Shyamchi Mummy

Shyamchi Mummy

A bittersweet comedy which takes a close look at today's education system.

A bittersweet comedy which takes a close look at today's education system. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Charles T (ag) wrote: Damn, unpredictable and wild as hell. The best cult related movie I've ever seen.

Jamie C (ca) wrote: After Casino Royale was just the perfect Bond film it was always going to be difficult to top and it didn't top it, But it's still a good solid Bond film, Daniel Craig makes me look forward to new Bond films now plus they arn't as corny and stupid anymore now Daniel took the role up, A more darker serious Bond is the way forward, The plot can sometimes get a little confusing in places but the action makes up for it, It's still one of the best Bond films around.

Ian M (au) wrote: Another horror movie that you don't care about the characters at all in. The accents are all dodgy in that they sound terrible next to each other. How on earth one girl survives long enough for her to say who killed her after an axe through her spine or neck... Also, frenetic directing means you have no idea what's happening in acting moments.

Paul S (jp) wrote: Very good movie! Not like the slop they make today.

Nico P (au) wrote: Siendo ms un intento de thriller supernatural y cambiar el enfoque de la saga, y tener una premisa bastante interesante, se convierte rapidamente en la peor pelcula de toda la saga Viernes 13. Obviando incoherencias con la anterior pelcula, el guin absurdo, actuaciones pobres, abuso de clichs (pero de los malos y sin ningn intento de darles una vuelta de tuerca) convierte lo que deberan ser sustos en carcajadas. Para ver en la televisin cuando no hay nada bueno.

John B (de) wrote: This is pretty much all I ask for in a good western/horror. Decent amount of relevant gore and gun action. I could see modern PC audiences being upset about the natives being portrayed as something other than innocent victims of the evil Europeans. To be blunt this movie is pretty horrifying at parts, because stories of native abductions/murders were all to true on the frontier, and this film does a good job of portraying an exaggerated horror version of that subject matter. The best thing I could compare this to would be True Grit mixed with the Hills have eyes. I recommend it for anyone who likes westerns and wants to see a new take on the genre.