Signore e signori, buonanotte

Signore e signori, buonanotte

An episodic satire of the political and social status of Italy in the seventies, through the shows of one day of a television channel. An English language lesson turns into a killing of a ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:1976
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:italy,   police,   spoof,  

An episodic satire of the political and social status of Italy in the seventies, through the shows of one day of a television channel. An English language lesson turns into a killing of a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chloe C (br) wrote: The characters were quite convincing... I heard myself wince whenever Fischer was set up on a date with Grace... Truly, ofttimes we don't have all of life's answers and love cannot be forced.

Daniel D (de) wrote: Policial recebe seu amigo da Secretaria de Defesa do Estado que est acompanhando o secretrio em uma luta... quando ocorre um tiroteio e o secretrio morre.... O policial acaba descobrindo que seu amigo est envolvido e no aceita dinheiro em troca do seu silncio...

Private U (de) wrote: On of several boring and pretentious post-Hammer gothic horror film made in the 80's, this is a weak and bloodless retelling of the Burke and Hare story. Skip this and watch the far superior THE FLESH AND THE FIENDS instead.

(jp) wrote: good story,tighter screenplay n very well supported by d direction,cast,music...

Eric H (fr) wrote: It has a superb performance from Robin Williams as a Soviet circus musician who decides to defect to the US while on tour in New York. It's certainly not a very deep film, and much of it is contrived, but Williams' character (and most of his friends and acquaintances) rings true as he struggles to create a new life in a new land. Paul Mazursky has always been an interesting, if inconsistent, director; this is one of his best films, and perhaps his most engaging one.

Lisa S (de) wrote: Silly, good cast, funny, but also a bit cold like the robots in the movie. Overall, it's enjoyable and fun, sort of like Short Circuit.

Michael R (de) wrote: Moore's Bond feels too old and too tired to be effective in this installment of the long running franchise. For Your Eyes Only is a sluggish and forgettable spy adventure.

Jon C (us) wrote: exceptional performances by both Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymoura sweet and charming love story that literally spans over timeit's funny cause there's a hint of a sci-fi element to the whole thingRichard during a party is confronted by an old woman who says ''Please come back to me..'' and he becomes fascinated by her appearancewhen he finds out she's a famous actress on broadway he struggles to find a way to meet her in person and from a fellow valet he's able to hypnotize himself by traveling back into the past and meet her younger selffrom then on the movie turns into a soft, loving and warm romance story about two people who it turns out were destined to change each other's lives from both past and presentnothing keeps true feelings at bay whether it be Christopher Plummer as Seymour's mentor or the measures of time or spacethe ending is very sad yet still rewarding to say the leastthis is a great turnaround from the late Reeve than what we're used to seeing him do

Ian C (ru) wrote: Kam Kong is one nasty fuck in this. He is ruthless while he avenges his disciples as he kills anyone with one arm. The Krautrock soundtrack and the opening scene and credits are out of this world. The Yoga tournament fighter was clearly an influence on Street Fighter 2 character Dhalsim.

Iac V (br) wrote: Well what an excellent romantic dramedy. I just witnessed this for the first time and I was enthralled with this film. Zach braff did a fantastic job as a first time director showing restraint and getting quality work out of a diverse cast. My favorite performance in the film was by Natalie Portman who gave an offbeat performance and gave the film a boost the second she came on screen. This film is an excellent example of why I love romantic dramedies when they're well done with heart. They can have so much depth when the chemistry between the leads is so dynamic as it was here between Braff and Portman. Garden State provided an excellent script combined with winning performances and just enough charm consistently throughout that made this a memorable film.

Andrey B (fr) wrote: This film is very nice to watch. Beautiful cinematography, fine performances of toughest man Robert Mitchum and sweetheart Marilyn.

Crissy B (ca) wrote: i hear that i need to see this one.