Short Walk to Daylight

Short Walk to Daylight

Eight people have to find their way out of a New York subway after being trapped following an earthquake.

Eight people are trapped in a New York subway after an earthquake, and try to find their way out. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Iril Ian R (au) wrote: DL-ing tonight! yhay! this is my saturday night out!

Karen L (es) wrote: I thought it's was kind of chunky as far as the overall development and was slow-moving. But I love the idea and the setting!! :)

Austin S (ca) wrote: They found an excuse to make a mindless-action flick in a classic video game. It's an insult to the franchise and doesn't come close to capturing the heart of the original game.

Amanda H (ag) wrote: I thought this was going to be good when it first started, but alas, it fell apart very quickly. Too many subtitles, too little plot. I completely lost interest by halfway through and gave up because it was so slow moving. If I wanted to do a lot of reading, I'd go to the library.

Yoonki C (jp) wrote: Identity is such a rarity film that will divide audiences regarding of its plot twists. Some might be impressed and others might be confused and irritated. However, John Cusack gives a very good and convincing performance and being the protagonist of the many identities that coexist in a person's body. It is refreshing in a way that it tells a short tale in thriller form of a rare psychological disease, Dissociative Identity Disorder. The film is a constant exemplary thriller that keeps tension in an isolated environment. But, as the last final act kicks in, it changes revealing the twists to what a psychological thriller might be a correct term to use. Regardless of these plot twists, it does make some aspects of the film, or the events happened previously uneven or questionable as some parts do not make sense. It does have some lack of acting except for the main character. As an R-rated horror/thriller film, the props and visuals are what expected, some violent imagery. Aside from the major problems, it is a very well done thriller

Fred M (ru) wrote: En su primer ao de colegio el mundo mgico le tuvo compasin al pequeo Harry por los diez aos que estuvo a merced de sus tos sin que nadie se acuerde de l: los profesores le regalaron escobas voladoras, lechuzas, y el villano que le mandaron se desintegraba de solo tocarlo. Not much of a challenge. Ahora decidieron que se gane su renombre con el sudor de su frente, y pues ah lo encontramos batallando serpientes gigantes venenosas. No obstante, la primera adaptacin, la del Harry intil que no hace ningn hechizo en toda la pelcula, es mucho mejor. Pasada la novedad del descubrimiento, la atencin va ahora ms dirigida hacia la interaccin entre los protagonistas, especialmente hacia la oa rivalidad entre Harry y el choco Malfoy, cuyo peinado ya era antes el elemento ms feo en la escuela Hogwarts. La primera recurra con sensatez a los clichs, esta sucumbe a ellos, a lo cursi, y el humor y la accin se han hecho tontos. No hay la sutileza de la anterior. Se da a entender por qu es mala con la siguiente comparacin: al final de La Piedra Filosofal, Hagrid el gigante discretamente le regala a Harry un lbum de fotografas antes de despacharlo al tren. En este final, Harry lo abraza frente a quinientas personas que uno por uno se van levantando para aplaudirle y abrazarlo tambin. 3/10

Amanda H (au) wrote: I'm just wondering... what the hell did I just watch? I love musicals, but I can't say this one will ever top my list of favorites. I've always liked Olivia Newton-John, but she was about the only enjoyable thing about this movie.

Michael O (ca) wrote: I only wanted to see a minute or two but I couldn't look away and I saw the whole thing. It's a film about a man who loves women but could never bring himself to accept their love. It's tragic and thoroughly engaging; Truffaut writes with the camera. Like Malick, he's the poet of the screen.

Felipe F (de) wrote: Mean Streets contains all the early elements - such as the depiction of the Italian mob and violence -that marked Martin Scorsese's career, also serving as a powerful vehicle for star Robert De Niro.

Tim H (br) wrote: Dammit, Paul! I have enough actors that I like. Okay, you know what this movie is? I'm ruining the premise for you. It's The Departed, but light and fun and, what-the-hell?, throw a little espionage in there. That's right. It's that way earlier than either Infernal Affairs or The Departed. Also, I can now recognize James Mason when I see him and thank you, Eddie Izzard, for having such a good impression of him (as God). The one fault of this movie is that it is really obvious halfway through. (Or I'm just crazy smart.) But the reverse of that statement is that it is really puzzling for the first half. I didn't know what the hell was going on for a little bit. I thought that the movie was fun and kind of reminded me of the newer Ocean's Eleven only with spies. John Huston does a good job keeping the action really contained. I'd put this kind of spy movie closer to Jason Bourne than James Bond, but set it in the seventies and forget that the other Bourne Identity exists. (That's right, kids...if you didn't know, The Bourne Identity is a remake!) Now, because I'm a polite kid who cares about whether or not other people could sleep, I play the movie rather quietly. Rarely do I run into problems. Trust me, you don't need the movie blaring all the time. It's just fun when you can. But Dominique Sanda's REALLY heavy accent made her dialogue lost and I had to be slightly more rude than normal just to get her part out of the story. I'm not saying don't cast her, but I kind of am. I had the same problems with the Pirates of the Carribean sequels, so I guess I can b*tch about it in a movie that I actually enjoyed. Yes, there are plotholes that you can drive a truck through, but those "oh sh*t" moments cover up for those. Well, with the exception of one. It seemed like the writers drove themselves into a corner and had just a really graitifying ending, but an ending that lacked substance. But I will say this. If I ever go to prison...make sure it's in Britain. Everyone seemed really nice and polite in that prison. Not at all like Oz or Prison Break.

Allan C (nl) wrote: Campy juvenile delinquent film is fairly entertaining. It's no "Blackboard Jungle" but it's a solid production staring Dan Andrews as the father of a family terrorized by a band of teens and their hot rods. The film seemed as if the makers of "Beach Blanket Bingo" had been asked to make "Straw Dogs".

Knox M (ca) wrote: Hitchcock's best film, Vertigo is a must-watch for film fans.