Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry

Marjorie Turner is suffocating. Her younger sister Jeanine has no ambition, and her 8 year marriage to Harry puts her in constant competition with his family (all doctors)..

A frustrated woman's life gets even more frustrating once she gets into an affair with a man who suffers a fatal heart attack after their fling. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyler W (us) wrote: Not As Good As the 1st But Okay New Sequel!

Ben V (gb) wrote: It's just brilliant fun with great songs in the mix. Set in Italy which is always beautiful. Very cheesy. Can't wait for the sequel with still so many great 1980's songs to choose from. loved it.

Patrick K (gb) wrote: I watch Buzz Lightyear of Star Command the Adventure Begins, a movie made to set up the tv series with Buzz playing his non-toy version, instead the idea is the tv show is what Buzz the toy was based off of. I'm undecided on my expectations for this movie, it's made by pixar. But kindof a forced idea, not its usual original genius. So the humor is not that bad. You will get a few checkles here and there, especially from a character called XR. But the problem is they don't make enough jokes to be considered a comedy. The basic problem with this movie is that it needs to pick a theme. It takes Buzz Lightyear and the whole universe seriously, except it acts out as time like a parody of space action stories. For example, when Buzz's ex-partner turns bad he says "My name Darkmatter what do you expect?" Which is kindof funny but it throws the seriousness of the movie out the window and hurts the tone of the film. They are able to do this because it's a kids movie, and really kids don't care about tone. But it's laziness for the writers. Speaking of laziness the animation is pretty poor. Backgrounds and people's outfits lack detail, and expressions are over the top. This film is esecially dissappointing because it's got the pieces to take itself seriously. The action scenes could be exciting, the fighting is set up well that the bad guys look cool and there could be some cool action. Except it just turns out bland This is a kids movie, and unlike Recess, it's obvious. And as a kids movie I would rate it highly, it should be entertaining for a young kid and keep their focus. But because of the general laziness it doesn't get to that level of entertainment for adults, even if you watched the show before (which I did, and it was good). I would suggest showing this to your kid or the boy your babysitting if you need to eat up some time. The general problem with this movie is that it is stuck in between a space action film and a comedy, instead of succeeding at one, it does below average at both.

Steve T (au) wrote: 1st movie that 1) introduced me to Jeremy Irons (becoming a fan for life) and 2) Finally broke the "Rhoda side-kick" stereotype of Ron Silver. Silver nailed Dershowitz cold!

Michael T (gb) wrote: Odd mix of reality & fantasy, doesn't always work.

Bob V (ag) wrote: Considered by many as Hawk's finest work (including me, but I haven't seen a lot of Hawks, so that's not saying much), this movie made Grant the leading man he would be for years to come, and established a new turn as a comedic actress for 'veteran' actress Arthur. Anyhoodle, good plot, good characters, good acting, and a neat resolution at the end, well done.

Tracey c (ru) wrote: Just got the movie thursday/19/8/2010