Hiroshi Kobayashi is on the run from police who would arrest him for the murder of his girlfriend Naomi. At the same time, he wants revenge on the yakuza member Kimura who got her stuck in drugs. The entire film consists of a long hunting-scene.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:34 minutes
  • Release:1981
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:one word title,  

Hiroshi Kobayashi is on the run, both away from the police who want him for the murder of his girlfriend Naomi, and towards the yakuza Kimura, from whom he wants to exact revenge for ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Oliver H (de) wrote: ..."American pie", fast p svenska - en film som inte gr ngot strre vsen av sig men nd ppnar upp fr lite tro p genren svensk komedi i framtiden! :-)

Mohd S (ru) wrote: Japanese version of Robin Hood. By the way, his crimes will save a nation.

Giovanni A (us) wrote: While I see this as a guilty pleasure even as a kid during the time I watched the Lord of the Rings I thought it needed the Peter Jackson grand scale setting and story to make it worthy of the title... that is just me.

Frank K (kr) wrote: Easily the best bisexual russian romantic comedy I've seen this year.

Hollis G (es) wrote: Poor Paul realizes he's just average and gets his heart broken. This would've been much more touching if the character was a little more likable.

Ricky M (es) wrote: A+ Very underrated...

Gordon B (br) wrote: They don't make movies like this anymore, audacious horror- musical-comedies about demented song writers & satanic record producers. Yes it's completely kooky, but this cult film's frenetic final 10 minutes are also perfectoion.

Joseph B (ca) wrote: It looks very nice and the actors do fine, but that's where the quality ends.Sexism towards women and men; the pretension of the proper, well-off white characters; all the romance tropes in the book; and just being boring, unfunny, and outdated are present throughout this meager narrative. The end isn't completely bad.

Dave R (ca) wrote: a little confusing for me at the start but it came together later. what i really liked was lang's shots and editing - they really give the film a kinetic feel, which i don't believe was very common in 1933. the plot left me wanting a bit - i didn't get the resolution i was looking for.

Andy S (fr) wrote: MGM's first film. Lon Chaney is brilliant as always. very Eastern European premise that pays off very well with a familiar face in the end. hard to find, but every now and then TCM airs it.

Sunny F (nl) wrote: I find this movie disturbingly bad after seeing that it has some positive reviews. I kind of liked Emilia Clark before watching this movie, I still might like her a bit but her acting in this movie is ugly. You can only compare it to that of Jenna Coleman (who ruins Doctor Who) but multiply it 3 times. It is non-stop grimacing and twisting. There is no single honest natural face expression, you keep asking yourself who is that person, is that a children theatre, there got to be some improvement as the movie progressess right? Nope, this is the way it is. Compare it to Sam Claflin, he is OK except that movie's script writing is dumb. I guess it is supposed to be a naive feel good movie with a plain good soul plot and main character and some people buy that. But I find Clark's impersonation too irritating to bear and the episodes they are not naive, what is that?! He offers her to watch French movie with subtitles that she obviously never did before. Little would you know but she gets completely absorbed by this movie and when he asked if she liked it her response is - I LOVED IT! Many smiles, they are both so happy. Or she said she used to have nice striped leggings when she was a child which she cannot find nowhere for an adult person. Guess what was a gift of Clafin on her birthday? Her reaction? You guess right. This movie is just a set of cliche In the most tasteless form possible. I hope I can get over this abuse after submission of this review.