Jeffrey leads a quiet existence. Living in constant fear of being labeled a psychopath, Jeffrey constructs a complex world of denial. He is haunted by the spirits of the vengeful dead, which he can see while no one else can. After meeting Dana, a beautiful young woman who shares his "sight", Jeffery finds comfort in knowing someone shares his affliction. But his comfort is short lived. Dana suddenly goes missing and Jeffrey is left alone to find the answers.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:ghost,   dream,   nurse,  

Jeffrey leads a quiet existence. Living in constant fear of being labeled a psychopath, Jeffrey constructs a complex world of denial. He is haunted by the spirits of the vengeful dead, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sight torrent reviews

sarah h (ag) wrote: Great film, just enough Cheesy scenes but not too many, it was actually better than i thought it would be! but i mean you cant really go wrong when Ed Westwick is in it <3

Scott K (es) wrote: Brilliant! Do anything you have to in order to get your hands on this.

Kay L (br) wrote: It was good until the end ,when the movie suddenly stops without giving its audience any clue as to what happened to the characters. It just leaves you wondering. Never a good thing for an ending.

24 Gaige 24 (nl) wrote: omg gay movie ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Patrica C (fr) wrote: very thought provoking Christmas movie :)

conny c (br) wrote: Out of filial duty and a sense of adventure, Reda, a young French man, agrees to accompany his elderly Moroccan father on the hajj -- the pilgrimage to Mecca. It is an obligatory trip for every good Muslim who can afford it. The only catch: the journey from France to Saudi Arabia will be by car. Initially, Reda doesn't understand why his father doesn't simply take a plane and be done with it. His father responds that the pilgrimage should be as arduous a journey as possible to show the believer's faith. And, so it proves to be. Along the way the father and son will cross national borders, seas, even continents, but no distance is greater than the one they cross to come to terms with each other..... (taken from FLIXSTER reviews)

Rogerinho S (fr) wrote: Pretty lifeless lead character, with not much more life in the script either. No real comedy and very little romance in the main romance. Despite having no meaningful engagement with people, Danny somehow influenced everyone around him , more wishful writing than actual storytelling.

Goran N (ag) wrote: It includes black humor, Australia and rock - how could I not like it?

Anne M (br) wrote: This is a disgusting film. It shows orcas in captivity--is that really want we want to do with these magnificent animals? One of them is likely Tilikum, with two trainer deaths to his credit--what an insult to their families. Free the dolphins!

Betty T (gb) wrote: I truly enjoy this movie but they need to rewrite the synopsis. Underneath all the spy vs spy and all the action, is the love story of a superwarrior named Ominae and another superwarrior named Jean. I believe the original comic was less bursting with homoerotic undertones but I kind of like this better. It compensates for the occasional random inclusions of dinosaurs.

Laine R (kr) wrote: A perfect balance of excellent writing and graphics. I understand why every known actor would want to be associated with this film. (My Opinion has nothing to do with how suprising the apperance of Mr. Telfer is) No sarcasm intended

Karim G (us) wrote: A wonderfull journey of pain ........

Jessica C (kr) wrote: I'm a mexican american and I grew up with this movie. Sounds irresponsible of my parents but it's a good movie. Maybe it's because i'm from LA and Mexican that i'm biased but it's probably one of the only gang and prision movies I like. I could probably recite the whole movie.

Alexander C (jp) wrote: Will have to watch this one. Not necassarily good or bad. Will see. Want to watch!

Grant S (kr) wrote: Good finale to Hitchcock's career.Family Plot was Alfred Hitchcock's last movie. He died four years after it was released. While not anywhere near the dizzying heights of Hitchcock's best movies (Rear Window, Psycho, among others) it is reasonably good.Interesting main plot with some good twists along the way. Some inconsistencies though, especially in some of the sub-plots. Not everything entirely makes sense. Also, giving away the secret so soon in the movie removed a lot of the potential mystery in the movie.As always with a Hitchcock movie, what sustains the movie is the suspense. Hitchcock keeps you hooked the whole way through.Also has some good humorous moments. Good performance by Bruce Dern as George. Barbara Harris was a touch unconvincing and irritating as Blanche. William Devane is okay, and suitably devious, as the criminal, though his 70s moustache was a bit too creepy.RIP Alfred Hitchcock.

Fa N (jp) wrote: Funny crazy and sweet. Bit too predictable at times

Stephen B (nl) wrote: Although not the greatest Star Wars, there's still fun to be had. The middle of the movie can get a little slow, but there are enough elements thrown in there to keep you engaged for the spectacular finish. Some may blame Christensen for his "bad acting", but I think it's the script that holds him back from being a great Anakin. Overall, a fun movie that at least sets up Revenge of the Sith well.