Detective Ian 'Shotgun' Jones hunts a sadistic misogynistic maniac.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:84 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:English
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Detective Ian 'Shotgun' Jones hunts a sadistic misogynistic maniac. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Barney o (es) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: As a general rule, I think Richard Curtis is hugely under-appreciated as a film-maker, and nowhere is that more the case than where his 'About Time' is concerned. Now of course his overall reception is largely down to genre-prejudice, but for me this film is the best example of how he always balances everything so well, and in doing so creates a genuinely excellent movie that still largely gets critically forgotten.For a start, About Time strikes the perfect balance between taking itself seriously, and having a bit of fun, and that exists both in the story itself, as well as in the tone of the film where different types of humour are used at all the right times to relieve from all the emotion. It is a silly plot after all, but it's yet again one that you can take a bit seriously because its characterisation and relationships are so well-built by Curtis and his amazing cast. The investment you have is nurtured too, as there's just the right levels of both soppy happy endings and difficult twists and turns to keep you there without swallowing you up or spitting you out. It's also paced rather elequently (which agreeably is something that can't be said for all of Curtis' ventures) and has some lovely themes that are yet again treated with the right level of exploritative seriousness and light-hearted whit too. Basically, About Time works because it's a proper balance between excellent 'rom' and brilliant 'com,' but putting those words together sadly puts some off before they even try it.WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: Maybe the silly (and often over-convenient) plot lose some sense of the relateable realities of love, life, and death, but if you take it as not-so-seriously as the movie does, you wont really mind at all.VERDICT: It's About Time people gave Richard Curtis a big pat on the back. He delivers his most balanced film here, and I really love it.

Karloso M (ru) wrote: Muy conmovedora y entretenida. Tiene errores de timing, de direccin de actuacin y un inexplicable cambio de opinin de un personaje pero casi todos ocurren en la primera mitad; en la segunda mejoran, la historia repunta y conmueve.

Beth G (nl) wrote: It's more or less a Norwegian version of a Coen brothers movie. It's quirky and character driven. You can't help but like the main character, Ulrik, even though he seems to do everything wrong.

Joe D (it) wrote: Where to begin...I know a lot of people will disagree with me on this, but this is honestly one of the most powerful films I have ever seen; independent or otherwise. There have been very few films that have moved me as much as this. It makes me sad that so many people have panned this as being inappropriate or what-have-you, seemingly just because it portrays the human side of missionaries. Well guess what!! That's exactly what they are! And that's exactly who Jesus Christ suffered the Atonement for. But it's not just about the missionaries. The film centers around four very interesting characters who all, in their own way, slowly discover how it is that they can apply the Atonement in their lives. Judging the film as a whole--from beginning to end--this is one of the most beautiful and powerful film testimonies of the validity and reality of the saving power of Jesus Christ I have ever seen. The writer and director Richard Dutcher does not accomplish this in the same flakey, hollow, fluffy way that other mormon films like Singles Ward and The Other Side of Heaven do. He does it in a more ambitious, more realistic way. Some of the realism will offend some--not so much with the content itself as much as the subject matter (this is not a film for kids)--but if you open your mind to the message it's trying to portray, I believe that you'll find a uniquely beautiful film, whose chief purpose is to celebrate Jesus Christ. This is not a film just for Mormons, but for other Christians everywhere, and anyone who values faith. Set aside any prenotions and just see it.

Mohammed A (ag) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Natalie D (fr) wrote: One of my personal favorites, I've watched this over and over again without being tired of it. Amazing acting and very action packed.

Settimio P (us) wrote: I really enjoyed this film, it was a simple story, but was engaging and entertaining. Very impressed with Tori Spelling's turn as a talkative aspiring actress.

Steve S (ru) wrote: Did this deserve the Oscar for Best Picture over "Saving Private Ryan"? No. That being said, the film is still a delight from start to finish. Though primarily fictional, the comedy gives Joseph Fiennes his best roll, and Gwyneth shines.

Chris W (es) wrote: This is a film adaptation of one of many of Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot stories, and it's one star studded affair. This particular caper follows Detective Poirot as he investigates the titular event: a wealthy man is found dead on the train, the Orient Express. There's a number of possible suspects, each with their own motives, and it's up to Poirot to figure out who is responsible.Albert Finney is Poirot, and some of the other major players include LAuren Bacall, Ingrid BErgman, Sean Connery, Jacqueline Bisset, Richard Widmark, Vanessa Redgrave, and many more.The film is a good bit of fun, and it has a nice look to it, with some decent shooting, and yeah, the central murder mystery is decently engaging too. I'll admit that things get a little slow, bogged down, and a tad bit boring in the middle, but if you happen to fall asleep, things get wrapped up and summarized before the big finish, so that's okay too.All in all, this is a fun, ensemble spectacle that you should give a watch.

Robert H (mx) wrote: Despite wearing its politics on its sleeve, DEATH WISH is a thought-provoking piece on the nature of vigilantism and features one of Charles Bronson's best performances.

Kevin R (ru) wrote: The more he likes you, the meaner he acts.A group of men led by Sean Mercer live in Africa and catch wildlife for zoos and the circus. A beautiful wildlife reporter named Anna arrives and starts talking to the men about their ways. Will she leave an everlasting footprint on their operations or will business continue as usual?"I had a bath with a cheetah and three men."Howard Hawks, director of His Girl Friday, The Big Sleep, Rio Bravo, Bringing Up Baby, I was a Male War Bride, Monkey Business, and The Road to Glory, delivers Hatari. The storyline for this picture is just okay but contains an interesting love story. I did enjoy the characters and animals and the acting was better than average. The cast includes John Wayne, Elsa Martinelli, Hardy Kruger, Red Buttons, Bruce Cabot, and Eduard Franz."How do you like to kiss?"I grabbed this off Netflix because I thought it would be interesting to see Wayne in this setting. This was a very average picture that could have been better but was fun for what it was, Overall, this isn't a classic and I would only watch it if you're a fan of Wayne."I think you like slow better."Grade: C

Sargis G (au) wrote: This is by far one of the worst movies I have ever sat through. I just feel bad that this movie killed so many actors careers. I have to put this in the same category as The Libertine the just awful Johnny Depp movie. I walked out on both.

Daniel C (es) wrote: There is a lot wrong with this movie, but also a lot that Webb and the writers got right. One of the best romance movies ever and very possibly the best romantic comedy.

Zohaib A (ca) wrote: The concept of the movie is somewhat similr to Looper (2012) and in my opinion, Looper had a better picturization. However, this movie had a really good dialogues, the conversation at the bar was very absorbing. Moreover, Sarah Snook's acting was really good.

Kevin S (gb) wrote: Joe Pesci plays a slumlord who is forced by a judge to live in one of his apartments untill he brings them up to code. Joe Pesci is hilarious. You will laugh the entire hour and a half. This movie is extremely funny and a great comedy performance by Joe Pesci.

Darren B (ca) wrote: This was quite interesting to say the least. It's different (unique really) especially with style of animation used.