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Show de Bola

The football talent Thiago lives in Rio De Janeiros slum quarters, where drug lords also live, and freak accidental death is just around the corner. The trouble starts when Thiago falls in love with the sister of a criminal.

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Amber K (au) wrote: Star is watching life from the sidelines when we first meet her, the audience forced to be helpless as we watch her try to salvage a thawed-but still wrapped!-chicken from a dumpster; but she is not alone. Star has two children in tow, but she is not their parent, she is merely the only one willing to give them the attention she (and all humans) crave. She isn't happy in her life, that much was clear immediately, but she's making it work. There's strength that not many possess within the nearly silent Star. I actually felt myself wanting to yell "don't do it!" When she found her interest piqued by the rambunctious group of people all close to or around her age. The first time she lays eyes on the group dancing, we know she is doing something she hasn't done before but she musters that courage and she finds herself boarding a van and experiencing more in the short time following than she has ever experienced in her 18 years.


Justice F (us) wrote: Not in a century will I see this garbage

Abhishek S (jp) wrote: A good turn by AB and Rohan Sippy both. Reminiscent of Jalwa but this movie holds its own. Deepika's song and dance is silly yet appealing.

Borhan K (jp) wrote: I watched this movie because it had Goran Visnjic from ER fame in it.I have to say it was not his best choice and the movie had a lot to be desired but i have to say the end was sweet.This flick is not for the faint of heart because it does depict prison life to a certain degree.Is the movie for all i definetly say hell no!!stay clear of it if you can't handle very drastic adult themes and this movie is not for the kiddies and i have to say its a one time only movie for me.The only reason why i give this movie 1 star is because of the end.Not for the kiddies or most adults.

David S (jp) wrote: I'm not entirely sure what it is because I usually love these kind of films, but Traitor was a little different. It seemed the story dragged a bit and at times I was sitting there asking what is the point of all this? I was very interested in it and through out it just started to lose steam. These type of films that deal with espionage and war usually wrap me up in the movie so much, it just didn't happen. Cheadle and Guy Pearce were good, Pearce's partner not so much. The rest of the cast was just alright. I'm not saying this is a bad movie because some speak highly about it, it just didn't fulfill my expectations.

Richard R (ca) wrote: There were some funny moments and overall told a fairly nice story about something that is so very lacking in today's relationships... Faithfulness and commitment... Worth a watch on cable..

Casey T (kr) wrote: What year this movie came out 2006 2006 2007 2008

Wendy K (fr) wrote: Wow, I'm not sure how I feel about this movie... It was just really messed up and even though it was creepy at parts, I felt like the entire mystery part of the story didn't come full circle. There were some parts that just didn't feel fully explained, but perhaps that's mostly because of the poor script. There are some really interesting ideas being executed (like the music/shapes and the videogames/trance etc.), but the poor script just makes everything really confusing.Masanobu Ando is fucking fantastic though. His character death was executed flawlessly, and now we know that the guy can not only play scary creepy guy from "Battle Royale" with that crazed look in his eyes, but also this incredibly swoon-worthy and adorable boyish man, ahahah. Yes, I needed some explanation of how he met Mari before in a children's book. How does that make sense?So all in all, the cast all put in fantastic performances and the story is unique enough, but the script just flops and makes you incredibly confused.

Misha K (gb) wrote: Typical christmas movie really.

Russell H (it) wrote: This only gets a 4 because I'm a Celtics fan. Otherwise, stay away.

Justin M (mx) wrote: This movie is basically a Finnish approach to This is Spinal Tap.

Matt K (au) wrote: An incredible film. It took a while for me to really start tracking with it, but this film really goes in a lot of interesting directions and brings up some very interesting questions and problems. I loved it. Too bad the DVD has forced French subtitles.

Zarinah H (nl) wrote: A gripping movie about a man's search for his alter ego in dangerous times, Nazi-occupied France.

Laurel S (ca) wrote: Top 10 favorite of Elvis movie.

Marc M (us) wrote: Great 80's Movie Jim Belushi has never been better.

Toby C (ru) wrote: Ranging from fun and lighthearted to more serious tones, the film is unique and classic all in one.

Gabriel Z (fr) wrote: Very low budget, but pretty awesome.

Ben D (br) wrote: Alright we all know the the big selling point of this movie in the dancing. So why is there so little of it and why is it that when it is there, it's only mediocre? I'm not quite sure why it's that way, but there is one thing I am sure of. The terrible drama scenes in this movie can in no way make up for the lack of good dancing.

Jenn M (fr) wrote: This was borderline better than the first one, good continuation of the story