Shot Caller

Shot Caller

A newly-released prison gangster is forced by the leaders of his gang to orchestrate a major crime with a brutal rival gang on the streets of Southern California.

A newly released prison gangster is forced by the leaders of his gang to orchestrate a major crime with a brutal rival gang on the streets of Southern California. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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(au) wrote: Coming from a Person who loves Horror Films I absolutely hated the first Paranormal activity. I thought it was really boring and not scary except for the ending sceen. However I would like to say that this Movie is a vast improvement over the first. It's not one of the best Horror Films I've seen though, it's just a Movie where you watch it and you enjoy it. Anyway the Movie follows Katie's sister's Christie's Family as they are filming their newborn Baby Hunter with their Video Camera's around the House. However their happy Life is soon interrupted when they come home to find their whole House trashed. They believe it was a Robery at first so they decide to set up a bunch of Security Camera's around the House but they soon realize that the evil Entity that haunted her and Katie as Kids has come to her once again and starts doing very sinister things to her and her Family. Like I said this Movie was definitely way better than the first Film but it did have it's flaws like the first. It's major Flaw was that it had way too many jump scares and jump scares do get really old after a while. I will admit though that there was one jump scare during the Climax that got me real good even though I totally saw it coming. The part I loved the most about this Film probably was that it had really good acting and the Actress who played Christie's Daughter did the best Job in my opinion. The Actor who played Hunter was also good too despite him obviously having no lines. This movie was also pretty scary in my opinion but not something that would keep me up at night unlike the shining and John Carpenter's Halloween. The ending however I thought was the scariest part because it didn't rely on a jump scare to scare you. It was all played by Suspense. Another Flaw with this Movie is that it did have slow parts and those two Flaws are why I'm giving it a 4 but if you hated the first Paranormal activity I recommend you watch this superior Film at least once. Especially if you're into Horror wich you have to be to enjoy it.

Farah R (es) wrote: It's heartbreaking to see two iconic actors in such a poorly executed film. The plot has potential and score is fantastic but other than that it's an absolute train wreck.

Veer G (us) wrote: I thought it was going to be the new 2012 movie but this was boring as crap.

CJ A (ag) wrote: Starring a poor man's Josh Hartnett and a poor woman's Michelle Williams, this is a surprisingly solid straight-to-DVD sequel. The first 10 minutes make you think this will be nothing more than a 'WarGames' rehash with more cleavage, bad dialogue, and hyper editing, but eventually it displays as much gusto, charm, and thought-provocation-meets-laughable-improbability as a winning episode of '24.'

Ah J (br) wrote: Not too bad..u get a few jolts and chills here and there. The setting in itself is quite haunting...deserted Tokyo subway. But, u can tell that it is heavily inspired by Ju-On.

Barry D (au) wrote: I really liked this movie, it's one of the better zombie movies doing the rounds at the moment.Yeah the plot isn't great and nor is some of the acting, but there's some good gore to be had here.Well worth checking out if you're a big zombie fan, like myself.

Craig P (ru) wrote: The body can only take so much B-movie viewing before it starts to breakdown. The skin starts to blister, old wounds open back up and the ears become engulfed in flames. I'm just kidding, but that would be awesome if that were true.[center]Blood Gnome[/center][left]This movie had way too much crap in it. It should have just been the little demon creatures doing crazy antics like in Gremlins. There are many reasons why these cannot be gnomes, as gnomes are cheerful, ride on foxes, and have pointy hats. The creatures were invisible to the human eye cough low budget cough. The reason it is rated so low is because of all BSDM sex scenes, which are everywhere, otherwise it would have been fantastic.[/left][center]666 Demon Child[/center][left]Worst movie ever. I thought it would be a winner as the opening credits came fast and were in your face. First a 6, then another 6, and just when you thought they didn't have it in them another fricken 6! Then it went down faster than Paris Hilton on X. The 'child' looked like the Baby from the tv series Dinosaurs, just with horns on it. It would not shut the hell up! I would rather go through childbirth than listen to it whine for another hour and a half.[/left][center]Creature Unknown[/center][left]Apparently the most terrifying creature in the world is the Bearded Dragon. Nothing is more voracious than a two foot long omnivorus reptile. They are one of the most docile creatures in the world. But when combined with the DNA of a human, it becomes a slimey killing machine. This was one of those movies where everyone should have died. The supposed twists were found within the first few minutes.[/left]

Nate C (mx) wrote: If you haven't seen this, I ask you why? Dark, comical, gripping....simple.

RM W (au) wrote: classic for the kids

Babette H (de) wrote: Stick to acting, Frank. Please.

Chris S (mx) wrote: This is such a good movie! This makes me wish Chong had pursued more of a solo film career after Cheech & Chong split up.

Frances H (it) wrote: Loved Orson Welles as Cesare Borgia, and, of course, Everett Sloane makes this picture. The script was such a good adaption of Samuel Shellabarger's book. And Tyrone Power plays his usual confident, cocky, swashbuckling self as the hero, full of charm and wit. Pure entertainment!

Yuki A (gb) wrote: one of the most memorable and amongst my favorite film-noir. It must be true when Godard said that Jules Dassin's Hollywood films are better than his French ones. It's gripping, especially the truck driving scene is very intense. Written by A.I. Bezzerides based on his novel too, the movie tells a story about how hard it is living in the farmer's market, with the competition, blackmail, murder just as hard as typical film-noir story. The casts are not the most famous like you will not know if you're not a die-hard Golden Hollywood era movie, but it's sooo worth watching. Many great lines, and superb performance especially from Valentina Cortese whose charm was mimicked by Isabella Rossellini in Blue Velvet.Aren't Women Wonderful?

Jay H (it) wrote: I actually really enjoyed this movie and I'm typically not a fan of Kevin James! I was skeptical going into the theater to see this one but I left feeling like I had a good time.

Jeffrey M (kr) wrote: Welcome to Sarajevo features an effective blend of fact and fiction, incorporating actual archival footage. It has a number of good performances, combined with energetic direction and an often heartbreaking, but authentic, view of war. It does suffer, however, from its loose narrative structure which makes the film feel a bit unfocused. I would have preferred to have seen a more meditative look at the conflict, including the political complexities. Because of the structure, we never really get emotionally involved with most of the major characters, and are left to wonder what exactly the film is trying to say. Overall the film gives much needed attention to a forgotten conflict, and does just enough right to make it worth a watch.3/5 Stars

Jason M (es) wrote: Classic Pacino of the 1970s. Very quirky subject matter based on a true story and heist. The ending is great. Good acting all around.