Legendary hero Siegfried uses a magic sword to fight a huge, fire-breathing dragon.

Legendary hero Siegfried uses a magic sword to fight a huge, fire-breathing dragon. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adrian S (de) wrote: A horror-mystery-thriller from arthouse-meister Olivier Assayas? Who would've thought? Despite a predictably open ending (you've come to expect from films of such ilk), Personal Shopper is a fascinating and never boring journey, especially with sharp-jawed Kristen Stewart's confident performance. Whether the film's ghost story is actually a metaphor for Maureen's guilt (which the film vehemently refuses to clarify), it's still a thrilling and off-kilter guilt trip worth taking!

steve s (ag) wrote: historical review of the Fed from 1913 to 2013 ... blames the Fed as worst offender for current situation but w/o any attempt at evaluating economic theory or proposing any solutions ...

Rick S (de) wrote: Not bad, fun spotlight on Supergirl.

Igor M (au) wrote: The series of deep and touching movies from Susanne Bier continues. And she doesn't fail. Her messages are always delivered and well represented on the big screen. Very good work.

Sean C (it) wrote: Low budget movies dont bother me one jot, that is unless the ideas in the movie scream for a larger budget and then it becames a niggle. Diamond Dogs has a plot that Indiana Jones wouldnt say no to, it has tapestry that everyone is after, mysterious curses and the odd punch-up. But it doesnt have that sort of budget but tries hard anyhow. There's no real excitement to be had as it plods along and there's a big problem if your attention is taken off the plot and absorbed by the cartoon dalmations that are etched on Dolph's land rover's seat covers, like what the fuck is that all about?

Carla Nicole R (nl) wrote: Love it is such a cute new take on tink. its different of course because we see the tink she is before she meets Peter Pan so its cute to know what she is since she was "born"

Arseniy V (ag) wrote: A finely nuanced and strangely magnetic little character study.

Manal S (gb) wrote: Content-wise, this is bullshit. Tom Everett Scott and Mark-Paul Gosselaar were hilarious though! Their fun appeal and the chemistry between them brought life to the movie.

Ravan Florentin P (ru) wrote: should've made dutch a cooler guy. this director is wack

Evan K (de) wrote: Wow, Terrible Fim, I Wasn't Expecting Much And That's What I Got. One Of Pollack's Worst Films. Just Overall Boring And Little To Work With. Even A Young Pacino Can't Save This Film.

Jacob K (fr) wrote: A decent movie of fun times and fixing your past to better the future.

Claire B (au) wrote: I have loved this film ever since I was wee, still do, just a small reminder that animals have their own personalities and how much they can bring to a persons life, like Eilsa the lion did to these folks & just like Murphy (dog) did to ours. I miss him very much.