Short Sharp Shock

Short Sharp Shock

Three friends get caught in a life of major crime.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:1998
  • Language:German,Greek,Serbo-Croatian,Turkish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:wedding,   gangster,   drugs,  

Three friends get caught in a life of major crime. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Short Sharp Shock torrent reviews

Pablo A (gb) wrote: Una mierda innecesaria.

Paul S (jp) wrote: Interesting, dark and real! I liked it!

Scott C (jp) wrote: Absolutely terrible!!!

Bob L (fr) wrote: This is not one of your 'Hollywood' scary movies and neither is it a 'knee slapper' comedy but one of those very surprisingly good low budget charming movies from the UK.

bill s (gb) wrote: Just a silly,stupid threadbare comedy.

Thomas H (ca) wrote: I have this in the other room, but as of yet have not popped it into the machine. Looks fantastic(ally bad)!!

Rorshach S (au) wrote: Persona is a brutally honest examination of human emotion.

Harrison W (au) wrote: Wow! NOT RELEVANT AT ALL TO CURRENT EVENTS, EH? You could give Norton's speech or his dad's speech de facto and the right would EAT IT UP right now. Loved the black and white segments about black and white race relations. I don't care what anyone says, but Elliott Gould sucks at acting.

Skylar E (ca) wrote: Dogma is the single best film about religion I've ever seen. Highly critical but nevertheless infatuated with the concept of God. Also there is a shit demon. So there's that.

Luke H (us) wrote: I think I enjoyed this movie for 2 scenes which made me wanna say I like it. The doves, and the digital photo frame (the former had me literally gasping for breath with laughter). It's the rest of the movie that wasn't terrible, but just okay that makes it a movie I wouldn't hurry to suggest to people all too soon.

Gaspar O (kr) wrote: Well, it was way too short, and easily the worst of the series, but some of the creatures in London were spectacular and stole the show. Despite its shortcomings on story and script, the CGI is good and fun and fun is what I'm after when I sit down to a slab of pizza and a movie.

Helen E (ag) wrote: This movie made me so angry! I'm watching this film that was so controversial that it was banned in the UK for so many years and I'm sitting there thinking...why? Why was this movie banned? I thought, this has GOT to get better, surely? No.. the only reason this film was banned must be because of how truly awful it is. Susan George's character was so infuriating! I wanted to slap her, let alone anyone else! The premise is good but I would choose The Last House On the Left (which was out a year later) over this any day. Dustin Hoffman is the only good thing about this movie, the only thing. It makes women look dumb and slutty and that angers me.

Jack Q (au) wrote: I enjoy Ben Stiller but as this is one of his early films... I'll let him off.