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Kim W (nl) wrote: I don't understand why it's got such low rated reviews, I thought the movie was very good, stalker girl kills and hurts anyone who gets in her way of being friends with her roommate even her kitten. Makes me glad I never went to university!

Inge M (jp) wrote: I'm so in love with Michael Scofield ^^ kekekeke but its a great movie :))

Mohd S (us) wrote: This time, Jacques Mesrine gone wild.

Elliot L (us) wrote: Two great actors sleeping through a painfully boring script.

Randy T (fr) wrote: I've always been interested by baja racing. And by the baja 1000 (huge baja race, witch this documentary is based around) however many people know little or nothing about the racing style, and the race itself. Many people are unaware of the deep down feelings, and close knit relationships the drivers have. I recommend this movie to anyone interested, or wanting to learn about the beauty of baja racing.

Eric T (de) wrote: Hah! I had decent expectations for this Troma movie, and It's not that it disappointed me, it's just that it wasn't that great. Good gore though, the one thing that was right on the money, Id say go for this one if you love Troma films, or Independant films

Chanelle R (ru) wrote: the actings a bit cardboard but story and sex scenes are hot! plus trapeze artidts are fierce

Rob C (jp) wrote: This is crazy. Maybe not your thing if you're not into philosophy

Ryan C (nl) wrote: 'Major League' is one of the those funny sports films that doesn't try to make too much out of a simple story about a baseball team trying to win the pennant and in doing so, it's a fun and entertaining film.

Anthony B (it) wrote: The movie starts off by showing the lives of two families. One is a straight cut family from a Coast Guard father named Frank. He has Eight Children. There are strict rules in this house that keep the family in line. Next it shows Helen and her Ten child family. She is a single mother who has six adopted children. Her family seems to have more love involved rather than rules. Helen and Frank get married almost immediately after they meet. They used to be high school sweet hearts. There will be eighteen children and two parents living in a light house together. This step family cannot stand each other. They want nothing to do with any of them and just want to be away from each other. Frank and Helen each have two different parenting styles, this makes them butt heads constantly when it comes to disciplining children. For instance, Franks thinks it is okay to spank the children, however, Helen thinks people need to talk. The children make a plan to break apart Frank and Helen. When this plan works and the couple decide to split up, the children realize how much they actually care about each other in the end. The movie was funny at times, but it was all predictable and dry in most parts of the movie.

Veniea T (br) wrote: All CLASSICS are GOOD

Kimmie O (es) wrote: Slow at first, But awesome movie in the end!!!

Jonathan B (gb) wrote: An unusual thriller. In Momento, a man, Leonard, suffering from a condition where he cannot retain short-term memories, tries to piece together what has happened to him by using Polaroid photographs and notes made on scraps of paper. He also has really important information tattooed onto his body. This disjointed story unfolds in a unique manner in that the the plot is played out in reverse snapshots so that the viewer finds out what has happened in overlapping, backward segments linked by a one-sided phone conversation between Leonard and an unseen caller. Guy Pearce takes on the the role of Leonard and is brilliant in the role. The unusual format of the plot enhances the disorientating condition Leonard suffers from and makes watching the movie an engaging and challenging puzzle to be solved. Christopher Nolan weaves plenty of red herrings and surprise revelations into the plot as Leonard unravels the complex web of events the have lead him to kill a man. Memento is an intelligent, clever and unique movie that is terrific fun to watch and keeps the viewer guessing until the very end.