Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon

Ooejo agricultural high school is located in Hokkaido. Most students are from families involved in agriculture and their dreams are to continue working in agriculture. Meanwhile, Yuugo (Kento Nakajima), who graduated from a prestigious middle school, applied to the Ooejo Agricultural High School just because the school has a dormitory. Yuugo, who grew up in the city, finds himself in an unfamiliar environment at Ooejo Agricultural High School, surrounded by nature and animals. Yuugo is also the only one who doesn't know what type of career he wants to pursue. Yuugo becomes impatient. He goes through struggles everyday, but he he also gets to know the other students and rural life in general. He begins to grow as a person.

Yuugo, who grew up in the city, finds himself in an unfamiliar environment at Ooejo Agricultural High School, surrounded by nature and animals. Yuugo is also the only one who doesn't know ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lee M (ru) wrote: Jack Strong is a solid addition to the ever-growing canon of films in which former Eastern Bloc nations reflect on their troubled Communist past.

ka (de) wrote: too much "teaching", the previous one is much more better

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Ken T (au) wrote: My friend recommended this one to me, so I put it on my to see list. Kinda' glad that I did...The twist at the end was quite surprising. (Spoiler Alert) When ole dude coughed there toward the end, I knew something was up just not what. Anyway, this one is worth seeing at least one...

Jonathan S (jp) wrote: One of the best Chinese movies. Very sweet and adorable at one hand, but very sad at the other. Must see to understand Beijing.

Joshua L (gb) wrote: Sexy fuckin suspense.

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Michael T (ru) wrote: By the early 1970s, it wasn't just Italians making Westerns in the Alameria desert in Spain, lots of Hollywood Westerns were being made there along with other European Westerns and they were all trying to capture a Spaghetti Western sensibility. This is actually a British production directed by an American (Burt Kennedy) and featuring a lot of American actors in the cast. Raquel Welch is Hannie Caulder whose station manager husband is killed and she is raped by three particularly noxious outlaws (who happen to be brothers) played by Ernest Borgnine, Jack Elam, and Strother Martin. Wanting revenge, Welch is trained by a bounty hunter (Robert Culp). The mixture of British and American sensibilities and the attempt to look like an Italian Western leads to a sometimes confusing hybrid. Welch is good as the determined female lead (and, this goes without saying, is smoking hot) and Culp is quite a revelation, giving a very measured performance that is not over the top like some of his later TV work. The big problem is the inapropriate humour, a lot of it comes at the expense of our hapless villians who seem to be the unluckiest bandits in the West; we are supposed to be worried when Hannie comes up against these guys again, not laughing at their ineptitude. Still, the Alameria landscapes look great, the film is well paced, and Christopher Lee shows up as a gunsmith who helps equip Welch.

David L (us) wrote: 1.5 stars just for the butcher's offcuts used in the gore scenes

Matt G (it) wrote: Roman Holiday is to rom-coms what Shrek is to non-Pixar CG animated films: It's ok, but it's influences are almost too egregious to make it enjoyable on its own merits. Hepburn is great fun, the city is beautiful and it's harmlessly pleasant most of the time. However, the goofy bumbling and "harmless" lying between the oft-copied odd couple is just too familiar (and frankly not funny enough) to be as good as people seem to think it is. And Peck is just way too square for this role.

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KJ P (nl) wrote: Laika studios has never been known for their large audiences, due to the fact that they are extremely unique in style and will stick strictly to telling an incredible story that hardcore film fans will surely eat up. In 2009, Coraline marked the beginning of this trend, creating unique visual style of filmmaking that had been attempted many times in the past, but never quite perfected as terrifically as this. Sure, they have improved in their stop-motion animation styles over the years with Paranorman, The Boxtrolls, and their most recent outing in Kubo and the Two Strings, but if not for Coraline, this studio would not be where it is today. Over seven years later and this film still holds up as magical and inventive.Following a young girl (Coraline) as she moves into a new home with her family, she discovers a doorway to mirrored world after coming across a doll that had been made to look like her. In this other world, she has the same friends, family, and home as in her reality, but everything seems to be perfect. No hardships or troubles, until one day when she must stay on that side or find a way out. The way this studio displays their animation style is nothing short of brilliant. In a way, this film is one big metaphor for how they are able to transport viewers into an entirely new way of viewing cinema. This studio is unlike any other out there today and I look forward to every one of their projects to come.This film is best viewed during the month of October, due to its eerie feel and Halloween-ish tones. This begs the question of whether or not it will be too scary for children, being an animation film and all. Luckily, Coraline is just the right blend of kid-friendly and mature. There is something here for all ages. Having a child protagonist definitely helps stretch the target audience, but this film is made for film fans first, without question. This story may have a few elements that are a little hard for younger audiences to follow, but travelling back and forth through worlds will easily be enough to keep them engaged.Whether a film is live-action, computer animated, or filmed entirely with stop-motion, audiences have come to expect a certain basic look in order to feel like they are watching art. Coraline is the exactly definition of a film that takes risks and strays from that formula quite a bit. Having dutch angles, vertigo shots, and slow push-ins, this film displays itself as an animated film that can accomplish any kind of shot it wants, due to the fact that it is animated. That being said, it is all shot through photography and miniature sets, which makes it that much more impressive. Once you get past the awe that everything you are seeing is actually real, Coraline does not hesitate to transport you into its gloriously beautiful world.From the amazingly gorgeous score, to the incredibly realistic visuals, to the intriguing story from start to finish, Coraline is a revelation of an animated film. Gleaming with imagination from beginning to end, this film never fails to surprise its viewers. Emotionally strong when it needs to be without going too far over-the-top, while still remaining fun enough to keep kids more entertained then freaked out, Coraline is a display of animated perfection. Seven years after its initial release and I could not be happier with how much this film is able to hold itself up. It will very quickly become a classic in about ten years from now, if it hasn't already. I love every second of this film.

Alice S (es) wrote: Gorgeous cinematography and editing, but terribly weak story. It's not that I'm against optimistic, uplifting movies, but there needs to be proper development and higher stakes than just "star-crossed love." Why does Salim suddenly let Latika go after remorselessly kidnapping her days ago? Where is his moral and fraternal turning point? What is the point of the frame story of the torturing producers? There is no pay off for that; it is merely a device to reveal Jamal's past. What is the consequence of the gangsters' cruelty to Latika? She isn't horribly disfigured or hurt. Would Jamal still love her if she is? Will their love still transcend such superficialities? I have a problem with destiny-driven plots. It's an easy cop-out. I really wanted to like this film because it's pretty much everyone's favorite movie ever, but I find it incredibly overrated.