Chris wants to show girlfriend Tina his world, but events soon conspire against the couple and their dream caravan holiday takes a very wrong turn.

A couple's (Alice Lowe, Steve Oram) cross-country road trip takes a deadly turn when they decide to start killing everyone who annoys them. For as the holiday progresses, so does the bodycount! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sightseers torrent reviews

Heather M (it) wrote: This is another in the long line of movies about dance crews and their flashy dance moves. The tie between this sequel and the original is rather thin, but it is a good movie all the same.

Grace M (jp) wrote: little predictable but I really enjoyed it

Jon P (ca) wrote: Neither entertaining or informative. Both the main actor and his significant other are whiney and pretentious.


Gabe L (it) wrote: Who knew James Cameron's masterpiece could be an hour-long, Disney-branded IMAX documentary on the boat he desperately tried to depict and turn into a narrative only years earlier? I didn't either.

Stephen N (fr) wrote: So boring i couldnt even finish the movie!

Arthur R (nl) wrote: Beautifully filmed and atmospheric, with an interesting take on a futuristic love story... but for whatever reason I wasn't drawn into the tale as well as I had expected. There seemed to be a cold disconnect from the viewer as well. Nonetheless, its a worthwhile cerebral journey.

Hans J E (us) wrote: Watchable, but I would have expected it to be better.

James Z (us) wrote: gregarious musical seizes the unfettered talent of its two leads, while luxuriating in an oneiric portrayal of the 1950s. it's a trilling, unique masterpiece where it can hardly be confuted as a tumescent solecism, however crass some of its implications. there's real sense of convincing, unsentimental hedonism in this coming-of-age actualisation.

Brett B (au) wrote: There's some decent, creepy atmosphere that's tapped into, but the southern-fried aesthetic gets a little tacky and weird, and the low-budget hampers the ability of the filmmakers to really pay off the premise they're working with.

Cheryl D (gb) wrote: It was ok. It took way too long to get the story going, and even then, I am not sure there was a story. There are some funny parts. Watch it just for Steve McQueen.