Although orphaned at very young ages, Scriptwriter Amit and military pilot Shekhar are brothers and also very good friends. The latter is happily engaged to Shobha, while the former has just fallen in love with pretty, young Chandni. But tragedy strikes when Shekhar's plane is shot down in Kashmir. Amit feels it to be his obligation to leave the girl he loves and marry his brother's pregnant fiancée instead. But when, by an unexpected turn, Amit and the now also married Chandni meet again, their love for each other proves to be stronger than their marital vows.

A story of love lost and found, but twisted by society's demands and conventions to appear as adultery. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Silsila torrent reviews

Cathy G (it) wrote: Super awful movie on almost every level. Incredibly dull. Lots of scenes make no sense and have no purpose. The ending is so bad, you're left shaking your head, wondering how you could have been duped into watching such an awful movie.

Regina D (ru) wrote: Teen Beach is the bast movie

Inta K (gb) wrote: so so.. nothing special

Adam R (de) wrote: A high-powered thriller. Harrison Ford is a force to be reckoned with. (First and only viewing - 8/1/2008)

Amber R (ru) wrote: I absolutely loved this movie haven't seen it years

James J (ru) wrote: Engaging and visually beautiful. Even funny at times! But will I ever watch it again? Nope.

Sharon S (mx) wrote: Very good sleuth series made movie

Darrin C (mx) wrote: Pretty good mind-fuck of a movie with creepy paranoia from Vietnam soldiers dosed with BZ. Stays interesting throughout and has a solidly bleak ending.

Michael S (gb) wrote: A Dredd-ful (get it?) comic book adaptation caught between trying to appeal to a younger crowd (Rob Schneider as comic relief, God-awful one liners) and an older one (some scenes of gruesome violence). In the end, no one will be satisfied, except fans of bad movies.

F B (es) wrote: Very enjoyable film, easy to follow and understand and a good story with logical ending.