Silver - shirubaa

Silver - shirubaa

A vengeful woman (Atsuko Sakuraba) uses special skills to find the gang that killed her family.

The story in "Silver" is about women wrestler who is really an undercover agent. Disguised as a wrestling warrior, heroine Jun Shirogane (Atsuko Sakuraba) goes after the gang that killed her family in Takashi Miike's action-packed thriller. Aided by secret service colleague Yusuke Minamida (Kenji Haga), Jun goes undercover as Silver, a formidable fighter in the professional women's wrestling circuit. But Jun's success in the ring doesn't detract her from her primary mission -- exacting revenge on the Paradise gang. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rangan R (it) wrote: Two men with their motorcycles.Fine characters and the theme, but could not get the best out of it. The film was slow, though that's the way of it. The story seems very interesting, but that continued from the earlier event which the film did not cover. So it was built on that about a native American who avenged his mother's death and now on the run, chased by an FBI agent. At some point they are going to encounter and what happens then is what puts the end to this narration.Jason Momoa starred, written, produced and directed the film. I'm really impressed by the attempt, but the film is not going to be enjoyed by everyone. It's a road movie, cross country journey, but filled with more drama than the bike ride or the roadside views. That's fine because it was about the family, and the native Americans who are still suffering from the outrageous acts committed by some of the white men.The narration lacked the appeal, because of the dullness in its scenes. But still there some very good scenes. So it feels more like a TV film and the viewers with no expectation could have a decent time. The end disappointed me, because the rest of the story was developed from the one side, that makes you are forced to believe whatever the film says. You will never have your point of view on what the film deals. If you compromise on that, it will be a better film for you.6/10

Kevin H (ru) wrote: Had it's good moments and down right awkward/weird. But not too bad for Gordon-Levitt's first directorial. It was funny to she him in this type of role when we have gotten so used to seeing him in the preppy, skinny tie type roles. Glad to see he went outside the box here and showed some versatility.

Jennifer W (us) wrote: A life of dedication to excellence, driven by passion. Simultaneously heart breaking and inspiring. Absolutely beautiful.

Sora S (au) wrote: ???????D???????????????????

Hollie T (gb) wrote: Richard and I went through tons and tons of "true crime/serial killer" movies and before we watched this one I was so surprised that I had never heard of William Bonin!!

Charles S (br) wrote: mixed clipshow and new footage covering all the behind the scenes of why it went down and went all wrong....

Todd S (ru) wrote: Liam Neeson has a very particular set of skills and instead of using them to save his family, this time he's using them to save himself. Dr. Martin Harris (Neeson) has gone to Berlin, with his wife, for a medical conference, when an accident has left him in a coma. Upon awaking, no one knows who he is, not even his wife, but worse than that, there is another person walking around claiming to be Martin Harris. I don't know about you, but after three Taken movies and a handful of similar film, all starring Liam Neeson, playing the same type of character in the same type of situations, I've gotten pretty tired of him and his particular set of skills. At least the Taken movies moved at a reasonable pace and had more than a narrow focus, the same can't be said for Unknown. Parts of this film are as slow as can be, featuring Neeson and company sitting around talking about what could be going on and what to do before they show them doing it. They story is also so narrowly focused, that it leaves little flexibility for anything else. This film is as serious as it gets, it is a hundred percent focused on the story at all times, and Liam Neeson is as dry as the banks of the Colorado River. The chase scenes were cool, the conspiracy around everything was well written, but all in all this film feels very long and moves way too slowly for an action thriller, not to mention, I think I speak for everyone when I say we've had more than enough of Liam Neeson in these type of films.

Gabriel C (it) wrote: The slow, deliberate pacing may annoy less patient viewers, but On the Road is anchored by beautiful cinematography and an understated performance from Garrett Hedlund.

Barry L (fr) wrote: surprisingly entertaining comedy starring Kirsten Dunst as a cheerleader who must come up with a new cheer for the championship. sure the plot is predictable but the jokes are there and the acting is a lot of fun for all ages.

Amy F (us) wrote: This has NOTHING to do with the books. This movie is absolutely out of left field. What were they thinking?

Serdar S (kr) wrote: When One Michael Keaton Just Isn't Enough!

Kevin C (ag) wrote: It's Troma, not much else to say.

Scott S (mx) wrote: I love Babes in Toyland, I would always play with my toys like this movie when I was younger of course. It is a must see movie.

Carlos I (us) wrote: Beautiful, sweeping epic. Pretty grim and bleak. a little drawn out for my tastes though...

Sean D (es) wrote: Whoever wrote this film should be commended for delivering everything that a kung fu audience could ever want. The film starts very strong and it keeps up the pace. It's story tends to veer here and there and can throw off the viewer if they're not ready for it. Also, some will look at some of the Kung Fu powers as a bit absurd, like the man that can run up walls and the Hindu with the extending arms, but then again, when you see them it's cleverly done and fits within the context of Wu Sha and once you get over it, you'll be saying "that's pretty fucking cool" a great deal of the time. It's not the kind of film for most people, certainly a niche market. Never the less, it's flaws are irrelevant because the concept and its characters are more than enough to suck you in and if it does, you'll be swimming in it till your eyes fall out. Story issues aside, this is an enduring film that may not win first prize, it will stay in your mind long after you first see it.

David B (ca) wrote: What befalls others today, may be your own fate tomorrow.

Rafael N (kr) wrote: it has a lot of flaws, but considering the proposal of the movie, it really delivers what it promises, really awesome considering it

Jamie C (es) wrote: Solid sequel couldn't wish for it to be better, Well acted and a great fight at the end that will have you jumping out of your seat by the end, There's too many downtimes in the middle but the training montage after the main downtime was great and all is forgiven.

J A (it) wrote: Accolades all around as two of the greatest actors of their generation pair up surrounded by a host of legendary character actors, a solid screenplay, an evocative 80's scene and best of all, a strong performance by Daryl Hannah in all her mid-80's glory, both artisitically and physically.~ @thestaticisland