Short Working Day

Short Working Day

Kieślowski’s study of a political strike, controversially told from the viewpoint of a Communist functionary trying to keep order.

A polish film by Oscar nominated director Krzysztof Kieślowski. His most famous films are ‘Three Colors’ and ‘The Decalogue’ and this one. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew L (au) wrote: This was an absolute waste of time. It was a waste of talents of Sean Lau and Elanne Kwong. I thought Danny Pang could've done a lot better than this from his success of "The Eye". However this film goes nowhere with some copy of other Hollywood blockbusters. This film isn't scary, there is no style (apart from the frequent use of editing and sound) and no story. I only saw this film because Elanne Kwong is in it.

Vincent P (mx) wrote: If it weren't so horribly edited to the point of being incomprehensible this movie might've been decent; but so many plot points are revealed during hallucinatory montages AND in voiceover that it's never really clear if these things are actually supposed to be happening or not. I like to think that the director just forgot to film these expository scenes and had to go the voiceover route.And dear filmmakers, if you can't afford good CGI, just don't bother. The practical effects were fine but the CGI werewolves looked more like irate ponies... and that just ain't terrifying. On the plus side: there's plenty of sex and violence so there's little down-time. But in the end, Animals is just one big mediocre mess.

Ty M (gb) wrote: Tied for first best. Has the most humor and best intro, but not best story and movie.

Brad S (it) wrote: - I can watch this over and over, it always makes me laugh. Love it!- I just watched this one again for the first time in a while...I still laughed a lot. Mike Myers is great in this, I actually would watch another if he ends up making it. Check it out!

Brian G (de) wrote: Watch it more than 5 times. You will thank me.

Aaron G (mx) wrote: Sorry, Joel Schumacher, but you lost me on this one.

Rex M (kr) wrote: This movie is a classic.

Recep B (es) wrote: 'Yol(The Road)' tells us the story of five prisoners who released to see their families and the difficulties they come across throughout the road. The story is plain and though strong: you may be not a prisoner in a jail but still there are lots of prisons like culture, government itself, even love and guards like people, family etc...

Sasha S (gb) wrote: Erittin viihdyttv pikku goreilu. Nyttelijty ja efektit ovat vlill luokattoman huonoja, mutta jotenkin leffan tuhnuinen ja vastenmielinen maailma imaisee sisns. Klassikko.

Matthew C (ag) wrote: John Le Carre's novel of the same name gets a solid adaptation, with Richard Burton in the title role. Burton plays a sad, kind of pathetic man, not at all the smooth and debonair spy one usually expects in this sort of thing. The paranoia and hypocrisy of the Cold War permeate the whole picture, with spies and their masters doing what's expedient, not what is ideologically correct. It's not really an amazing film, but if you're in the mood for some early Cold War espionage, it's well worth checking out.

Paul D (ca) wrote: The end of Colonialism meets the stiff British upper lip. The script is excellent and deals with a microcosm of the ending of an empire, Attenborough is in a stereotypical role, but he plays it strongly.

Ian C (ag) wrote: I avoided this for years as I really wanted to like it. nearly twenty years later I finally took the plunge and it was even shitter than I expected. Roth is awful as a vocal Mr. Bean type Bellboy. It is so painful to watch.

Niki K (ag) wrote: A classic in the making. I cried a few times. To have a love like theirs is a true and rare gift few people are lucky enough to find. Truely inspirational.

Addison P (au) wrote: Was slow, but definately had some funny parts.

Cort J (es) wrote: Fun film but this could have been a cult classic if they had focus on the adults instead of the teens

Rob B (jp) wrote: Another shockingly bad film.

Reurbo (us) wrote: while this movie certainly won't be winning any big awards, for a "B" rated movie it was great. good lighting during all the scenes, the lines were humorous without being cheesy (excluding the assassin), the video didn't look like it was recorded using a hand-held, and the fighting looked thought out and well rehearsed. plus Ginny, Trishelle, & Maitland are just hot!watch it if you get a chance, just don't expect everything to be "movie theater" quality.