Two middle-aged men embark on a spiritual journey through Californian wine country. One is an unpublished novelist suffering from depression, and the other is only days away from walking down the aisle.

Struggling writer and wine enthusiast Miles (Paul Giamatti) takes his engaged friend, Jack (Thomas Haden Church), on a week-long road trip through California's wine country, just as one is about to take a trip down the aisle. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sideways torrent reviews

Nicole M (us) wrote: Great movie to watch with the family.

Valentina F (fr) wrote: Davvero splendido: c'e' un umorismo disarmante, c'e' la giusta dose di cinismo, c'e' un po' di verita', c'e' un po' di finzione, c'e' un fisico paranoico, c'e' la capacita' di fare riferimenti sottili alla cultura e alla societa', c'e' la vita, c'e' il superamento delle proprie barriere, c'e' il caso e la fortuna.. tutti ottimi ingredienti per dar vita ad un genere di film che sorprende, fa sorridere, ma soprattutto lascia in testa qualche pensiero (cosa rara peraltro al giorno d'oggi)! Woody Allen non si smentisce: ancora una volta un grande film!

Joe W (ru) wrote: This was one of the first films I remember watching that had such a heavy theme. It was pure true & inspirational story-telling, with perfect characters arcs with both the students & the teacher, along with astounding performances from each actor. What Erin Gruell did with those kids was simply amazing!

Stian A (jp) wrote: Maybe worse than Pulse, which in itself is unbelievable!

Gabe S (ca) wrote: I remember the music more than the story... hmm.

Simon L (fr) wrote: This is a rather solid thriller-really solid cast and tight effort from everyone and a rather crazy Ray Liotta

Kunst J (ru) wrote: 80's action movie starring Ray Parker Junior and Jan Michael Vincent. What more could you ask for? This would make a for a great remake but it would have to be set pre-mobile phones because it revolves around a group of people stuck inside a high rise project building getting terrorized by the local gang bangers and having no way of contacting the police because the power gets shut off. I'll have to track down the DVD so I can post an in-depth review. But from memory it was a pretty good under the radar film.

Alessandro C (de) wrote: best photography ever or in the top 5 of all times

Tom H (it) wrote: Outbreak on a train with a great ensemble cast. Loved the ending since i did not see it coming. The plot itself is decent but it lacks something i cant put my finger on. Other than that a good disaster film from the 70`s.

Carlos Z (mx) wrote: Its a little slow at first, but ends decently.