Short Peace

Short Peace

A four-film omnibus that features four short anime films all themed around Japan.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:68 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:umbrella,   fire,   gun,  

A traveler is confronted by spirits in an abandoned shrine; a story of honor and firefighting in ancient Japan; a white bear defends the royal family from a monstrous red demon; ragtag soldiers battle a robotic force in futuristic Japan. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marcus W (kr) wrote: Everything you expect from a videogame adaptation aimed at teenage boys.

Lexi J (es) wrote: This was such an outstanding film. The actors shined and were so good at their parts. I loved every second of this movie. SPOILER ALERT! BEEP BEEP! WARNING! CAUTION! I love the part where we find out LU is actually a lesbian! I knew it all along. This movie really proved girl power is cool and boys drool. Lu looked really good at the Halloween party in that Asian mask. Lu was very seductive and disgusting. This movie was terrible.

Amy K (ag) wrote: Extremely entertaining and severely underrated! Every time I watch this movie I'm dying for a sequel. Want to see John carter back on Mars!!

Sean D (es) wrote: Sans stupid run-of-the-mill The Hills Has Eyes / The Texas Chainsaw Massacre about a bunch of deformed family members because of inbreeding that want to kill everyone and never get caught for no reason and are seemingly immortal enough to survive for five sequels, and their hunger for death or murder is never satisfied or really explained. One of the brothers is so annoying and you just want to punch him in the face immediately. Some of the sequels are better than this trash. Also interesting to note this film is one of two films to feature both Lindy Booth and Eliza Dushku, the other is "The Noble Son", which is WAYYYY better than this film. The other selling point for watching this film is my wifey, Eliza Dushku

Sunil G (fr) wrote: Got at Redbox. Liked it. The boy at the start looked like Mcauley Culkin but isn't?

Zach M (es) wrote: This was sort of a send up of horror movies that is entertaining but at times confusing and slow moving.Yes there is nudity, George Clooney is in it for a few minutes before he gets offed and it was short but it kept getting annoying that they were doing a movie within the movie.

Vincent S (kr) wrote: The best movie ever shot in Chicago. My favorite coming of age movie of all time!

Guilherme A (au) wrote: In his entertaining debut feature, John Carpenter embarks on a creative partnership with Dan O'Bannon (The Return of the Living Dead) to create a science fiction comedy that, embracing his trash spirit, manages to creatively exploit his parody of 2001 - A Space Odyssey.

Alexandria M (ag) wrote: Antenna dilemma: who to cheer for?

Alex S (ca) wrote: Easily Chaplin's farthest departure from his typical onscreen persona, yet also his most personal, Limelight is emotional and brilliantly scripted and directed by one of cinema's true masters. With witty dialogue and a constant melancholy feeling (yet somehow inspiring), Limelight is an overlooked masterpiece that belongs at the top of Chaplin's extensive canon.

Greg F (ag) wrote: Meh. Simple, yet somewhat clever idea. But a general misfire on all fronts.

Lindy D (it) wrote: What a wonderful,awesome,fantastic,well made movie.not many movies come along that make you think and feel what the whales are feeling and that there is something bigger than yourself!i plan on buying this movie and its one movie I can watch many times and share with my family!well done!

Del H (au) wrote: The filmmakers are able to use real footage in a way that steers clear of the type of pseudo-reality that "reality" shows and some soft documentaries have moved to and instead, creates a striking narrative structure and provides a candid look at the night in which a concert gone wrong destroyed the counterculture dream. Also featured is some great footage of Rolling Stones concerts and some great music, of course!

Jon C (au) wrote: this is classic Roger Corman horror campit's sort of a mix between 'Creature from The Black Lagoon' and 'Jaws' unless you want to make the argument that it rips off bothit certainly is more gory than many of the other entries by the acclaimed filmmakeryet it also mixes in some sexual nature with these creatures mating with human femalesthat's something you don't see every daythese monsters definitely look nightmarish and to the film's credit it's short running time wastes no time to say the leastit jumps right into the horrific brutality of it allyou might laugh, be wowed and be creeped out all at onceand again another movie with a scary ending that may/may not scar you for life