Shrek 4-D

Shrek 4-D

Shrek, Fiona, and Donkey are on their way to the hotel where Shrek and Fiona will spend their honeymoon when they encounter Lord Farquaad's ghost! Farquaad sends his henchman, Thelonious, ...

Shrek, Fiona, and Donkey are on their way to the hotel where Shrek and Fiona will spend their honeymoon when they encounter Lord Farquaad's ghost! Farquaad sends his henchman, Thelonious, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason T (au) wrote: Great cast and some decent performances. Unlike Crash, a lot of these stories just are not very compelling. The movie gets boring with no good finish at the end. The cinematography is great with good location. Don't expect this to be the next crash.

Jim W (ru) wrote: A stunning film. Literally.

MParker (us) wrote: i love monique!!!!she's my idol!!!!

Fernando V (us) wrote: Whenever someone mentions this movie, I chuckle. Not because of the obvious nature of the film; but by how awesome it is. It is a masterpiece. The directing, music, script, and the superb cast make this movie what it is. I can't help but feel that this movie is alive when watching it as it's been filmed at that very moment. It makes me recall 'Pulp Fiction' when I first watched it. I'm not that huge of a Mark Wahlberg fan but this movie proves he can act. Burt Reynolds is amazing as the sleazy director. Julianne Moore is sensational as the drug addicted mother; the Academy dropped the ball on not giving her the award that night. My only complaint is the third act when the 1980's start and it kinda loses it's momentum but it's a small nitpick in a great film. It's literally one of my favorite movies of all time.

Tiffany L (nl) wrote: yeahhh, thats a little creepy lol

Hassan V (br) wrote: For some reason I don't seem to ever watch a Spike Lee film in one sitting. The only ones I did were Do the Right Thing and Clockers. I did two sittings for this one, it's not a bad thing, but I just feel a lack of concentration when he does extended intimate portraits on his characters. Anyways, this 'joint' didn't feel like it dragged on, nor did it feel too short but I felt by the end of it that the central theme was slightly forgotten about. I think that's because all the supporting characters (especially Samuel L Jackson) are just so much more interesting than the central two.

Anna B (br) wrote: This was surprisingly awesome. After the good but mostly clunky Hand of Death I really wasn't expecting Woo to knock it so far out of the park with this. It's so much fun, the pace is relentless, and the fights are fucking insane. There's three or four in here that are among the best I've ever seen. And it gets dark as hell, and the music is great. Loved it. Though it does get a bit exhausting by the end, and the female characters are atrocious. Other than that, awesome.

Chuck N (ca) wrote: Hippies vs. conservatives, in this often hilarious blood-boiler. Easy Rider was good, this is better.

Kenneth L (it) wrote: This movie is generally regarded as Ingmar Bergman's lightest and most comedic work, which means it only has one or two moments of piercing existential horror. It's a great story, with lots of romantic intrigue and scheming and general troublemaking. If you already like Bergman, it would be a good break from his darker stuff; if you've never seen a Bergman movie, it would be a good choice to ease you into his exceptional but often-difficult body of work.The plot, set near the beginning of the 20th century in Sweden, is almost too complicated to recount, but I'll try. We begin with Frederik Egerman (Gunnar Bjornstrand), a widowed lawyer in his early 50s, who recently married a 19-year-old girl named Anne (Ulla Jacobsson) but has yet to consummate the marriage. His gloomy son Henrik (Bjorn Bjelvenstam) might also be in love with the girl, who after all is much closer to his own age. Their perky maid Petra (Harriet Andersson) flirts with both men. Meanwhile, a famous actress named Desiree (Eva Dahlbeck) is in town, and it seems she might have a past with Frederik, a past her current paramour Count Malcolm (Jarl Kulle) is none too happy about. Of course, Malcolm's own wife Charlotte (Margit Carlquist) is herself unhappy about the fact that her husband has a mistress. Someone insanely decides it would be a good idea for all these people to spend some time together at a country estate, and things happen.As you can see from the plot description, this movie is all about relationships, in contrast with his more well-known movies about death (The Seventh Seal, Cries & Whispers). The movie approaches most of the material in a fairly light, arch manner reminiscent of Oscar Wilde, though the dialogue is only occasionally as funny as Wilde's. The cast of course consists entirely of actors you're only likely to see in other Ingmar Bergman movies, but they're all great. I particularly liked Harriet Andersson as the maid Petra, who's the liveliest character in the bunch. While it is indeed a fairly light film all around, you still get glimpses of the sort of bleak material Bergman would focus on in later films, such as when Charlotte delivers an utterly sincere monologue straight to camera about how much she loathes all men. While the movie doesn't make quite as strong an impression on the audience as the unforgettable The Seventh Seal, it's still a very well-crafted film, and it's interesting to see that Bergman had a lighter side early on in his career.

Sam B (es) wrote: Guess WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? it sucks.

Bruno V (ca) wrote: One of the best action-movies with De Niro in it totall a great cast , cool carchases dialogues ! SOMDVD