Simon & the Oaks

Simon & the Oaks

Epic story about two families and their friendship and common destiny in Sweden's Gothenburg in the 1940s and 1950s. Told from the perspective of young Simon Larsson, who learns that he's an adopted child who has a Jewish father from Germany. After WWII Simon travels to explore his roots - a journey that leads to the basic mysteries of the human life. After the bestselling novel by Marianne Fredriksson.

Two boys come of age in Sweden during World War II. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tameka C (de) wrote: Fantastic movie!! If I could give it more stars I would

Ola G (br) wrote: During his holidays on the countryside, David Rousseau (Jean-Paul Rouve), an author of crime novels, investigates the death of a beautiful young woman named Candice Lecoeur (Sophie Quinton). He discovers that Candice had modeled her life and career after Marilyn Monroe. Rousseau refuses to believe she has committed suicide. Teaming up with a local policeman in his search for the truth, he will be confronted with many difficulties and going beyond what some people want to keep a secret forever...This melancholic "Fargo" like thriller comedy puts a focus on the bitterness and sadness Marilyn Monroe was living through during her lifetime channeled via the fame thirsty character Candice and her similar demise. The mix between comedy and bleak drama is not working as the film doesnt know what it wants to be. "Nobody Else But You" is stale, clichd, slow, boring and not that funny. Rather more tragic and unsatisfying. You can easily pass on this one.

Thodoris D (kr) wrote: Biastikame na anakiriksoume to Knowing ws kwmwdia tis xronias.

Stephen C (us) wrote: Poorly acted. I read a review that it was similar to a religious flick in acting and reverence for its' subject matter and found that review appropriate. Interesting plot having never read the book.

Sheil C (br) wrote: Elizabeth Taylor looking her most beautiful and best acting. Good Southern story too.