At an exclusive, secluded North American ski resort up on Mount Rocky Summit, brutal slashing, severing and beheading on a group of teenagers are taking place and are believed to be the work of a mysterious skier dressed in black.

At an exclusive, secluded North American ski resort up on Mount Rocky Summit, brutal slashing, severing and beheading on a group of teenagers are taking place and are believed to be the work of a mysterious skier dressed in black. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin R (nl) wrote: These people have no taste.Halloween is a magnificent holidays for normies (humans/non-monsters) but is actually a sad time for monsters. Humans often humiliate and attack the monsters during Halloween, so they stay away from humans as much as possible. However, when some humans from a local high school deface monster high, retaliation ensues and a lifelong tradition may change."He's treating normies like they treat the ozone layer."Mike Fetterly (Blaze and the Monster Machines ) and Steve Sacks (Monster High: 13 Wishes & Monster High: Why do ghouls fall in love?) collaborate to deliver Monster High: Ghouls Rule. The storyline for this isn't as good as some of the previous films, but it is a unique take on the Halloween holiday from the monster angle. "I need to change my iCoffin."My daughter has begun watching these movies and wearing clothes with characters from this show. We watched this together off Netflix and she enjoyed it like all of the others. I can say I didn't feel it was as good as some of the previous pictures, but it was still worth a viewing. "You guys must really love Halloween."Grade: C

Nick Y (ca) wrote: Not the best movie, but I liked it for some reason.

Gus B (jp) wrote: This is actually better then the Twilight movies.

Kristen P (ru) wrote: Shah Rukh Khan is perfect in this slickly edited sports flick. One of the best Bollywood movies of 2008.

Gimly M (nl) wrote: Balls to the wall frenetic action and carrot-laced black comedy mix in this silly, cathartic and entertaining ride. I haven't seen anything quite like it since the Jason Statham vehicle, Crank.

v h (fr) wrote: This is the story of James, a young, Christian man from a small African village who's sent to Jerusalem on a religious pilgrimage. His plans are temporarilly dashed, however, when upon arrival at the airport he's mistaken for a job-seeking illegal immigrant and is jailed pending deportation. But shortly thereafter, he's "saved" by a man named Shimi who regularly uses the immigration pen as a cheap source of immigrant labor. Despite James' protestations that he doesn't want to work, he wants to go to Jerusalem and so on, Shimi takes James' passport and puts him on his all-immigrant cleaning crew. He claims James can't leave til he repays the bail money he now owes. The early part of the movie was really enjoyable to watch. James is an extremely likable character and you can't help but root for him. He forms a bond with Shimi's curmudgeonly old father and their budding relationship seems, for a while, to be the main focus of the film. But as time passes, things veer off in a new direction. James' religious quest is replaced with a growing desire to make money and as he becomes a more and more successful entrepreneur, his integrity and values slowly erode. What does this all mean? Was it inevitable that our honest, religious idealist hero would succumb to the temptations of capitalistic greed. Is corruption unavoidable in modern society? Will Jesus always lose out to a new pair of Nikes? I'm sure there's a message here somewhere, and though it seemed to be embraced by the small crowd of my fellow movie-goers who applauded enthusiastically as the credits rolled (it's not a PLAY, it's a MOVIE; the actors can't hear you!), I didn't quite get it.

Augustine H (ca) wrote: A pretty typical film in Haneke's trademark style. Despite the segments are scattered, you can still feel Haneke's distrust and pessimism towards mankind. Tragedy is not purely coincidence, is it?

Elise C (ca) wrote: I've loved the Ewok movies since I was a kid. Killing off Cyndil's family in this one was pretty harsh I thought though.

Jack G (au) wrote: brilliant satire! one of the 10 best I've ever seen! for once, Bakshi isn't uneven, and he delivers such outrageousness with the inspired imagination that's required. It's on the surface an exploitation flick; extremely violent, sexist, loaded with disgusting characterizations. But it's also about exploitation, and not just black; in the form of animation and abstraction, Bakshi hit his high-water mark. It's stunning work, even for today. Spike Lee, take note- this is how it's done. Biggest downside- it's impossible to get on video! Yet it's the second time ever (after REC) that I've watched a movie online, and loved it!

Matthew S (nl) wrote: Though, not my personal favorite, this is probably Ken Russell's most "user friendly" films. The adaptation by Kramer is exceptional and Russell was no slacker when it came to infusing psychology with eroticism. Glenda Jackson is a true revelation in the role of Gudrun. But, it most likely be Alan Bates erotic and simultaneously disturbing scene with a fig. All in all, this is breathtaking bit of film art.

Scott L (nl) wrote: This is the stupidest movie I have ever seen.

Mike M (br) wrote: A nightmarish recounting of alien abduction stories and the ongoing effects on the victims is genuinely frightening in its portrayal. Based on real accounts, the mind boggles at the possibilities. Helmed by Dark Shadows/Night Stalker/Trilogy of Terror vet Dan Curtis, this TV mini-series from 1992 is worth finding (albeit on VHS, as the only DVD release is PAL). Convincing performances throughout, particularly the abductees.