Simon Killer

Simon Killer

A recent college graduate goes to Paris after breaking up with his girlfriend of five years. His life should be open-ended and full of promise, but he can’t shake his feelings of loss. Being a stranger in a strange land only aggravates his situation. When he falls in love with a young mysterious prostitute, a fateful journey begins, though we soon learn that Simon is the one with deeper secrets.

A recent college graduate flees to Paris after a break-up, where his involvement with a prostitute begins to reveal a potentially dark recent past. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David G (it) wrote: ok, the concept was interesting, and this adaptation of the bell witch legend had some chilling shots. the scariest part of this movie is that appearantly, this area of Tennessee is where everyone carries there own personal cameras and documents their lives. The electrician wad a little far fetched, but who carries flashlights with cameras attached? According to the father they are "up to their eyeballs in debt", but he can buy his son a state of the art video camera (only it looks like something from 1970), and the son has 6 security cameras with night vision capabilities just laying around. it started out as a B rated, T & A horror flick with the kid living his life through a video camera apparently obvious to all the weird stuff he is recording(ah...he must not have time to review his stuff), then tries to become a combination of the exorcist and the Blair Witch Project, and fails on all accounts. I have seen worse, but not ny much. lastly, I think if I was the cop that is constantly being asked to investigate all of this weird and gross stuff (with a camera on my chest! see what I mean!) I'd either leave the force or demand a raise.

Gimeleen d (mx) wrote: nice movie...very thrill

Tim G (nl) wrote: Bravo..."The Omen" meets "Orphan". :) I'm not naive to the cliche, but still, of the limited "demon-in-child" titles in the supernatural genre, I thought this was incredibly good. Does it make me evil if I thought the satan child was hilarious? lol ;) I think they picked the PERFECT boy to play the demon...he was so innocent, and all of a sudden, so horrifying...there are some good twists and turns in this movie that make it altogether a better storyline then "The Omen" can offer.

Mr B (gb) wrote: Tape is an impressive indie film. Shot digitally and then edited on Final Cut Pro before being blown up into 35mm, it incorporates many creative touches in the limited space of where it's set. It can inspire other film-making wannabe's to gather up their limited resources and then make their own film for nothing. What we have here with this movie is one setting, three characters and a story about the fragmented truth's and lies of a specific situation that took place in HS.Vince, John and Amy are old high school buddies. They shared a close bond. Particularly toward certain aspects of each others relationships toward one another. Vince use to date Amy until they broke up and one night at a party Amy decided to have sex with John. This particular event would give way to each others future. As they are now, over ten years later, they haven't seemed to have grown apart from the mistakes they've made. They've gone to do better things, well, except for Vince of course.Now within a little motel room, a small HS reunion is concocted by Vince himself to purposely open old wounds for his own satisfaction. He hasn't changed. Still drug addled and booze hounded. He quells his sorrows with macho absurdities to pass the time. That is until John arrives bringing along with him the same persona he must've always had: Control Freak.John is the type of guy who always wants to get the last word in and is easily manipulated into thinking he's done something wrong. How Vince and John get along is rather tragic.Their friendship is one of those going nowhere types where both seem to pretend to care for one another, but it's all disguised as a way of getting what they need from each other. Like for example, John needs someone like Vince because John is inferior (even despite the fact he's doing so much better than Vince) to the point where he must have a loser friend by his side to make himself feel better and lecture to. Vince needs someone like John because deep down Vince knows how easily manipulated John can be and there's nothing more fun than to bend someone to YOUR will. Case in point, the tape.Vince secretly records a conversation with John in trying to get John to admit to something about the night John slept with Amy. The interaction between them is one of the most depressing ever. Because at this point in their friendship they've resorted to petty acts of One-upmanship. Vince's resentment about that night still harbors within and John loves it, knowing that John got a piece of ass from Amy. Something Vince never got, but wanted to.All of this comes to a head when Amy enters this "Happy" reunion to set the record straight about that night and to reveal a secret that literally puts these two boys in their place.Based on a play by Stephen Belber, this dialogue heavy indie is dark in tone about the insidious nature of old friendships and the effect one has on another person's persona through manipulation. I enjoyed the acting from all three of the actors. They did a great job and kudos to Richard Linklater for indulging (in a creative way) almost every little angle and shot inside that small motel room.

Stuart K (br) wrote: Written and directed by Andrew Dominik (The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007) and Killing Them Softly (2012)), and based upon the autobiographical books by Mark "Chopper" Read. This crime drama is very compelling and also gripping and violent. It got itself a cult following, and it made a star out of Eric Bana, who was a TV comedian in Australia up until then. When Mark Brandon Read (Bana) was sent to prison for 16 years in the mid 1970's for kidnapping a supreme court judge. While behind bars, he gains a nasty reputation, and he doesn't seem to feel pain. He even cuts off his own ears in order to be transfered, and it gets him the nickname of Chopper. He's eventually released from jail in 1986, but Chopper can't seem to tell the difference between friends and enemies anymore. He even suspects that his longtime girlfriend Tanya (Kate Beahan) is having an affair with one of his victims Neville Bartos (Vince Colosimo). But, it's not long before Chopper ends up back behind bars after another murder. It shouldn't be an entertaining film, but it is, and it has some very good performances in it, and Bana is scarily effective in the lead role, and he rises to the challenge of playing Australia's most notorious criminal, who passed away recently. Even Dominik manages to do well with the source material, making it his own.

Briana L (ag) wrote: The only enjoyable short was Woody Allen's Oedipus Wrecks.

esta k (kr) wrote: Bergman is definitely my favorite director!this film is simply excellent!

Sam B (us) wrote: In the first movie, Machete plays as a great action hero, making the film both a fun action movie and satire of action movies. Here, he's not a great action hero. He just plain kills everybody! And come on, let's face it. That is obnoxious! Also, there is way too much happening in this one. I can hardly keep track of the plot threads. It's like if Inception was really, really irritating. Still, some of it does work as a guilty pleasure and I'm sure as hell gonna see Machete Kills Again in Space. Kinda wish they didn't show that trailer at the START of the movie. It's like if the Sixth Sense began with a trailer in which they reveal the twist ending. Why do that?!?

Gina A (ru) wrote: This movie has been one of my favorites for so long! Doris Day took the cake for best acting in this movie- awesome.

Declan M (gb) wrote: By far my favorite pixar animated film, promoting strong messages to kids with quite a few hilarious adult moments throughout, enjoyable for all the family.

Ryan J (mx) wrote: The first movie I ever saw in my life. I will always cherish this memorable film in my childhood. It's an animated old western film with lovable characters, beautiful atmosphere and visuals, and a great story. 5 stars!

Debbi S (br) wrote: I loved this movie. The story is engaging and largely true, which makes it even better. Matt Damon does make the movie, but I found it really good on all points.