Sia dai 2

Sia dai 2


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1997
  • Language:Thai
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:teenager,   thailand,   aids,  

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Sia dai 2 torrent reviews

Matt S (us) wrote: A sweet movie with a star studded cast. The tonal atmosphere of the movie was achieved masterfully, however goats seems to thinly spread with many of it's plot lines feeling underdeveloped.

Tina W (ru) wrote: This movie was ok it explained some about jeff dahmer and what his parents went through but not much detail about the events of his life or in his life to cause such horrific crimes.

James R (gb) wrote: This documentary is about soldiers in Iraq and their experiences on the battlefield and their life's after they return home and try to adjust to everyday life. This film exposes the lies and manipulation the Military recruiters use to get people to sign up, and how its not what they thought it would be like and how they are abandoned when they return home and many are wrote off as having personality disorders when really the experience from the war messed them up. Really nothing new in this film, its all been told before.

Rajiv P (ag) wrote: for Sameera Reddy i watch this movie :D

Joonas A (gb) wrote: Starship Troopers 2 hylk kaiken sen, mik teki ensimmisest osasta niin viihdyttvn. Jatko-osan lopussa nhdn ptkn ainoat propagandamukaelmat, jotka muistuttavat meit siit, miten viihdyttv alkuperinen Troopers oli satirisoidessaan fasismia. Surullista, ett elokuvan loppukohtaus on mys ainoa hetki, jolloin tm elokuva tuntui oikeasti haluavan sanoa jotakin, sill kaikki muu aika kytetn ahdistuneeseen puolustustaisteluun ja omien joukkoon soluttautuneiden alienien etsintn. Ei kuulosta kauhean omaperiselt ainakaan minusta.

Jennifer B (it) wrote: Oscar win best supporting actror Walter Matthau

Stan W (kr) wrote: This movie will be remembered, but for the wrong reasons. Unfortunately, Caravan of Carnage is just another Lucas cash grab.

sarah b (mx) wrote: lovely movie, and a great story! I loved Doris Day and Kirk Douglas, but thought that Lauren Becall was a mean cow in it, but i suppose that was just her character! I do like Lauren Becall though! Good actress. I just think it's sad about him turning to drink and about his mentor dying - Juano Hernandez who was really great and gave a heart-wrenching performance.

Sandeep S (es) wrote: Though full of some unnecessary situations, turns, twists, and accusations, rapes, deaths and what not stuffed in by the script writers to add some spicy tales to the main plot line, I still rate this movie 4 stars out of 5. Ask me why and I would tell you to enjoy this movie for it's vibrant music, great peformances (particulary from Shammi Kapoor...this is the first decent film I have seen of his where did show his more mature nature towards being an actor.) and a cute looking newbie of the time of this film, Hema Malini. The most ironic thing I heard about this film from my grandmother was that despite Rajesh Khanna's short role in the film, it was Rajesh Khanna who people walked away remembering for ages after and NOT Shammi...the song with Khanna and Malini "Zindagi Ek Safar hai Suhana" is one of the most memorable songs from Hindi film history and both look awesome in the picturization of the song...overall, a very good film, worth watching over and over again...

Sebastian M (ag) wrote: A great cop film. One to watch.

Jorge F (ru) wrote: This beautiful little movie deserves much more attention than it got. It's as asphyxiating and fascinating as Hitchcock's best features. Jean-Pierre Darroussin's performance carries the entire feature beautifully.

Pua W (ru) wrote: doesn't look appealing at all: from the name to the poster.

Matthew C (ag) wrote: Most of the charm of the original is lost in this direct to video sequel.