual premises)as well as a meh script, But thanks to a solid cast and direction by John carpenter, Christine drives by well.