Shugar Shank

Shugar Shank

Teen musician Matt can't seem to get things straight, the more she wants, the worse life gets.

Teen musician Matt can't seem to get things straight, the more she wants, the worse life gets. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Faisal M (nl) wrote: enjoyed the movie a lot... fantastic acting by all 9exceot for 1 person).. the story line was really good.. music complimented the movie... highly reccomended

Michael R (es) wrote: Decent Movie About A Man Saving The Lost Children In Africa, Who's A Bully, Murderer...

PuTtY (br) wrote: GO WATCH THIS TOO! It'll make you cry =)

Michael W (ca) wrote: A deeply emotional story, and beautiful animation. Definitely a winner.

Li Z (es) wrote: Worth to watch and lets pray it wont happen in real life

Elle C (kr) wrote: one of my favourite films easily

Simon T (mx) wrote: Will Hollywood ever make a serious and intelligent blockbuster about the end of the world? Probably not, but this woefully inept attempt is even worse than Armageddon. Stuffed with saccharine, career-worst performances and a humourless script, it also flaunts some of the hokiest CGI and James Horner's awful score. Mimi Leder, hang your head in shame.

Jana B (it) wrote: kinda cute, kinda silly.

Ilija (br) wrote: Ever since this film I had a crush on Mia. I probably should not have admitted it.

Tom R (it) wrote: Why have I watched this movie so many times???

I am A (br) wrote: love the monster, didnt think the story was that great

Sky H (gb) wrote: "I love you."*walks away*

Eric J (ru) wrote: A light-hearted adaptation of a classic Agatha Christie Story. Well done. Great ensemble cast.

Rta S (br) wrote: I don't speak malaisian.

Jack G (ca) wrote: I only knew Gray a little bit from his monologues before this movie (one of them Soderbergh's own Gray's Anatomy, and bits of Swimming to Cambodia - and hey, he had a bit part in How High!) But this is an excellent way to get acquainted with the man, his history, the 'wackiness' with his family (actually quite serious and depressing), and how he made art out of his own "self" as a character, as he said being a "method" actor only the character being himself. Remarkable editing, as usual from Soderbergh.