Silent Conquest

Silent Conquest

The end of freedom of speech in the West.

The end of freedom of speech in the West. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Moviecar G (br) wrote: Really poorly constructed film. Poor casting, poor adaptation...totally unbelievable portrayals. Never read the book and after this, probably won't. Like all the actors...but they really missed the mark.

Chris R (ag) wrote: Its a simple story, something about childhood friends making a comic book, and a kid finding the comic book. Jump forward in time 30(ish) years, theyre all grown up and have forgotten about the book, but a bunch of killings start happening. Turns out the kid who stole the comic book has got a chip on his shoulder. The bad dude wears a mask over his face and you spend the whole trilogy trying to figure out just which kid from the school IS the guy behind the mask. Meanwhile the mask guy (who calls himself 'friend' ironically enough takes over the world)... ...or at least i THINK thats what the plot was, at some point the protagonists neice becomes involved and it becomes a bit emo for the 2nd half of the trilogy. Its all very strange and bizarre, but if youre willing to suspend disbelief for about 9 hours then i think youll be able to watch it. Some parts are very unnecessary and superfluous, but hey, its a Japanese film so what do you expect. If I ever watch it again ill make sure ive got a spliff to hand, cos some parts of this film are just meant for that, im certain of it!

Charlie E (ag) wrote: good start to get the storytelling in it's way to how the battle began and who wanted to kill who to have power.

Ruben A (ag) wrote: i saw this when it first aired on scifi. that was just when i was into horror films so i didnt care much for it. i dont remember it being funny, just creepy and gross. have to give it a second viewing

Peter B (fr) wrote: Very surreal and genuine look at one person's struggle with his inner demons, while identifying the same struggle in someone else. This really got me interested in learning more about Ryan Larkin, and serves a valuable lesson for young animators.

Don S (ru) wrote: I was hoping for some insight into the mind of a serial killer. What I got was endless drug use (even by the psychiatrist and the asst. district attorney), gratuitous nudity and promiscuity. The focus was more on the shrink, and there was very little about the killer. Nothing positive to say about this movie.

chang s (mx) wrote: touching story, even though its a typical bollywood movie....

Daniel O (es) wrote: One of the most insane action flicks ever.

Matt C (au) wrote: Remind yourself of when Tarantino was almost effortlessly at the top of his game. The film is still too long and has too many characters but when the dialogue is this good you really don't mind them overstaying their welcome. The plot in itself is relatively simple so the Leonard adaptation angle is irrelevant but the performances are all spot on. Really great.

Dan M (es) wrote: There were a lot of big name actors in this, but Christopher Walken in the lead role here was by far the best thing about this movie. He's a bad ass kingpin and it was a joy watching him here, but the rest of the movie was a bit ho-hum and there wasn't really anything memorable besides Walken being his bad ass self.

Dave J (ag) wrote: Wednesday, September 25, 2013 (1982) Yor, The Hunter From The Future SCIENCE-FICTION FANTASY/ ACTION It's a great looking poster except that it's nothing like what it looks like which is a picture of him standing on top of a rocky tomb holding a pixie hammer, screaming out to some flying saucers. Anyways, by watching this it was like a long extension of a Star Trek television show which takes place on some caveman environment where they can speak perfect English starring Yor played by Reb Brown who is on a quest to search for answers regarding his originality who's completely oblivious about his upbringings except for a blonde girl who he's eventually going to meet with no clues except for a silvery medallion hanging around his neck. Financed by a European company almost in the same reign as other Spaghetti Western movies except that it's also intended for the North American audience. There are only two prehistoric monsters and they looked totally fake especially the fights which they just swing on the air and they would pretend to fall. I can probably tolerate this except that they're too many movies that are similar to this one. 2 out of 4 stars

QueenCity M (kr) wrote: Fantastic! One of my favorite movies!

Marat P (mx) wrote: The film grows more powerful as it goes on and peaks in its last act, that is both realistic and symbolic. Impressive, though I wouldn't say it's the best Polish film ever.

Nicole G (ag) wrote: An incoherent mess.....