Silent Predators

Silent Predators

In 1979, a delivery truck makes its way up a lonely southern California highway in a storm, bound for the San Diego Zoo with a deadly tropical rattlesnake as cargo. When the truck suffers a blowout, the driver loses control and hits a tree, shattering the snake's aquarium in the back and the window separating the snake from the driver. The snake slithers into the front of the truck, kills the driver with its bite and then moves off into the forest. Flash forward to 1999. The small southern California town of San Vicente has grown from 6,000 to 30,000, and the rattler, which escaped nearby years ago, has bred. There are now 25,000 of these hybrid rattlesnakes, and they are slowly making their way downhill into the town, attracted by the movement of the blasting as the town paves its way toward progress. Progress, in this case, brings terror, in this tale originally penned by John Carpenter.

A small town deals with an invasion of rattlesnakes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Neville P (it) wrote: Super movie on the conflict between one's thoughts and ideals and the physical body. Lovely shots of bombay

dave c (nl) wrote: I like the fact that the two sisters, which are the driving force behind the film, have managed to make a film out of nothing with a very small production team, with a lot of the team doing multiple jobs. This being said i don't think the film is any good. The storyline is very poor and the acting is awful.

Matthew O (es) wrote: After what we've been seeing from Pixar over the past decade, you'd think they would keep bringing up all these innovative ideas for years to come, with more new characters, more new stories that we can connect with, and bring their animation to new heights. And what do they make after their most successful film yet? A sequel to their worst film, CARS. Yeah, smart move.I mean, talk about the biggest step backwards you could take for a studio that was doing so well. I have no idea why they thought that this would be a good idea. Did anyone ask for a sequel to CARS? No. They made it because of the $billions in merchandising, nothing else. Since I didn't care about the first CARS film, I avoided seeing the sequel in the theater. And not surprisingly, the film critically didn't do very well. It became the lowest rated Pixar film to date... by a HUGE margin. I never thought that we would actually have a legitimately bad Pixar movie. Years later, I thought to myself "How bad can it be?" because people have been treating this film like it's one of the worst animated films ever made. I finally watched it on television to see how bad it actually is. When comparing it to other Pixar films, it's absolutely terrible and by far their worst one yet. But among animated films in general, it's not awful.Don't get me wrong, CARS 2 is a bad movie. The premise they give us seems completely random and out of nowhere, it's basically a spy espionage movie with talking cars. Okay, how did they come up with this idea? What did the first movie even have to do with spies? They seem to have completely ignore the events from its predecessor. Maybe they could bring something innovative to this idea, some new twists, characters, or... I don't know, something new. But we don't. This movie is basically every spy movie you've ever seen. You can predict everything that's going to happen, every joke, every sort of twist and turn, and it makes it so boring. They introduce so many new characters who we know nothing about, so we don't even care what they do or what happens to them. None of the characters we knew from the first film don't seem to make much of an appearance, not even Lightning McQueen. The only character that they focus a lot more on is Mater, who is now the main character. He was already pretty annoying in the first film, but as the main character, he's almost unbearable. You're basically watching Larry the Cable Guy doing his incredibly forced comedy. If you like him, great, you'll have a lot of fun with this movie.Though, I can't say that I hate this movie because first of all, I had absolutely no expectations for it at all, and second, the movie is pretty much harmless. It doesn't have any bad morals or anything offensive. And to the film's credit, the animation looks very nice and even some of the action scenes were kind of fun to watch. By the standards of most children's films, it's not that horrible. But if someone told you that this movie is from one of, if not, the greatest animation studio of all time, you can easily see why a lot of people really dislike it. You'd expect so much more effort from them, you'd expect their movies to aim at both the kids and the adults. But it's a movie that's obviously aimed only towards younger kids.And what really annoys me is that, now that we know that they're actually making a third film, we're going to get an entire CARS trilogy that nobody asked for before we finally get a sequel to THE INCREDIBLES that everybody begged for. I don't know why or what Pixar was thinking.Grade: D+

avel m (de) wrote: so simple in its presentation yet soooo moving... i felt so depressed for 3 days after watching this Filipino movie

Daniel M (br) wrote: A complete masterpiece from start to finish, launching the career of director George Miller (Mad Max Series, Babe: Pig in the City, Happy Feet), and also Mel Gibson (Mad Max Series, Braveheart, Lethal Weapon Anthology)

Eachan H (kr) wrote: It may be old but this film still cracks me up! Very funny!

Sanjay T (nl) wrote: Strange but yet man-eating (literally)

Thom H M (us) wrote: What a great movie. I'm surprised it took me so long to see it. Very charming and funny, in a cool, offbeat way.

Brynn H (kr) wrote: i thought this was pretty good...i enjoyed it.

Jimi H (au) wrote: Very disappointing - and impossible to have sympathy forany of the characters, even Miles. The narrative is weak and a very poor ending. The really shocking thing is that people like these actually exist; and disturbing to realise that many a student at England's public schools will be salivating when watching this movie. The great irony, as brought out in one rare moment of insight from the deeply unfortunate pub landlord, is that deplorable behaviour by these privileged 'spoilt brats' doesn't make it any better than common yobs on the council estate. Bad behaviour is bad, end of! The real scandal, which is brought out in the film, Is that if you're posh and rich, you can get away with it! But we all know this, if was ever thus - but doesn't mean we shouldn't still try and change it!!